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Forsaken Lover
03-19-2015, 11:26 PM
So I totally put this in the wrong forum. My bad.

This was the one area DA tapdanced all over ME for me, especially for a Female Hero. Fem Warden and Hawke got Alistair, Zevran, Leliana and all four romance options in DA2.

Mass Effect 2 had the best party by a ton but your only romance options were:
Garrus, who is like my bro. You don't do that with your bro.
Jacob and Samara, the blandest/worst party members in the trilogy
Thane, who is DYING.
Morinth, who would have been my choice if she didn't kill me. She was the best love interest for a FemShep but that whole killing me thing kinda put a damper on it.

Why wasn't Jack an option for FemShep? She's bi! Her backstory confirms it! Plus I don't want to play as ManShep, his voice sucks.

Now I like Liara but she's not in the same league as DA's love interests.

Leliana was my first waifu. I loved her from the first second I heard that accent and saw her in that tavern. She was so sweet and caring yet she had a really interesting and darker past.

Of course, Zevran kinda won my heart after a while. See, Zev was a master of everything. I just loved talking to him. After Sten, he's probably the best person just to chat up in DAO. He's funny, he has cool stories, he has more deptht han you would have first suspected. And it doesn't hurt that he's frickin' hot. Zev is a guy who I can see as both a bro and as a wounded soul that I want to heal with my love.

Alistair was pretty damned funny, as was how others in the party reacted to you romancing him. it also helps his romance is by far the most story significant and matters quite a bit to the plot.

Now I admittedly wasn't too keen on Anders. He was the first person I romanced in DA2. I like his character, and I agree with pretty much everything he says, but I just wasn't feeling the romance too much. Although he is attractive.

Fenris' has Balthier's voice so that gets him a ton of points on the Hotness Scale. He has a good look and a sad history. Problem is I was a Mage my first run so we didn't really get along.

Although, that's actually a huge positive for DA2. Friendship/Rivalry was a really cool idea that allowed you to get entirely different perspectives on the characters and your relationship with them. As my GF said, "I like to Rivalmance Fenris because then you have that super hot hate sex."

But my ultimate partner choice for DA is Merrill. I was initially turned off by the face tattoos but after I got past that meaningless detail, I adored her. She is just unbelievably cute and has the best dialogue.

Merrill: A person can survive without a hand, this doesn't mean anyone's dead.
Hawke: A severed hand, a ring and a pile of old bones...

Merrill: Your armor is very shiny, Sebastian. Doesn't that make you an easier target?
Sebastian: The Light of the Maker is my armor, Merrill. I am not afraid.
Merrill: Maybe you could ask Him to make His Light less shiny? Then you wouldn't need as much armor.

So I think my favorite romances would be...
Merrill > Zevran > Leliana > Alistair

03-20-2015, 03:23 AM
You seem to be completely ignoring DA3?

Anyway, my characters were all willfully abstinent.

The Summoner of Leviathan
03-22-2015, 04:11 PM
I modded my DAO so I could romance Alistar. :D

DA2, I went with Fenris: so much angst, yummy.

DAI, I am with Dorian. I just wished he didn't have a pornstasche.

03-22-2015, 05:05 PM
Iron Bull for sure.

Mr. Carnelian
05-18-2015, 04:41 AM
DA O: female hero with Alastair. He's just so CUTE!

DA2: male hero with Anders. Doomed romances make such a compelling story.

DA I: male hero with Dorian. Dorian's all kinds of awesome, and just so deliciously gay (I'm allowed to say that, because I'm gay too). And I LIKE the pornstasche.

05-18-2015, 03:22 PM
Alistair was my DA:O Romance. He was just so adorkable and that's totally my type of guy.

I wanted anders thanks to DA:A but then his romance was meh to me in DA2 because he lost a lot of his humor he had in awakening. So my DA2 LI is Fenris. He was so dark and broody, I liked it.

I'm still working on DA:I so I don't have a person for you there. I am very slowly working on that one. (Just passed Val Royeux and I'm already 17 hrs in. SO MUCH TO DO) I'm thinking Cullen though, he's adorable.