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07-13-2014, 04:55 PM
hi, this if my first time attempting to make it through this game! I remember it coming out on the SNES, but I think it was $60.00 or so at the time of it's release. also at this time, I was to busy with Mario World and other Nintendo titles. I didn't get into final fantasy games until X was released unfortunately. I remember VII being a HUGE deal, but I had a N64. I've played VII-X and enjoyed them all!

if anyone has any hints or anything you might be able to send my way, just let me know! so far, I really enjoy this game. I get lost a lot though. I've made it 20,682 steps so far and I've just completed the Ghost Train part. is this good, or can you tell that I get lost frequently? ;)

are there any extra characters that I might be able to recruit?

any specific items I should be on the lookout for?

so far, I've spent TONS of gil on poitions and phoenix downs! is this a typical strategy for this game?

I'm also having a hard time understanding the move that requires you to hit a few things on the controller (<-, ->, <-, etc.) is there a list of these moves anywhere so that I could write them down?

any helps is always appreciated!

all the best,

The Man
07-13-2014, 09:38 PM
Characters to recruit: Make sure you get Mog around the time you get the airship. There are other optional characters to recruit as well, but you won't be able to get them until much later in the game.

You shouldn't be spending that much money on gil and potions, you should be using magic to heal wherever possible. But that won't be possible too much before you get espers. I also recommend using sleeping bags and tents on the whole. They're typically a cheaper method of healing.

I'm sure there's a Blitz guide on the main site.

Also, there is a point in the game where the party will leave Shadow behind and have a timer to outrun. Do not, under any circumstances, jump to the airship at this point. You need to answer two questions: "No", do not jump to the airship, and then it will ask you again, and you must select "Gotta wait for Shadow". If you do not select "Gotta wait for Shadow", he will die permanently. If you do this, he will show up with five seconds left on the timer and everyone will survive.

@specific items, there's an Atma Weapon in the Cave to the Esper World. Definitely don't pass that up. It's one of the most powerful weapons in the game and it only shows up that once (except in the Advance version).

07-13-2014, 09:44 PM
thanks so much for your advice! I just completed the chapter where I have to save an esper and fight several groups of soldiers after I've split my party in 3 separate groups. WHEW... went through some potions and phoenix downs there! :D

I have to find the girl who turned into an Esper(?) are the espers similar to the ones in other Final Fantasy titles? sort of a "summon" or something?

thanks again for your reply! I had to use guides for every final fantasy game I've completed, and I can't really buy one for this one. so I utilize the internet as much as I can without ruining the story.

if anyone else has anything to throw in, I'm open for it! :)

07-13-2014, 09:51 PM
Which system are you playing it on? I only played it on the PlayStation way back and recently bought that version at the PlayStation store a couple of days ago. You're already way past the point I got stuck on when I first played. I couldn't do Sabin's blitz move the first time he appears on screen. I-I wasn't that good at RPGs as a kid...

07-14-2014, 10:33 AM