View Full Version : Did anyone else do a run with an 8-Bit Theater Team

07-01-2014, 07:27 PM
Of Fighter/Thief/Red Mage/Black Mage?

I may have :shifty:

07-01-2014, 07:59 PM
Yep, but not because of 8-bit Theater.

07-02-2014, 01:12 AM
I might have to do that combo one day. It would be cool if someone modded the game to have 8-Bit theater dialogue, spells, characters, etc.

07-03-2014, 09:42 PM
I did it in the GBA version, and even beat the Soul of Chaos dungeons with it, which turned out to be a horrifyingly bad idea because you need a White Wizard to beat those dungeons without overleveling/sequence breaking. I don't remember doing it in any other version. It'd probably be at its best in Origins, where lack of white magic isn't a big deal and Thief's abilities actually work right.