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12-01-2015, 04:53 PM
Right, may as well go through the finer things if you want to get an understanding of it all.

#1 - Account Creation
#2 - Character Creation
#3 - The HUD
#4 - Chatting
#5 - Controls + Keybind
#6 - XIV / MMO Terminology
#7 - Classes
#8 - Actions
#9 - Commands / Systems
#10 - Gathering
#11 - Crafting
#12 - Jobs
#13 - Unlocking All The Things
#14 - Leveling up to 15: Things Worth Knowing
#15 - Leveling up to 30: Things Worth Knowing
#16 - Leveling up to 50: Things Worth Knowing
#17 - Leveling up to 60: Things Worth Knowing
#18 - Golden Saucer
#19 - ???
#20 - Profit

Post example questions and start your post with "#1" or "#2" or whatever. Maybe with all of us asking / answering questions we can come up with a half-decent FAQ.

Loony BoB
12-01-2015, 04:59 PM
#1 - Account Creation

#2 - Character Creation

One of two reasons. Firstly, you want to make sure you're on the Aether data center, which you can select from the main menu, right under START. Secondly, there has to be enough room on the server. At certain times of the day they will refresh which servers you can pick from - usually every few minutes, so it's not too bad, but if you don't see Sarg there then just wait and be patient. It'll be worth it in the end to get to play with us folk! ;)




No. Players might, but never seriously. LALA ARE EVIL.

To cut a long story short: No. Nobody in this game, even at endgame, gives a crap about what race you are using for what class/job. At all. Just focus on non-gameplay reasons when picking your race.

Just your appearance and character name, in the long run. Your class will also dictate which city you start in and what class you will be stuck with through to level 10, and also which cities you have immediate access to at a low level (You can not travel between Limsa Lominsa/La Noscea and the rest of the zones until L15). I would consider this inconsequential because of how easy it is to reach L15 and unlock the various additional classes at that point.

Yes. You will get Fantasia items on rare occasions in the game, such as when you have subbed for x amount of days (NOTE: To my knowledge I've only ever been provided with two free Fantasia in the game). You can also buy additional Fantasia using real world cash from the Mogstation. Fantasia allows you to redesign your character entirely. I'm pretty sure it's what you use to change your username, too. In addition to all that, you can also change your hairstyle (and I think makeup or something) using the in-game Aesthetician.

#3 - The HUD (All the buttons and menus and everything else on the screen)

#4 - Chatting

/tell - To chat to a specific character only. For example, to chat to my character you would type something like this: /tell Loony Bob Hi Loony.
/p - to chat to only people in your party. For example, to chat to everyone in your party you would type something like this: /p Hi everyone!
/l1, /l2, /l3, /l4, /l5, /l6, /l7 and /l8 - That's an L, not an I. Linkshell chat. This is the easiest way to switch between different linkshells - you can have 8 of them. Just type, for example, /l2 and then press enter and you will now be talking in Linkshell #2.
/l - That's a L, not an I. Linkshell chat. If you don't include the number, it will use whatever Linkshell you last chatted to. Personally I suggest always including the numbers when switching to a Linkshell to avoid accidentally chatting in the wrong Linkshell and confusing everyone and/or telling a lot of people something you didn't want them to know.
/fc - Free Company chat. You can only have one free company, so this is a lot easier to use than Linkshells.
/a - Alliance chat. On occasion you'll be in a 24 man raid and this will be made up of three parties. In these instances you can use Alliance chat to chat to all three parties.

/say - People very close by will see your message.
/yell - People over a large distance will see your message.
/shout - Everyone on the map/zone will see your message.
/r - Reply to your last received /tell

No, you can press alt+s for /say, alt+p for /party, alt+h for /shout, alt+y for /yell, alt+a for /alliance, alt+f for /fc, alt+l to cycle through your linkshells or alt+r to reply to the last person who sent you a /tell.

Just type the chat type and press enter without adding anything - eg. /fc and then pressing enter will mean you will chat to the Free Company by default (the best default, in my opinion).

#5 - Controls, Keybindings and Hotbars

Keybinds are gonna be 95% of the way you interface with the game, so they are hugely important to your experience. It is HIGHLY advisable to play with your keybindings and set up your own preferred layout. You can expect your bindings to change as you progress throughout the game, as you become familiar with your class and develop your own style.

