View Full Version : Who's your favorite major character from FF IX?

03-20-2015, 05:02 PM
Of the major, playable characters in FF IX, who is your favorite?

Loony BoB
03-20-2015, 05:15 PM
That's actually really tricky, because I like a lot of them for different reasons. I like Zidane because he's fun. I like Steiner because he's goofy. I like Quina because Quina is hilarious. I like Garnet because she's graceful. I like Amarant because he's so relaxed about everything. I like Vivi because he's sweet. Freya doesn't hold huge appeal to me because I felt she needed to be far more fleshed out, and Eiko I found annoying, so not those two.

But that still leaves me deciding between probably Zidane, Steiner and Quina which is a horrid decision to have to make. Argh... I'll go with Quina. I feel it's a rough choice though!

03-20-2015, 05:29 PM
Vivi followed by Quina!

03-20-2015, 06:53 PM
I voted Quina because of Blue Magic and her attitude. Zidane and Vivi were close though.

03-20-2015, 07:38 PM
It's actually Haagen, but I voted Steiner for the simple reason that when it comes to Final Fantasy battles, you just can't beat Swords.

I like swords.

03-20-2015, 10:55 PM
Amarant is my favorite character in any FF.

Colonel Angus
03-20-2015, 11:24 PM
Quina is gangsta :quina::chocobo:

03-21-2015, 02:13 AM
Vivi love all the way!

03-22-2015, 01:44 PM
Vivi, followed by Zidane.

03-22-2015, 02:27 PM
Steiner! He's the powerhouse in my party right now. :c)

03-23-2015, 02:34 AM
Eiko since she's the best in combat from my experience. I've used all characters a lot other than Quina, who I did use some but not as much as everyone else. Also, wasn't Beatrix playable for part of the game? Where's she on the poll?

03-24-2015, 12:03 AM
It has to go to Zidane for me. Best lead of any FF, and really one of the best leads of any RPG. (Mind you, RPG's always seem to ahve a problem with dull leads, so that's not exactly a high bar.)

I love how yes, he's a good a virtuous guy, but like most people it seems to take him a long while to really realize the importance of the values he holds. Feels like a very real character arc to me, and what makes him so relatable compared to most FF characters.

Chibi Youkai
03-25-2015, 03:19 AM
Zidane, because you get to actually see him grow up over the course of the series and become this person that was much better than where he started off as. Eiko was a close second because even though she was annoying, she still never backed down even when life pretty much sucked for her.