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Labyrinth of Touohu is a Touhou project fangame that is a dungeon crawler that's very similar to Etrian Oddesy. It;s unique in that there are 40 characters that you recruit over the course of the game. (8 of them are only available for the post-game bonus content though) Additionally, each character is unique, with many of them being able to do something that no other character can do. Here is a quick explanation on how the game works.

. These are what make your characters tick. Each character has unique base stats as well as set increases to them when you level them up. The interesting thing is you also get to boost a stat each time you level up, and these boosts are precent based and stack. You also can spend skill points from battles to further boost your stats, allowing you to develop characters as you see fit. Here they are.

HP: How much HP your character has.
TP: Your characters willingness to explore. If this falls to 1 your character can no longer switch out of battle and at 0 your character will leave the dungeon at the end of the battle. You can not upgrade this when leveling up, only with skill points, and the upgrades are not percent based for this stat.
SP: Your MP, used to cast spells.
ATK: Physical damage.
DEF: Physical defense.
MAG: Magic Damage.
MND: Magic defense.
SPD: How fast your action gauge fills. Note that this stat has a unique boost formula, as the game consideres the percent affected to be 100 less than the actual stat.
6 elemental resistances. All damage from elemental attacks is multiplied by a factor of 100/stat. So a resistance of 200 will mean you take half damage, while a resistance of 50 means you take double damage.
5 status resistances. You resist status effects using a simple formula. Triple the number, and subtract that number from 100. That is the chance you will be hit with a status. A value of 34 or above is immunity. Note that for stat drop if an attack inflicts multiple stat drops then each resistance is calculated seperately.

Each character has an innate resistance to them, and the only way to raise this resistance is by using equipment. These status's are PSN, PAR, SIL/MUT, DTH, and Stat drop.

PSN causes HP to drop as the action gauge fills up. Different sources have stronger poison effects than others, and the effect will slowly diminish over time. When a player character inflicts this on an enemy, the effect is strogner the higher level the user is.

PAR stops the action gauge from filling. Similalry to PSN, different sources have stronger PAR effects, making it last longer. the higher PAR resistance you have, the faster you will recover from it if you do get hit with it.
SIL/MUT stops the character from using any spells at all.
DTH is the worst status effect of all. It instantly kills the character. Once a character is killed in battle, SHE IS LOST UNTIL YOU LEAVE THE DUNGEON. If you know the enemy can inflict this, you want to be prepared.
Stat drop. This plays a very important role in this game. you can buff your characters up to +100% or debuff to -50% in any stat. Same goes for enemies, they can buff themselves or debuff you. Buffs and debuffs will diminish by 20% of their current value each time the character takes a turn, so they will need to be reapplied after a while. (100% goes to to 80%, 50% goes to 40% etc.) This status effect will often be the difference between victory and defeat

Don't underestimate their importance.

. Your party can have up to 12 people in it. Four active members and 8 reserve. When a character is in reserve she will slowly regerate HP and SP based on her speed stat During any characters turn, you can switch an active character for a reserve character, attack, run from random encounters, focus, or use a spell.
Attack is useless and will not do any significant damage.
Focus recharges some SP.
Spells are the interesting part. They are your attacks, as well as your support. Different spells and enemy actions are also important to note. Some spells are single target, some are multi target. These are self explanitory. The unique one is the row target. These will have the full effect on the "leftmost" slot in your or the enemy party. Each character or enemy after that will have a diminished effect. a lot of the physical spells from enemies are row targeting, so a character like Patchouli in the right slot will still be pretty safe from them, even though she has the defense of a wet napkin.

Characters. This is the interesting part. For my playthrough I will be using only 12 characters for the entire run instead of switching parties to suit the enemies I will face. I hope I don't regret this but you all are going to be picking my party. So please be nice and give me a balanced party. Depending on the party I get I might do all the content in the game, or I will stop when the story ends. Note that the groupings are not concrete, and several characters can fill different roles based on how you boost their stats.