Hotbars are where you're going to be putting all of the skills/actions you need to access. They're highly customiseable and like keybindings, you're going to be changing these around as you get used to your jobs. Hotbars #1 to #3 are class/job specific. Hotbars #4 through to #10 are shared between all jobs/classes.

This is completely a matter of personal preference but these are some general tips for efficient hotbar usage:
Play your class! Play it a lot, and practice until you learn how to optimise your output for the role.
Armed with that knowledge, have your most frequently used skills in the most easy to reach locations, and your less frequently used ones in the slots which take a little more finger gymnastics to reach.
If you have skills which are triggered by RNG during a fight, or cooldowns that you need to always keep track of, consider having an enlarged hotbar containing just these skills in a location where you can't miss it.
Don't be afraid to remap the game's default keybindings if it makes your job easier. For example, many PC players will remap the F key to a skill because it's in a very convenient place, even though it already performs an important function for caster classes.
If you use a gaming mouse, your extra buttons will give you a HUGE advantage.
Make a keybinding for mounts and a keybinding for sprint. Just do it.

#6 - XIV / MMO Terminology

In MMOs, people often come up with abbreviations because they are too busy fighting to type out long words. Also because a chat box is only so big. You're going to have to be more specific. Here, pick from...

The original FFXIV game released in 2010 which bombed and was shut down, transitioning into FFXIV: ARR.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - the base game as it is at the moment, up to around the point that you enter Ishgard. Also called ARR.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - the base game as it is at the moment, up to around the point that you enter Ishgard. Also sometimes called 2.x

There are two kinds of cactpot in FFXIV. The mini cactpot is effectively a scratch and win system you can play up to three times every 24 hours, and the jumbo cactpot is a weekly lottery that every player can take part in.

Critical hit.

Damage per second, aka damage dealer. Designed to cause pain.

Generally speaking, a person who thinks that they are better than other people at the game, generally a negative label given to the ruder endgamers.

A person who focuses on the most challenging content available, only accessible by reaching the end of the game.

Free Company. For the FC commonly used by EoFFers on the Sargatanas server, it also stands for Fat Chocobos, which coincidentally happens to be the name of the Free Company EoFFers use.

In FFXIV, you can 'glamour' your gear. This means you can have your gear look like another piece of gear so long as it is gear that you are able to equip and is not of a greater iLevel to the gear you are 'hiding'.

If you don't know what this does, you have a problem that extends beyond MMOs.

This can refer to either the iLevel of an item of gear / weapon, which is used to advise the player of the relative strength of that item of gear, or else to refer to the average iLevel of all items that a player currently has equipped to their character.

The are technically two different things but either way, they refer to the delay between actions taken by you and the server receiving and acknowledging them, or else the delay between a server process taking place (eg. an enemy making an attack) and your computer receiving the results of this (ie you seeing the attack happen on your screen).

Linkshell. Basically a chat group.

A small 'pet' that follows your character around. This is a purely cosmetic 'pet' and will not impact your ability to play the game simply by having it around. The exception to this is that there is a Lord of Verminion minigame which makes use of your minions.

A parser is a tool used to establish how much damage per second a person is doing. There are also parsers that measure other things such as heals per second and damage taken per second.

Tanks are designed to take a punch.

Triple Triad, a minigame in FFXIV inspired by the minigame found in FFVIII.

Thank you.

Welcome back.

You're welcome.
And with all that said: yw

#7 - Classes

There are three main combat roles in the game: tank, healer and dps. Tanks get smacked, dps do the smacking and healers heal the smacks.

There are three tank classes in the game; warrior, dark knight and paladin.
Warrior (WAR) - Warriors are capable of extremely high damage output, and a well played warrior will out-dps a moderately played dps class. They utilise a lot of self heals rather than mitigation and as a result, can be slightly more complex to play well than the other tank classes. The mitigation they do have is effective against all enemies.

Dark Knight (DRK) - Dark knights are extremely effective in magic-heavy encounters, as their magic defense and mitigation is geared quite heavily towards magic damage. They are also capable of very high damage output, however it is not as easy to do so as on warrior. Dark knights use MP as their main resource and the class is VERY heavily geared towards managing your MP pool.

Paladin (PLD) - Paladins are generally known as the mitigation tanks. They generate lower damage output than the other two, but have superior shielding abilities, especially in fights with high physical damage. They have a slight disadvantage in magic-heavy fights, as DRK will do more damage and have better mitigation, however a well played paladin will be viable in any fight.

