View Full Version : Favorite RPG accessories and what do they do?

10-27-2015, 07:44 PM
Just like the title suggests, I used to always go after things that would drop magic points used for spells to 1 like the tintobar, or experience points gains. Also the Ganji glove is one of the tops too.

10-27-2015, 11:37 PM
Genji glove, sir. Genji glove. Unless the RPG you're playing takes place in Jamaica, in which case ganji it up.

Colonel Angus
10-28-2015, 03:06 AM
Ribbon is another good one.

10-28-2015, 06:16 AM
My favorites are the ones with Auto-Regen type abilities. Or ones that heal for doing stuff. I got this one in Dragon Quest Heroes that restores my HP when I hit full tension.
My all time favorite is the Drill Discs in Neptunia. Full Heal when I transform, yes please. And in Victory when everyone gets their own SP bar and you can spam Limit Breaks, even better.

10-28-2015, 10:27 AM
Things that give me more money or exp because I dont like grinding

Madame Adequate
10-28-2015, 03:40 PM

Wolf Kanno
10-30-2015, 07:06 PM
Genji Glove is pretty badass in every FF game since VI when it actually shows up.

10-31-2015, 05:10 PM
Sprint Shoes!