View Full Version : [XIII] Favorite full ATB skill?

05-11-2015, 08:40 AM
So, out of the six main characters in XIII, which one of them has your favorite full ATB skill?

For me it is Fang's Highwind. I just love how much damage it can do against enemies. Area of effect fire damage and a bit of wind damage, awesome Fang!
I also find Vanille's Death skill useful. Helps with certain very high HP enemies.

05-11-2015, 12:42 PM
Yep, Fang's Highwind was killer. Literally.

05-11-2015, 02:42 PM
Army of One and Last Resort.

Mr. Carnelian
05-17-2015, 04:38 PM
Has to be Army of One for me. It's just looks so cool.

05-17-2015, 06:26 PM
Army of One looks amazing but Fang's Highwind is probably the most useful. Many an Adamantoise have been felled from one of those strikes.