Like tanks, there are three healer classes in the game - scholar, white mage and astrologian.
Scholar (SCH) - Scholars excel in mitigating incoming damage before it happens. They are a pet class and have a fairy which performs a significant proportion of the class' healing output, which means that SCH is extremely effective in adding some dps to the encounter while letting their fairy take care of healing. Their heals are not as strong as the other healers, but the shields will compensate for it. Because of this, a good scholar will need to be a proactive healer and be able to react to situations before they happen. A good scholar will also learn to micromanage their fairy, as the buffs and heals she can provide will make a world of difference if they're applied at the right times.

White Mage (WHM) - White mages are powerful healers, and have the strongest heals of the three. They have powerful single target heals, AoE heals and regen capabilities. A good white mage will need to be skilled at managing their MP and will need to recognise when a heal is required or when it is safe to let the regen do its work, as their cures are expensive. White mages are also capable of high AoE damage, however switching in and out of the dps stance will require skill and practice so as not to allow the tank to die.

Astrologian (AST) - Astrologians have a unique tarot card mechanic, which allows them to periodically draw a random card from their deck, which they can spend in various ways to apply buffs to the party. This relies on RNG, but with good preparation and anticipation, can be a powerful tool and the RNG factor minimised. They have two healing stances, one for shield-based healing and another for regen-based healing. These two stances somewhat mimic the other healers' paradigms, however are not quite as powerful. Good astrologians need to be quick thinkers and be good at planning several steps ahead.

There are seven dps classes, and we can split them up into categories - Ranged physical/support, casters and melee.
Ranged physical/support
FFXIV has two classes which are both dps and support classes. This means they will be responsible for restoring the party's resource pools in long fights, applying debuffs to the enemies or buffs to the party to increase damage output or to increase movement speed, all whilst putting damage out. These two classes are vital to sustainability in raid scenarios and you will always want to take one.

Bard (BRD) - Bards are loaded with offensive cooldowns, and these can be used to achieve extremely high damage bursts. They also have songs which can restore the party's MP, restore the party's TP, make the party run faster or debuff the enemy to magic damage. Bards are extremely valuable to the party when there are also casters, as they are able to significantly boost magic damage.

Machinist (MCH) - Many people say that machinist is the hardest class to perform high dps on, and for that reason this class has a very high skill ceiling and a complex rotation. They control turrets which can be placed around the field, and are capable of outputting damage or restoring the party's resource pools. They are more valuable to the party when there are mostly physical dps in the group as unlike bard, they are able to boost physical dps as well as magical.

There are two casters in the game, black mage and summoner. A caster in a party is generally essential and each is suited to different encounter types.

Black mage (BLM) - If you want to see big hits, black mage is the class to play. They have by far the highest single target burst damage, but are also a very tricky class to optimise. Playing black mage requires a lot of attention to buff timers, as the rotation relies on having a specific buff active at all times. Keeping the buff active requires forward thought and being able to thoughtfully position yourself is as important to the class as the actual abilities you use. Black mage damage output is quite severely punished by having to move in the middle of your casts, and this can lead to catastrophic dps drops. Black mage has good AoE and competes for the highest single target damage output, although only when they don't have to move or deal with mechanics that would otherwise interrupt their rotation.

Summoner (SMN) - Summoner has INSANELY good AoE damage output. They are a pet class, so they have several different pets with varying benefits, and the majority of their dps comes from spreading damage-over-time (dots) abilities amongst enemies. Because of this, their burst damage is low and summoners need to be extremely skilled to achieve high single target damage. Their class relies on managing stacks of aetherflow, which can be spent on various abilities depending on the encounter. The way in which aetherflow is spent ties extremely heavily into summoners' rotations, and messing up can be very punishing. Summoners have very good utility, being the only dps class that can raise KOed party members, and have several very powerful abilities to reduce incoming damage. This class has a very high skill ceiling but a good summoner is extremely valuable to the party.

Melee classes excel in single target damage, and a well played melee class is capable of very high output. There are three classes - dragoon, monk and ninja.

Dragoon (DRG) - Dragoons are extremely good at putting a lot of damage out, very quickly. Their rotation is complex, being over 40 moves long before it repeats but a dragoon who knows their rotation is going to be very useful to the party. Like black mage, this class requires carefully watching buff timers and they want to keep their dps buff up 100% of the time. That can be a very difficuly task, especially if the enemies are jumping away or becoming untargetable. They bring a powerful cooldown to the party which will boost dps for a short period and when used in conjunction with other party buffs, will hugely increase dps output.