Tanks: I'm listing the most dedicated tanks here. These are the characters I want to keep in the front of the party row, to soak up the most attacks. They will oftentimes be tasked with switching out other characters in battle, especially since most of them can't do much damage.

Hong Meiling - China is built like a Paladin tank. She has high HP and Defense, decent Mind, and fairly low damage output. What sets her apart from all other tanks is that she gets a few healing spells of her own. Colorful Rain heals herself for a pretty sizable amount, and her other skill can heal other party members of status ailments and a tiny bit of HP (status healing is fairly rare and valuable in this game). This lets her tank for some periods of time without any healer to back her up, although you can't expect her to significantly heal anyone else.

Komachi Onozuka - The Shinigami's stats are quite interesting. She has pretty terrible DEF and MND, but her HP is simply incredible, beating every single other high-HP character by a country mile. She's best used against enemies and bosses with defense-ignoring attacks. However, a healer is pretty much required to keep her going, and not just any healer, but a healer with very strong cures (Minoriko and Eirin come to mind). Aside from that, she has pretty good attack power for a tank and can cause instant death with several of her attacks. Her other extremely useful spell is Narrow Confines of Avici, which attempts to inflict poison, paralysis, instant death, and a multitude of stat debuffs at once on all targets. It's a bit expensive to use, but quite valuable in tougher fights.

Tenshi Hinanai - Miss Masochist is the exact opposite of Komachi: low HP, but absolutely amazing DEF and MND. Her State of Enlightenment spell increases both by an additional 100% in battle, which means she takes 0 damage from most boss attacks, letting her stay in without any healing backup needed. However, defense-ignoring attacks will make short work of her. Her other use is for her unique Sword of Rapture, which has a 40% chance of dispelling any stat buffs on the target. It's the only move of its kind in the game. Just don't expect her to ever do much damage.

Rinnosuke Morichika - MANnosuke boasts the best stat totals in the entire game. Not only does he have high HP, DEF, MND, and elemental resistances, but he also has good attack power, giving him excellent damage output for a tank. He also possesses the sickest buff spell in the game: World-Shaking Military Rule, which increases all active characters' ATK, DEF, MAG, and MND by 100%. It's hideously expensive and can only be used once per fight anyway, though. He does come with to major drawbacks as well. His starting TP is the lowest in the game, which means he can't be used often in normal fights until equipment and skill point bonuses remedy the situation. He also requires more EXP than anyone else to level up, so he tends to lag behind in levels, although his high stat growths help balance this out.

Physical Attackers: Guess what these folks do...oh, and ideally it's best to have each of the 6 attack elements (Fire, Cold, Wind, Nature, Mystic, and Spirit) represented in your team. You know, if you care about party balancing. Just saying.

Remilia Scarlet - Remi comes with fantastic stats, but is stuck with a very limited movepool. She has a pretty good self-buff, and a solid single-target non-elemental attack, and...that's pretty much it. Not much variety to her, but she dishes out very consistant damage in all situations, and her good HP, DEF, and MND means she can fill in for a tank as well. She's also one of the fastest attackers in the game, making her quite a Lighting Bruiser.

Chen - The epitome of a Fragile Speedster. Absolutely terrible defensive stats coupled with practically the highest speed in the game (Aya gets more speed growth, but Chen levels up so much faster anyway). Her attack power isn't impressive, but she does get a great self-buff that doubles her attack at the cost of halving her DEF and MND (not like she wasn't going to get 1-shoted by anything and everything anyways). Her main job is to switch in after a bosses attack, buff herself, spam her low-delay attack, then switch out before the boss's next attack.

Youmu Konpaku - I'm not quite sure what to make of Youmu. She has some pretty powerful attacks that cover 2 useful elements (Wind and Nature), but she has such low SP that she probably won't be able to use them more than once at a time for a long while. She also has disappointingly low speed coupled with enormous delay on her attacks. She does have a unique bonus, though: she recovers far more SP from using "Focus" than any other character. This lets her stay out in battle to recover SP rather than being forced to switch out for a more fragile character. She's really nice against bosses that drain SP, though. She also has good HP and DEF, but gets eaten alive by magic due to her terrible MND.

