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06-24-2015, 01:18 AM
What's your opinion on refining your rares?

Like the refined items of Bahamut and Gilgamesh are some of the best rewards in the game but since there's only usually one it keeps you from mastering your collection.

Colonel Angus
06-24-2015, 03:28 AM
All cards, except for the Pupu (sp?) can be reacquired from the Queen of Cards in Disc 4 after completing her quest. However, you can only hold one each of each rare card @ a time

06-24-2015, 03:39 AM
It actually pains me to refine the rares. But when the end of the world is coming and they turn into precious items that would otherwise make the game nigh impossible to complete, I begrudgingly do it.

Wolf Kanno
06-24-2015, 04:19 AM
I've never refined them actually. I never saw the rewards as being useful since the game already has so many ways it can be exploited in your favor.

06-24-2015, 09:50 AM
I refine them when i reach ulty's castle usually. If i have a need for any of them

06-26-2015, 09:58 PM
Just do the Queen of Cards quest and you can have every item in the game ever. I mean, if this game wasn't already easy enough once you get Auto-Haste and Enc-None.

06-28-2015, 04:09 AM
iirc you can also win back certain cards you've modded if you do the whole CC group quest thing in Blamab Garden then you can face them all again on the Ragnarok later and there's a chance they'll play your modded cards