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Dat Matt
08-08-2014, 08:21 PM
Sup Nerds and Nerdettes!

This week on highscore challenge... Na just kidding. I'm here on business. I'm here as a contact from the EoFF social media groups. With the recent change of staff I've been promoted into the Social Media Manager position, meaning that I look after a number of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

There is a lot of good lets play content here, and I'm glad to see that the new forum has taken off. As such I'm here to introduce you to a topic added to the site contributions page. This one (http://home.eyesonff.com/showthread.php/158736-Please-Promote-On-Social-Media!?p=3458028#post3458028)

What I'm doing now is encouraging people to promote the content they are making here for lets plays over our social media platforms. If you make a new post on your lets play and would like it to be shared on Twitter for example, make a quick post on the above link and myself or shion will promote it. Easy as that. Your content gets more views, we get more content to post on our social media platforms. Simple right?

Another topic I would like to talk about is the EoFF Youtube channel. At the moment, we're a small channel. Like all Youtube channels though we're looking to expand. As such I would also encourage anyone that wishes to start a Video Lets Play, Such as the Sims Final Fantasy, or the FFX HD lets play to get in touch. We're always looking for more Youtube content and some more Lets Plays, and we'd really appreciate if anyone would like to volunteer their time to help us out.

Edit - Oh, I forgot about live streams. If you are in the process of live streams and want some promotion, twitter is a good place for that. Drop me a line if you ever start a stream and I'll promote it on twitter.

If you have any questions just let me know!