Wriggle Nightbug - She's got pretty average stats, and her attacks don't do as much damage when compared to other dedicated attacks, but she does boast the strongest poison effects in the game. The thing with poison though is that you will never see how much damage it will do directly, but surprisingly few bosses actually resist it, and since it ignores defense, you can invest in Wriggles own defenses without sacrificing damage, making her quite a bulky character. Take it as you will. Note that all her spells are Nature-elemental.

Yuugi Hoshiguma - Her sake still hasn't dropped yet! Yuugi boasts fantastic HP, ATK, and DEF, and can land some of the most powerful physical attacks in the game (especially against Fire-weak enemies). She has enormous delay on her attacks, though. Additionally, she has a weak but quick move that can poison and paralyze, as well as a a weak multi-target attack. She can tank physical attacks pretty well, but like Youmu gets slaughtered pretty easily by magic.

Nitori Kawashiro - Our little kappa is somewhat of a glass cannon. Her stats aren't anything amazing, but she has a good mix of attacks covering 2 elements (Cold and Nature), plus the most powerful single-target non-elemental attack in the game, with a high SP cost and delay. If she has someone to buff her ATK, she will rip things apart.

Flandre Scarlet - Forget what I said about Nitori: Flan is a true glass cannon. Flandre goes down against any non-Fire attack, but she boasts sickenlingly high attack power to compensate. Her attacks all have drawbacks, though: they either damage herself or lower the team's active guage. Still, her damage output is so high that I don't really even care most of the time. And the drawbacks from her spells are not as bad considering that if she gets hit by any attack that isn't Fire, she will be going down no matter her HP.

Rin Kaenbyou - Orin is fast and possesses some pretty nice multi-target moves, one of which is Fire-elemental, while the other has no element but does pierce defenses somewhat. This makes her excel at clearing out regular enemies, but she's not quite as effective against bosses that aren't weak to fire.

Suika Ibuki - She's very similar to Yuugi in some ways, but the opposite in others. Like Yuugi, she has strong single-target physical attacks (of the Wind and Nature variety this time), although not quite as powerful as Yuugi's strongest. Her DEF is lower, but she gets much better MND as well. She also trades a bit of HP and ATK for more SPD. Instead of a status attack, she gets a self-buff and can also dispel stat buffs/debuffs on allies. Her weak multi-target attack does lower enemy speed as well. Yuugi can do more spike damage, but Suika gets more utility.

Magical Attackers: Once again, these are the most dedicated magic attackers. Those with a more unique or notable utility role are filed under Support. Also note attack elements.

Marisa Kirisame - She's fast, she can self-buff her magic, she's got some strong and cheap spells for the early game, and MASTER SPAAAAARK is very valuable against many late-game bosses, especially the ones that have a phase where you want to kill them fast or they will kill you. Her biggest downside is that all her spells are Mystic element, meaning she can't do much against bosses that resist it.

Patchouli Knowledge - The epitome of Min/Maxing stats. Patchy boasts some of the best MAG, MND, and SP, but the worst SPD, DEF and HP as well. She can tank magic attacks, but even lowly cannon fodder enemies can 1-shot her with anything physical. Her large array of spells cover 4 different elements plus one non-elemental option, meaning she'll consistantly find a way to deal high damage even against any enemy unless their MND is so high that they are outright immune to MAG damage.

Rumia - Her stats aren't great, but she gets a good damage formula on her Mystic spells like Moonlight Ray, and Dark Side of the Moon ignores enemy MND. She might also get filed under Support for her ability to slightly heal the party's HP and remove all stat debuffs. Nothing stellar, but not terrible. Similarly to Nitori though, if she gets a MAG buff, she will start doing a lot more damage and healing more amounts.

