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09-05-2015, 05:04 PM
Hey everyone! So basically I haven't played FFVII since I originally beat the game wayyyyy back in 1997. I picked up a copy of FFVII for the PC just to relive some nostalgia and realized there was a HUGE modding community. All these mods are made by the guys over at the qhimm forums. A few of the mods I use in my LP vary from other modded FFVII LP's. For example:

Were XIII Mod

Transparent Battle Menu

And a whole lot of of changes to the game to give it a fresh take as we all patiently await the REAL Final Fantasy VII remake :)

I suppose what sets apart my LP from others is the simple fact that I don't recall alot about the game. I love receiving comments from other players who are watching who provide tips and additional helpful hints on things I could've done or can do better in the future. It really makes the LP more interactive and for us to come together as a group of fans for the game to just talk FF. Currently I just finish my 25th episode in which the team makes their way to the shinra manor to realize that the town is not burnt to a crisp and I just recruited Vincent as well. In addition, I also live stream once a week on my YouTube channel to do a bit of level grinding so that way I don't have to do it during the LP and that way I don't have to cut it out of the LP during the editing process. I want this to be an experience we can all share! :)

Here's the link for the first episode for those of you who are interested!


Midgar Mist
02-12-2016, 07:11 PM
The moral supporter says: Go for it pal :-)

02-12-2016, 10:00 PM
Were XIII is gonna kill you!

Tifa mod looks great.

Midgar Mist
02-13-2016, 04:07 AM
Were XIII is gonna kill you


02-15-2016, 03:39 AM
Well, just look at him. He's beastly.