View Full Version : [Cosplay] SnK harness

Chibi Youkai
05-27-2015, 02:03 AM
So, any leather workers lazing around the forums? Or any cosplayers for that matter? The following pics are of my not at the time dyed SnK (Attack on Titan) harness, mk-1. I'm looking for some critique to make a second version of this, and any imput would be greatly appreciated. And ignore the goofy look, my parents we're making me laugh when the picture was taken.

I already have a list of stuff to change, like the main (waist) belt. We made it too small (3/4in vs 1in) to try and make the vertical buckles look correct, but have come up with a different solution to fix that issue. I'm also going to change how all the other buckles connect to that waist belt, to make it look more accurate, and so things will slide a bit as necessary. All the buckles will be rectangular saddle buckles rather than harness buckles to be more screen-accurate as well.

The leather is 3-4oz, if I remember correctly, and we found that it was too thin to support the weight of the 3dmg, so we'll probably go to 5-6oz on mk-2.

Again, any help is much appreciated, thank you.