Reisen Undongein Inaba - Reisen is one of those characters that looks mediocre on paper but she is better when actually in use. She has a Fire spell that can debuff all stats at the same time, as well as a multi target Mystic nuke. However, the real reason she can be useful is her self buff, grand patriots elixer. Resien can easially buff her stats all the way to +100% very quickly, and that makes her spells far more potent.

Fujiwara no Mokou - She nukes stuff...and that's pretty much it. She gets a Mystic and a non-elemental spell on top of the expected Fire attacks, though, so at least she's got some degree of variety. Pretty standard decent mage with more bulk than expected.

Kaguya Houraisan - I personally like to use the NEET as a second Patchy. Her spells are more expensive and aren't as powerful, but they cover multiple elements (Fire, Nature, Spirit) and most of them have the very nifty extra effect of completely ignoring enemy MND. Needless to say, that's incredible. She also has a grossly expensive spell that buffs one other character's stats and instantly fills their action guage, giving your next best damage dealer a second shot. Note that she can't use ths spell on herself to get a neverending turn. Quite a useful character indeed.

Yuyuko Saigyouji - She's like Patchy with less MAG, more DEF, and much higher HP. All her spells are of the Spirit element, which means she can't do too much against enemies that heavily resist it, but they do have some nice added effects. Half her spells will lower the target's active guage, and most of them have a chance of causing instant death. Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana, with a staggering cost of 188 SP, comes with a 100% chance of instant death against many regular enemies, as well as fantastic damage. For when you really want them dead. Her biggest flaw though is her pretty terrible speed.

Maribel Han - Maribel works almost the same as Reisen. She possess a stronger self-buff, but it's delay makes it less spammable, and a good collection of powerful nukes that might debuff the target as well. Her good variety of buffs and debuffs do much to offset her somewhat average stats. She also covers 3 elements: Spirit, Mystic, and Wind.

Utsuho Reiuji - She nukes stuff...and she nukes them really well. A glass cannon with an emphasis on "cannon". What really sets her appart is the she is like a nuclear reactor. She has a spell that buffs her MAG at the cost her her DEF and MND, and another that lays a nice debuff on the enemies MND. Both these spells do a nice amount of damage on top of that. Finally Giga Flare completely ignores the target's MND, and is actually Mystic element as opposed to Fire like all her other spells. A nuker in the truest sense of the word.

Kanako Yasaka - A mage with good defenses. Nice mix of elements (Spirit, Cold, and Wind), along with a non-elemental spell that uses enemy DEF instead of MND. Pretty reliable mage who doesn't beg to be placed in the 4th row slot of your party. She also has the only true Cold element nuke in the game.

Yuka Kazami - She specializes mostly in Nature-elemental spells...and then she busts out MASTER SPAAAAAARK. It's not as strong as Marisa's (especially since she can't self-buff), but it's still nice to have as well as being multi target. Her stronger, more expensive nukes also have nice added effects: a 10% party-wide cure and healing of all stat debuffs, respectively. She's also unique in the sense that she's a mage with excellent DEF, but somewhat weak MND.

Mixed Attackers: These character have both Physical and Magical attacks, allowing them to be quite versatile.

Alice Margatroid - Although all her spells use her MAG stat to calculate damage, half of them target enemy MND while the other half hit DEF. She has one elemental (Fire or Mystic) and one non-elemental version for both, giving her excellent consistancy and variety in her assault. She's also got decent defenses and HP for a mage. While she can't do amazingly high damage like many other attackers, she will always be able to do something, favoring DPS over spike damage. Plus she's great at clearing out groups of normal mobs with her relatively cheap spells and high SP growth. Another nice thing is that all her spells also debuff the enemy.

Suwako Moriya - She gets a balanced mix of ATK-based and MAG-based spells, covering 3 elements: Mystic, Cold, and Nature. Too bad I find her physical spells to be far more useful than her magical ones. Froggy offers the longest-lasting Paralysis attack in the game, as well as possibly the most powerful Nature-elemental attack, especially for its relatively low SP cost. Her defenses are pretty terrible, though.

