View Full Version : Streaming Romancing SaGa 3.

07-03-2014, 09:07 AM
I'm about to start streaming Romancing Saga 3 again; I've decided to randomize my party this playthrough, and I'll be explaining a bit about what I'm doing and why as I explore the world, so, if you are at all interested in the game or have tips to offer, come and visit my stream, http://www.twitch.tv/rez09 -- I'll be there for quite a while. :)

And hopefully I won't randomize Mikhail and drive my empire into complete ruin with my inept leadership this time! :D

/RIP Loanne, 2014. T_T7

EDIT: Well, randomed Katrina, who is an excellent lead, and the people of Loanne were allowed to live in security this time. Many early quests were cleared, a few mechanics I had forgotten about were relearned, and the power of the Midas Touch shall never again be underestimated! :o

I also managed to get lost in the desert for a good hour. T -T

EDIT: The final party is assembled, Vanguard has taken flight, almost all of the 'early' game events have been cleared (far east bonus dungeon included), and an elephant and lobster have invaded my team! :o

Next time I'll finish the Divine Church quest and clear out the 4 Devil Lords, opening the way to the final Abyss

EDIT: Didn't finish the game like I planned due to something unexpected occurring, but the first two abyss gates are closed and the Holy King trials are complete, as are the tournament in Zweig, the Rotten Sea ruins, and the Ancient Cave. I sometimes forget how much there is to this game. :D

EDIT: Game is complete. :)