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Forsaken Lover
08-23-2014, 09:49 AM
I was looking at Wikiquote years ago back when I first played this game and was astoundd to find these things. I never read then when I played the game but they are pretty cool. Some are just gameplay tips but the rest is good for giving us insight into the 'character" of the Occuria.

Highlighted the ones of note:

Cavern Pillars in the Pharos at Ridorana

1 Floor

Benighted child, Chosen, with life so short. Not for you are the words given the Unchosen. To Heaven's bright sphere turn, Her heights attain.

From beasts of Tower's base Wrest the Orbs you seek, Ripe with hidden Magicks. Orbs of Tower's Magicks born, Here and here alone to be found.

Benighted child, Unchosen, with life so short, This tower freely may you tread. In your passing, learn of truth. In your passing, speak of truth. These words writ by Hands Undying.

10 Floor

You who crawl upon the clay, Yet yearn for Heaven's path, made by Our will. Tongue of stone's green flame your way bespeaks. Tongue once silenced, to stone again returns, Its muted form a bridge for you to tread.

15 Floor

On paths must you rely, And by path of living flame have you come. Frozen in stone, The green flame passes from time, Stone now and ever more.

20 Floor

On sight must you rely, At mercy of the currents of this fading world. Seduced by false illusion, It is the Fool who cuts not his own path, Celestial glory ne'er to behold.

30 Floor

Wingless child, Consigned to walk the world below. Many are the works Whose natures a duality possess. So does the red flame consume the green, sundering the stair which it has laid.

46 Floor

Ignorant child, Born of chaos. Know you it was Our King, pitying A world bereft of Order, surfeit with Strife, Who stamped true Seal on mortal wax.

48 Floor

Ignorant child, Whose works are ephemera and folly. Never forget, it id not your power which O'er the temporal world holds sway, But Our King's own providence.

Ignorant child, Blind whither you go And whence you come. It is the Undying who straighten The weave you tangle so, who choose The path you must walk. So has it been, and so shall it be, As befits those of our wisdom, ever-living.

60 Floor

Ignorant child, Of ignorant afeared. Rare is the power that can bind. Here alone such magicks work, Neath mingling of Cryst-drawn waters and deifacted jewels.

You who reach, but cannot grasp, In failure ever to wander. Be well prepared for what is to come, The writings heed. To your materials be true, Ere among the Four you choose.

Rare souls who accost tower and sky, You alone binding magicks stir. You whom worldly props are now denied, On your own selves must rely, Fed of stores from harvests past.

Rare souls who accost tower and sky, You alone binding magicks stir. You who trust not might, To what will you trust?

Rare souls who accost tower and sky, You alone binding magicks stir. You whose magicks scatter on the winds, Will what remains advantage you, Your foes to disadvantage?

Rare souls who accost tower and sky, You alone binding magicks stir. You who shun sextant and compass, Fear not the darkness you must walk. Companions at your side, into unknown pass.

61 Floor

Ignorant child, By hist'ry's shadow blinded. Undying are We, Magnificent beyond knowing, Worthy of all fear. Once Our power did We wield, Holding temporal swat o'er All things great and small.

62 Floor

Ignorant child, Orphaned from hist'ry's truth. In heights unknown and unknowable Sit We, sovereign o'er all. No more this Ivalice to walk, From distant silence watch We your doings, Beyond the reach of mortal knowing.

64 Floor

Ignorant child, Blessed with life on clay below. All that lived and ever shall, Are as nothing before the Undying.

Ignorant child, Crawling thought life on clay below. All that lived and ever shall, By Giruvegan's grace to prosper Now and forever.

66 Floor

You who call the Vessel of Sky, Who would climb higher still, This Vessel's ways now master to ascend. Through ways untrodden, pass but one. Through ways then known, move unhindered.

Pilgrim impelled to Heaven's heights, Skyward keep your course. In Vessel of Sky now make your way. Reaching this place, your worth proven, The path for you shall open.

80 Floor

You who reach this final sphere, No paths herein will you find. The heights you've climbed, their glyphs, These shall be your guide. To seal of night look first. Not easily this realm to pass. Failing twice, punishment you will face.