Keine Kamishirasawa - The definition of average. Keine can fill multiple roles: she can target either DEF or MND with non-elemental moves, and she has some OK buff spells for support. She just doesn't excel at anything. A Jack of All Trades in a game where nearly everyone else goes for min-maxing.

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu - I'm not really sure why I list her her, because she technically should belong in her own category of "Deals damage regardless of anything". Last Judgment is a very powerful single-target non-elemental attack that ignores all defenses, letting it do the same (high) damage from the most epic boss to the lowliest mook. OK, so she does have other spells too, including a suped-up version of Komachi's mass status/debuff spell, but why use anything else when you have Last Judgment? She's not very useful against normal enemies, but will always contribute quite a bit of damage to boss fights.

Support - Supporting characters are vital if you wish to survive boss fights. Stat buffing/debuffing, status effects, and healing are all essential for the game. So please give me some of them, or I will cry.

Reimu Hakurei - Your first character, the main character of the touhou series, and one of the best support characters in the game. Her spells may be expensive, but she gets a group DEF/MND buff and the only good group healing spell in the game, which are both invaluable for boss fights. She can also paralyze enemies with Evil Sealing Circle as well. Her damage output drops after the first few floors, but for boss support it's hard to do better than the original miko.

Sakuya Izayoi - She has one job and one job only: Lunar Dial, the only party-wide Speed buff in the game. No, seriously, that's pretty much all she's good for. OK, so she's not bad at clearing out regular mobs with her high speed and Soul Sculpture, but Lunar Dial is her only contribution to boss fights. It's still a very useful contribution, though.

Cirno - The STRONGEST with the strongest speed debuffs in the game, along with a multi-target paralysis spell. She can mess with the opponent's turns, but if the random number generator is not on your side, expect her to take heavy damage once the enemy finally gets their turn. Her complete reliance on Cold spells as her only attack element diminishes her already not very impressive damage output.

Minoriko Aki - A very dedicated white mage. She has the fastest, cheapest, and strongest single-target healing spell in the game out of all the support characters, along with a cheap and quick single-target DEf/MND buff. She's sort of like a faster, single-target version of Reimu. Don't expect any damage out of her, even if she does have a MND-piercing spell. One downside to her as a healer is that she can't remove status effects, so you'd want Meiling or Mystia to assist her if you plan on using her as your main healer.

Aya Shameimaru - She's like Sakuya, except with single-target speed buffs and better damage output. I don't like how every one of her attacks is Wind-elemental, but I do appreciate the usefulness of speed buffs and her low delay spells coupled with her impressive speed.

Iku Nagae - Iku suffers from being rectuited too early in the game for her spells. She has an amazing offensive buff to both ATK and MAG, but it comes with the risk of paralyzing its target, so I probably wouldn't use it much until I get status resist gear later in the game, which by that time you will likely have another character to buff your party and forget about Iku. She's slow, but has reasonable survivability for a mage. She's wholly dedicated to Wind elemental spells (this includes lighting) that target MND, but her spells have the odd effect of lowering enemy DEF. If you equip your party to use Iku, she will not dissapoint.

Sanae Kotiya - She's usually compared to Minoriko, and for good reason. Her spells have much higher delay, so she can't heal nearly as fast as Minoriko can, nor does she even heal as much HP each time. Her spells are also notably more expensive. However, her healing will remove status abnormalities, and her single-target stat buff increases every single stat, not just DEF/MND (although only by 25% instead of 50%). Which of the two to use is up to personal preference.

Ran Yakumo - She's got probably the best damage output out of all the supporting characters, coupled with expensive but useful buffs that affect even reserve characters. She can hit both Mystic and Spirit elements for good multi-target damage, or nail enemies with a quick non-elemental composite row attack. One of the few characters that excel against both normal mobs and tough boss fights for two entirely different reasons.