Monk (MNK) - Monks have the highest sustained single target damage. Their rotation revolves around managing three different stances, and a stacking buff called Greased Lightning. Certain attacks can only be performed while in certain stances, and will advance your form to the next one, so the class revolves around having several short combos, each of which will debuff the enemy, buff yourself or place dots on the enemy, all while dealing damage with each hit. Their burst damage is quite low, but as the fight progresses, a good monk will always pull ahead of the other classes. Monks are heavily punished by downtime in fights, as this will cause them to lose their stacking buff and they will have to rebuild it but a skilled monk will learn to compensate for this, taking measures to maximise their uptime of the buff.

Ninja (NIN) - Ninjas make use of "Mudras" which are a range of abilities triggered by varying combinations of three ninjutsu signs available to them. Most combinations of 1, 2 or 3 ninjutsu will provide access to an ability which may buff yourself or deal damage to the enemy. They have the lowest damage output of the three melee classes, but they bring other utility to the group, such as a significant damage boost and tools which allow them to redirect enmity to other party members which is particularly useful in allowing the tanks to spend more time in their dps stances without worrying about threat. Oh yeah, if you screw up your mudra you get a nice bunny on your head for all to see!

For all pre-Heavensward classes, upon hitting level 30 you will gain a quest which rewards a job stone. The job stone changes the way you you play, providing big buffs to your main stats but cutting off access to cross class skills. To progress your class into the associated job, you need to hit level 30 on your main class and level 15 on another class which varies by main class. Jobs that were released in Heavensward start at level 30 and as such, require no subclass. For the most part, "job" and "class" are used interchangeably by the player base so don't be confused by people seemingly switching the two at random.

NOTE: If you have a job stone, USE IT. It may be tempting to unequip it so that you have access to more skills, but it's not worth it due to the big buffs and extra abilities your job stone grants.

If you are below level 30 or are playing with your job stone unequipped, you will have access to a growing number of cross class skills as you increase in level. Ten cross class skills can be equipped at once, at level 30. These are skills that you can use from other classes (provided you have leveled that class enough, of course). When you equip your job stone, you will only be able to use a maximum of five cross class skills, and you will be restricted to using abilities from just two other classes instead of all classes. The two classes you have access to skills from will depend on which class you're playing.

Class                            Job                              Subclass                   Cross class abilities
Gladiator (GLA)Paladin (PLD)CNJCNJ/MRD
Marauder (MRD)Warrior (WAR)GLDGLD/PGL
Conjurer (CNJ)White mage (WHM)ACNACN/THM
Pugilist (PGL)Monk (MNK)LNCLNC/MRD
Lancer (LNC)Dragoon (DRG)MRDMRD/PGL
Thaumaturge (THM)Black mage (BLM)ARCARC/ACN
Arcanist (ACN)Summoner (SMN)THMTHM/ARC
Dark Knight (DRK)GLD/MRD
Astrologian (AST)CNJ/THM
Machinist (MCH)ARC/LNC
* Scholar and summoner both come from arcanist

#8 - Actions
#9 - Commands/Systems
#10 - Gathering

#11 - Crafting

See the #13 - Unlocking All The Things for stuff for this, but basically once you do your L10 guild quest, you unlock the armoury system and then all you have to do is equip a crafting tool and hey presto, you've unlocked that crafting class.

Yeah, but all the crafts really do a lot of interlinking. For example, weaver will do a lot of the cloth armour for mages and whatnot, but occasionally you'll need to also use an item that is crafted by a goldsmith. But it's generally common sense as to which crafts will be best suited to which types of gear. Blacksmith for metal weaponary, carpenter for wooden weaponary, armourer for heavy armour, leather for lighter armour, weaver for things that do not resemble what anyone would sensibly call armour, etc.

It's really up to the individual. I personally love crafting and crafted as I leveled my main job. But most people tend to level their main job and deal with crafting after they're finished with the story. My only real advise is to level miner and botanist before you really get into crafting, because it's so much better to get your own materials.

You can do them all. At the very, very late endgame for crafting there are specialisations but they are negligible in their impact at the time of this answer. I suspect they may be more important in the long run, but we'll see. It is worth noting that, at a cost of effort, you are able to change your specialisations. At the moment it's not worth the effort!

