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01-24-2015, 07:08 PM
ok so youre playing getting into the FF series and for your 2nd game you decide to check out FFV. and you get samurai class. ( GBA version) you enter a battle and notie a command called Zeninage. wel your first instinct is to try it. after trying it you notice the massive damage it does. so you spam it every battle.

cut to more than 10 hours of story time later and your realize " oh my god i was flinging my GIL the whole TIME!?!?"

yeah that happened to me. it has to be the one instance where the fan translation was better and actualy called it Gil toss. i mean who the hell is going to know.

anyway did this happen to anyone else?

01-24-2015, 07:10 PM
How can you go 10 hours before realising that you're losing all your money?

01-24-2015, 07:24 PM
because im dumb lol but still its a nasty wee plan to do on the player.

also i wouldve went throught the whole game like that if it wasnt for my friend who liked to search all the random stuff that he saw me fight or do. ( e.g. the weird enemies and the weird named moves)

Wolf Kanno
01-24-2015, 07:35 PM
Zeninage is actually a reference to a character in Japanese pop culture who could defeat opponents using yen coins he flicked at them. So it's less bad translation and more being ignorant of a semi-obscure Japanese pop culture reference.

01-24-2015, 07:51 PM
nah i dont mean its bad translation. but its kind of annoying. i see what you mean though. ( but tbh i never knew bout culture back then and i still dont know about the yen coin guy until now)