View Full Version : Chrono Trigger is 20 years old!

03-11-2015, 05:02 PM
It's Chrono Trigger's 20th Birthday!

What was your favorite part about chrono trigger

03-11-2015, 05:55 PM
The part where it was one of the best games ever made

03-11-2015, 06:06 PM
Man, I'm feeling REALLY old now! :lol: 20 years? Doesn't seem possible....

It was a GREAT game all the way around, IMHO.

03-11-2015, 06:14 PM
The part where it was one of the best games ever made

And still is :p

03-11-2015, 06:27 PM
The part with Robo in the bandana


Dante WolfWood
03-11-2015, 09:54 PM
The part where it was one of the best games ever made

One of?

03-12-2015, 06:51 AM
Where to start? Playing this game for the first time and watching all the magic unfold. The impeccable OST. Discovering all the endings. All the cool techs, double, and triple techs. On field encounters. Character design. Atmosphere. Man, everything about this game is just fantastic.

03-12-2015, 04:39 PM
Pretty much everything said above. This game is brilliant on so many levels, and it is, in my opinion, the greatest game ever made. I can't really pick a favorite moment. They're all awesome.

03-12-2015, 07:00 PM
I loved how Magus' room lit up gradually as you made your way towards him.

Oooh, and going to 12000BC for the first time blew my mind.

03-13-2015, 09:17 AM
Marle & Chrono hugging each other, when you bring Chrono back.


03-13-2015, 03:21 PM
Frog and Crono was always my favorite clip for the mountain top.

But yeah man, best moment is fucking heard. Frog Taking up the Masamune or Crono standing up to Lavos at the Ocean Palace are probably the two best.

03-15-2015, 05:47 PM
The rapping robot in the beginning fair. I've played this game like twice. I got halfway through ('ish) on the first playthrough. But I was following a walkthrough, so I wasn't doing the normal stuff you're supposed to do in random encounter RPGs like going down the wrong hallways, wandering around looking for openings or exists, or destinations or in this game, going to the wrong time period. So I eventually ended up in areas where my levels were just not cutting it. And I wasn't in the mood to go back and just grind encounters, so I gave up when I couldn't beat a boss

I don't even remember how far I got in the second attempt. This game failed to cast its spell on me for some reason, and it makes me sad that I can't enjoy it the way everyone else does. And its not like I even missed the boat by that much. I played it in like 96 or something. But I played it after FFVI and somehow the disparity between the two caused me to choose one over the other I guess

I'm not sure, but as blasphemous as it may be to say in a thread like this, I love the fact that this game exists and is so popular if only for the fact that it spawned Xenogears in its stead. And I adored that game

I may have to pick up the DS version and give that a whirl. Its been a long time since I've tried the game, and also quite a long time since I've played a regular 16-bit style JRPG so it'll be pretty fresh again

03-15-2015, 09:37 PM
It's not a game I cared that much about. But I do remember enjoying the trial scene near the beginning. Not only was it some of the best artwork on the SNES, it was one of the earliest examples of your more trivial in-game choices having an effect on the story.

03-15-2015, 10:08 PM
Oh my, this game and I are the same age. I feel somewhat fortunate but wish I'd picked it up sooner than five years ago. I adore every moment of this game but I do love the final confrontation with Lavos's exterior as such, it strikes as such an imposing moment. That or Frog cutting the muontain/plateau in twain.