#12 - Jobs

#13 - Unlocking All The Things

L1 - Hunting Log: Do your level 1 class guild quest. You'll find this in the relevant guild of your starting class (obviously).
L10 - Armoury System (Class Changing): Do your level 10 class guild quest.
L10 - Crafting/Gathering: After you unlock the armoury system, equip a gathering or crafting main-hand tool.
L10 - Battle Levequests: Complete the "Leves of _____" quests found in each of the starting cities.
L10 - Crafting/Gathering Levequests: Do your level 10 class guild quest for a Crafting/Gathering class.
L10 - Guildhests: Complete the "Simply the Hest" quest found at a nearby aetheryte to your starter city.
L10 - Guildhest Roulette: Complete the first Guildhest "Basic Training: Enemy Parties"
L15 - Dye System
L15 - Dungeons
L15 - Aesthetician (ie, hairdresser)
L15 - Airship Travel: Complete the "The _______ Envoy" main story quest.
L16 - Low Level Duty Roulette
L17 - Retainers
L19 - Materia Melding
L19 - Materia Assimilating (Converting)
L20 - Grand Company
L20 - Grand Company Chocobo Mount
L25 - Advanced Materia Melding (Overmelding / Forbidden Melds)
L30 - Jobs
L30 - Battle Companion (Chocobo that battles with you)
L30 - PVP
L36 - Treasure Maps
L42 - Sylph Beasttribe Quests
L42 - Isles of Umbra access
L43 - Amalj'aa Beasttribe Quests
L50 - Ishgard and other Heavensward zones: These are only accessible once you complete the main storyline of A Realm Reborn, which requires you to be L50.

#14 - Leveling up to 15: Things Worth Knowing
I suspect there is some kind of mechanism for triggering FATEs such as timers and/or amount of people clearing FATEs in that zone, but I also suspect there is a large amount of RNG involved, so I wouldn't say you can expect certain FATEs at certain times.

#15 - Leveling up to 30: Things Worth Knowing
#16 - Leveling up to 50: Things Worth Knowing
#17 - Leveling up to 60: Things Worth Knowing
#18 - Golden Saucer

#19 - ???

There are two kinds of pets: Minions and summons. Summons are from the Arcanist class and Summoner/Scholar jobs and play a primary role in their battle gameplay. Minions however are for anyone and everyone. All you need to do is acquire them (from story quests, sidequests, FATEs, purchases and many other things).

#20 - Profit


12-02-2015, 06:51 PM
Oh I have another question! Am I limited on Crafting professions? Or can I do them all?

Loony BoB
12-02-2015, 06:59 PM
Answer added.

Loony BoB
12-08-2015, 02:55 PM
Massive thanks to o_O (Mike / Humphrey) who has been chipping away at the FAQ.

12-08-2015, 03:33 PM
Oo yeah! There's so much more for me haha

12-08-2015, 08:54 PM
Probably a good idea to throw in how to get to each of the classes - I mean, you can't just start out as a Warrior!

12-14-2015, 06:11 AM
What if... what if we take this information and put it on the frontsite?

Loony BoB
12-14-2015, 09:52 AM
That's the long term intent of Freya. For now we have to actually put it together. Also, it's worth noting some information changes often because, well, MMO, so that kind of thing is not frontsite suitable.

12-14-2015, 03:23 PM
yeah I intend to Frontsite it but I need content first! I'm a newbie and probably the one asking the most questions lol so I've got to work with what I have!

12-14-2015, 10:27 PM
Yeah, most of the information is pretty much core though and doesn't change. Classes, races, what level you get what abilities, stuff like that. There's some new stuff to add whenever a patch comes out, but it's not really too big a job, just a bit time consuming.

12-15-2015, 09:35 PM
Disciple of War


Lvl 1. Heavy Swing
50 Potency attack.
CD~ 2.5 secs.

Lvl 2. Foresight
Increase Defense 20% for 20 secs.
CD~ 2 mins.

Lvl 4. Skull Sunder
100 Potency attack. Increases Enmity.
CD~ 2.5 secs
Combo~ Has a Potency of 200 if used after Heavy Swing.

