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06-08-2015, 04:23 PM
Hey everyone, if you are like me, you love Blitzball and can't get enough of it. I love that in Final Fantasy X you get to spend your hard fought for Gil to GM the team that went winless in the last 10 years into a power house that will destroy anything that swims. Let's start with looking at the players!


Wakka is a strong option at the wing as he has a good solid growth in shot. He is also the second cheapest in the game to play with, (Titus not having a pay out as its his Gil) at 1 Gil a game. He is a steady option that can keep you in any game with his ability to score goals.

His is downside would be his attack. Like most forwards his attack is low. Also he only every stays at an average speed stat which means faster defenders can give him some trubles.

In in the end though, Wakka is a top addition to the team and deserves a spot on the roster.


Datto is a great addition for the team. His speed will break past most defenders, and his energy level will keep him alive in breaking tackles. His shot is also solid, and will be able to score on most goalies with ease. He keeps his growth steady on the upswing, and in my opinion he is one of the best Blitzers in Spira.

His is downside is his Attack. Like most forwards it's not great.

In the end I keep Datto on the team full time. He is able to turn the tide of the game in your favor at anytime thanks to his speed and shot.


Letty is a decent player who is great at midfield. He will be your playmaker with a great pass, and is able to stand up and block a ball with a decent block.

His downside is he really isn't that strong. His attack is only ok, and his energy matches that.

in the end Letty won't hurt you if you are going to keep an all Aurochs team, however there are better options out there.


Jassu starts out as a very strong defender.

His is downside is he never grows really and once you hit Level 20 he becomes a liability on the back end. Best to drop him.


Botta is your average run of the mill defender who will be able to get the job done when paired with another good defender.

His downside is a low energy level, mixed with a average pass, and middle of the road attack will sometimes get you in trouble with no way to get out which is why you need a solid defender beside him such as Ropp.

In in the end, he is a take it or leave it player. There are better out there, but he will be a decent fill in if you are low on cash.


I don't know why all the hate on Keepa, he turns into a middle of the road goalie when given the tec Super Goalie he is decent.

Downside is, he is only decent at best and there are better out there.

FFIX Choco Boy
06-08-2015, 09:33 PM
Don't forget: At level 99 Keepa gets 99 Shot.

06-08-2015, 11:41 PM
Datto is all you need, once his speed gets past a certain point the game just becomes about swimming around in your back half until you draw most of the defenders and get datto in a one on one position, then pass him the ball and let him make a break for the goals.

06-09-2015, 01:19 AM
Keepa's shot is the best at level 99, but it's mind numbing painful to get him there. He doesn't get a shot until about level 90, then he climbs. Until then he is stuck at goal with a max 39 catch.