Eirin Yagokoro - Eirin possess decent HP, DEF, and MND, making her a lot more durable than most other healers. Unfortunately, her one healing spell is slow and grossly expensive to cast. But it does have one very unique quality to it: Hourai Elixir can heal OVER the HP cap, providing the target with a reservoir of "extra" HP. Since it's %-based healing, she's best paired with Komachi, who already has ridiculously high HP. Aside from that, she's got decent attack spells too: she covers 3 elements (Cold, Mystic, and Spirit) while debuffing either ATK or MAG, and Galaxy in a Pot is sort of like a weaker, cheaper version of Patchy's Silent Selene.

Yukari Yakumo - Her stats are almost at pseudo-tank levels, and while her offense isn't much, she can both paralyze and slow down all targets at once. She possess two other fantastic support spells: a group DEF/MND buff identical to Reimu's, and an extremely expensive but unique spell that instantly fills every other characters' active guage. Time it right, and you can blitz an enemy with a string of your most powerful attacks in a very short time frame, perfect for ending tough boss fights, or just messing around. Note that if Kaguya is in your active party the game will force her to go next, so no breaking the game with infinite turns.

Renko Usami - Renko breaks the game. I will not be using her for this Let's play. But so you know what she does, she has a multi target spell that has the strongest PAR of all characters as well as a ridiculously strong speed debuff. Also she has the abulity to inflict a massive debuff to ATK, DEF, MAG, and MND to all enemies at once. Finally she has a fantastic party wide buff, that does have some drawbacks, but if the enemy is weak to any debuffs or PAR, you won't even notice them.

Mystia Lorelei - At first glance she looks decidedly average, but I've found her to be remarkably useful. High speed and leveling rate coupled with a strong multi-target paralysis attack means she can disable all enemies before they have a chance to act, allowing slower characters to catch up and mop up. Against bosses, she can do OK damage quickly with her cheap low-delay Ill-Starred Dive, or provide valuable support with her high speed and one of the best status healing spells in the game. Mysterious Song may be only single-target, but it does more than just remove status effects: it also converts all stat debuffs into stat buffs. Simply fantastic for bosses that like debuffing moves.

So comment, leave a visitor message, or mognet message me who you want me to use in my party. I'll start playing in 7 days. Also do send me a message if you want to play along with me. I'll explain everything as it comes, as well as give boss strategies and more thourough character explanations as they come.

Loony BoB
08-18-2014, 12:54 PM
Holy wow that's a big first post.

Do these characters have any personality that is worth mentioning? There's loads about the battle system and character stats in your post but nothing about what the game actually is for newbies to this kind of thing. I get it's a dungeon crawler but... do tell us what's going on. xD

Dat Matt
08-18-2014, 08:26 PM
Because I know nothing of the touhou universe outside of Youtube videos, I'm looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about.

For me though. Cirno is the way to go. 5wFDWP5JwSM


08-20-2014, 07:10 AM
BoB, this is a generic dungeon crawler that is filled with references to various games. Some characters are more defined than others, like Cirno is an idiot, Reimu is the main character who goes around beating everyone up then asking questions later. Aya is the papparazzi a reporter. If a character doesn't have a personality, then I'll write one for her. :bigsmile:

Basically I'm playing a game, and I'm making it interactive with everyone picking my party for me. (I already beat the game once and will have access to all 40 characters from the start. While this will make the first couple of floors easier, having you all pick my party will balance it out for the later floors.)

You can vote for 11 more characters Matt if you want. Also don't worry, I will be spamming this thread with lots of kickass music arranges. Like this one.


Loony BoB
08-20-2014, 10:07 AM
I vote Cirno. :D

Ultima Shadow
09-03-2014, 03:28 PM
"Ah, this might be interesting.
I shall vote for my humble self,
as well as my loyal Ran and Chen.
Oh, and Yuyuko and Reimu too."

"Then I'll give Ran and Chen negative
votes. One Yakumo is more than enough,
thank you very much. Add Okuu instead.
And Komachi, because she has a scythe."

Total votes:

Yukari, Yuyuko, Reimu, Utsuho, Komachi, Remillia, Flandre, Suika, Tenshi, Orin, Mokou and Cirno.