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Night Fury
10-04-2014, 08:37 AM

Last week we took a look at a few musical themed events, quests, and FATE's in the world of Final Fantasy XIV, and this week we'll be taking a look at some movie references that are part of the game too.

1. I'm sure you've all heard of that epic shark adventure movie that was critically aclaimed and terrifying... Yes, I am talking about Sharknado! In Final Fantasy XIV, however, Sharknado is a level 48 FATE in the Sapsa Spawning Grounds where you must take down Voll The Sharkskinned!

2. All Dogs go to Hell is a level 18 sidequest in Camp Drybone, the title of course alludes to the popular animated canine spectacular, All Dogs go to Heaven. In this quest you help out Caitlyn, a young lady who lost her brother to a pack of feral dogs that she'd like you to go and see to.


3. License to Quill is another event in Camp Drybone, this time it's a level 15 FATE and involves defeating a bunch of Steelquill Tuco-Tucos. The title is obviously a reference to James Bond's famous 'License to Kill' and also to the film of the same name, with Timothy Dalton playing Bond.

4. Men Who See Goats is surprise surprise, another Camp Drybone FATE. This one is a level 19 FATE and you're tasked with slaying a bunch of goats, basically. I'm guessing it took inspiration from the book-turned-movie The Men Who Stare At Goats!

5. The Corpse Bribe is one for all the gothic lovers out there, and don't worry, this FATE does not involve bribing people with corpses... yuck! Instead, you're actually showing the Corpse Brigade that the Sultana will no longer accept their mean ways! Phew! This FATE is found near Broken Water in Southern Thanalan and is level 27. It is obviously a reference to the wonderful Tim Burton movie, The Corpse Bride!


6. The Bombard King is returning in the level 32 FATE Return of the King in Eastern La Noscea - Bloodshore. It's one of those super tricky defense FATE's. The King has been away for 5 years and has now returned to Eorzea again. It could be a Lord of The Rings reference but don't hold me to that one...

7. V for Vinedetta is a level 44 FATE in the Fogfens - in everyone's favourite area of the Fogfens, The Tangle. Yes, you see what they did there, VINEdetta! Can you guess who you'll be fighting? It's a Mobal. Of course it is, so pack your tic tacs because there's bad breath ahead. No political revenge or blowing up the houses of parliament here, just stanky breath and status ailments. Expect lots of heavy.


8. Some innocent civilians of Little Ala Mhigo have been Taken hostage by servants of Ifrit in this level 45 Southern Thanalan FATE. I don't think Liam Neeson will be rushing in to help them so it's up to you this time!

9. There's some Big Trouble in Little Ala Mhigo now for the level 27 storyling quest that gives reference to the movie Big Trouble in Little China, it's another Southern Thanalan quest (look at Thanalan go, being the movie centre of Eorzea! who knew?) It's an instance battle with some rowdy peeps who are being brainwashed by a douchey young peep named Wilred.

10. I had to make this one the last little touch, O Captain, My Captain is even more apt now following the passing of Robin Williams. It is of course a reference to he very iconic scenes of Dead Poets Society. It is a level 14 main scenario quest in Western Thanalan in which you take down Sir Baron Von Quiveron IV Esquire and Captain Baldewyn Four Yalms.


Hope you've enjoyed another look at some more of the many pop culture references hidden in Final Fantasy XIV! I'll be back next week with another set for you - Video Game References! I can't wait!

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So where is clever girls on this list?