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Ace Protorney
09-05-2014, 02:21 PM
Hello there! Welcome to the first showcase for the month of September! Wow! It looks like the summer days are long gone and behind us, so we should be looking forward to the days ahead of us. That also means we get to see more fan art as well. Or maybe we'll start seeing a lot less? Well either way, we will see some great fan art, like what we have in store this week. Let's get straight to the showcase.

EdMoffatt @ DA (http://fav.me/d7xjojb)
Chrono Trigger vs. Final Fantasy VI

Look! We have a crossover fan art featuring two of Square Enix's best selling games for the good ol' SNES, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. It's really amazing that Frog is going head to head against Terra Branford in this artwork. I love the bold outlines of the characters, and the coloring work is just as bold too.

Sonellion @ DA (http://fav.me/d7xoq1a)
Quistis Trepe

An amazing portrait of the beautiful teacher Quistis. Are you a Trepie?

ManuSauci @ DA (http://fav.me/d7xq0mv)
Kimahri Ronso

I really like this greating drawing of Kimahri. It's really nice and clean, and very detailed. I wonder how long it must have taken to finish this?

dagga19 @ DA (http://fav.me/d7xnleq)
Final Fantasy IV: Rosa Farrell

Wow! Very nice artwork from the wonder dagga19! We've featured a couple of her art in the past, so it's not surprising to see another one of her amazing works in our showcase. I really love the coloring on this finely detailed picture. I can see that her outfit looked very complicated to work on, but it was well worth the work after seeing the finished work. Amazing job!

becky @ DA (http://fav.me/d7xut9e)
Yuna sketch

Here's another drawing of a Final Fantasy X character for this week. This time it's Yuna! I really like the unique look this drawing has, to give it that personal touch. Great job.

09-05-2014, 02:29 PM
Rawr, Quistis.

Dat Matt
09-05-2014, 06:31 PM
I saw that Quistis picture earlier this week. Good piece!

I'm a big fan of the Rosa one though.

Depression Moon
09-06-2014, 04:11 AM
The talent on the Terra/Frog and Quistis pieces...