Lvl 6. Fracture.
100 Potency attack followed by a 20 Potency DOT for 18 secs.
CD~ 2.5 secs

Lvl 8. Bloodbath
For 15 secs, the next ability used will heal you for 25% of its damage.
CD~ 1.5 mins

Lvl 10. Brutal Swing
100 Potency attack followed by a 3 sec stun.
CD~ 20 secs

Lvl 12 Overpower
120 Potency attack in a frontal cone. Increased Enmity.
CD~ 2.5 secs

Lvl 15 Tomahawk
130 Potency ranged attack. Increased Enmity.
CD~ 2.5 secs

Lvl 18 Maim
100 Potency attack.
CD~ 2.5 secs
Combo~ Has a Potency of 190 if used after Heavy Swing and increases damage by 20% for 12 secs.

Lvl 22 Berserk
Increases damage by 50% for 20 secs. Cannot use abilities for 5 secs after it expires.
CD~ 1.5 mins

Lvl 26 Mercy Stroke
200 Potency attack. Can only be used while target has less than 20% life. If it kills the target, up to 20% of your HP will be restored.
CD~ 1.5 mins

Lvl 30 Butcher's Block
100 Potency attack. Increases Enmity. Grants stacks of Wrath if used with Defiance.
CD~ 2.5 secs
Combo~ Has a potency of 280 if used after Skull Sunder.

Lvl 34 Thrill of Battle
Increases HP by 10% for 20 secs, then heals for 10% of your maximum HP.
CD~ 2 mins

Lvl 38 Storm's Path
100 Potency attack. Grants stacks of Wrath if used with Defiance.
CD~ 2.5 secs
Combo~ 250 Potency attack if used after Maim. Absorbs 50% of damage taken while lowering targets damage by 10% for 20 secs.

Lvl 42 Holmgang
Brings target to you can roots you both in place for 6 secs. Grants partial immunity to death.
CD~ 3 mins

Lvl 46 Vengeance
Gives 30% damage reduction and counters all damage with a 50 potency attack for 15 secs. Grants stacks of Wrath if used with Defiance.
CD~ 2 mins

Lvl 50 Storm's Eye
100 Potency attack. Grants stacks of Wrath if used with Defiance.
CD~ 2.5 secs
Combo~ 270 Potency attack if used after Maim. Lowers targets slashing attacks resistance by 10% and their healing received by 50% for 20 secs.

Muruader Cross-class Skills

Gladiator~ Savage Blade, Flash, Convalescence, Provoke, Awareness
Pugilist~ Feather Foot, Second Wind, Haymaker, Internal Release, Mantra
Lancer~ Feint, Keen Flurry, Invigorate, Blood for Blood
Archer~ Straight Shot, Raging Strikes, Venomous Bite, Hawk's Eye, Quelling Strikes
Rogue~ Perfect Dodge, Goad, Death Blossom
Conjurer~ Cure, Protect, Raise, Stoneskin
Thaumaturge~ Surecast, Swiftcast
Arcanist~ Physick, Virus, Eye for an Eye
Botanist~ Triangulate, Arbor Call, Arbor Call II, Truth of Forests
Miner~ Prospect, Lay of the Land, Lay of the Land II, Truth of Mountains

Something like this good, but then also have the same thing for jobs and not just classes?

Loony BoB
12-16-2015, 08:19 AM
The potency/timing/effects of class abilities are regularly changed. ^^; Pretty much every patch has balancing changes which affect them - it's part of the never-ending balancing. If you're looking for static information, that's one to avoid. The abilities themselves (ie, the name and level earned) are rarely if ever changed though so those are safe.

12-16-2015, 03:00 PM
I said this in the other thread already - I want to play the PC version using a controller. I heard different classes work better with different control schemes. Could you list which classes work better with the controller, and which require a keyboard to be useful?

Loony BoB
12-18-2015, 10:47 AM
I know few people who have played using both but I would say it comes down to personal preference and comfort for 90% of that decision. I note comfort because people in a computer chair+desk looking at a 20" screen probably won't enjoy using a controller and people lying down on a couch while looking at a 42" TV probably won't enjoy balancing a keyboard on their legs or using a mouse on their couch.

What I will say is that if you play on PS3/4, then you should definitely purchase a cheap USB keyboard so you can chat with people, because using a controller to chat in an MMO means you too can never get what you wanted to say out before the conversation has well and truly moved on.

But overall, every complaint I've heard towards controllers/keyboards other than chatting has been dismissed by someone else using said input method, so yeah, I'd definitely say it's personal preference.