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06-30-2014, 01:39 PM
While aimlessly stat-maxing earlier, I came upon an interesting idea: what if espers could, in essence, 'burn out'?

Instead of me equipping Tritoch for 50 levels and hitting 130~ magic, what if he only gave the +2 magic for, say, the first 5 levels he was equipped across the party? What if all espers only gave their bonuses five times? It seems it would shake up the economic value of my Espers quite a bit, making those +1 levels I never bother with far more valuable. It would also force me to consider where I distribute my points among my party more wisely, as there'd be no more 120 magic [everyone but Gogo, Realm, Locke, and Umaro], but more reasonably, and logically, stated characters instead.

Then I thought about extending the idea. If part of the problem with magic in this game is that, on top of being crazy powerful, everyone can learn everything, what if they couldn't? What if Tritoch not only gave out stat boosts only five times, but could only teach four (spell list+1) spells as well? And not his whole SET five times, mind you, but five spells TOTAL, perhaps in a tiering system so you don't accidentally blow three of his spells at once.

Thinking about it, much like with level boosts, this would make who you taught spells to a more important decision fully worth plotting out in advance, while also keeping the theme of anyone learning magic in place and making espers that share spells more valuable.

Any thoughts on the idea?

Flying Mullet
06-30-2014, 02:36 PM
I like it! :thumb: