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Wolf Kanno
12-04-2015, 03:22 AM
Same deal as the FFI version. There are 22 jobs (smurf Freelancer) so rank them from best to worst and maybe give a reason for your madness.

List of FFIII Jobs (http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_III_jobs)

Wolf Kanno
12-04-2015, 07:13 PM
W~Post Mother smurfers!

This is actually a bit tougher than I thought due to the DS version changing up stuff from the original. Classes that were garbage in the Famicom version are actually great in the DS version whereas great classes in the Famicom are not so great in the DS version.

1. FEOK - When fully equipped and at level 99, nothing can surpass the lowly Onion Knight. The class is even better in the DS version on account they can use magic now.

2. Ninja (Famicom) - Can use all weapons and armor as well as the mighty shuriken. The Ninja is a noticeable upgrade once you obtain it and easily the best melee class in the game.

3. Sage (Famicom) - Best mage in the game. Able to use all Black, White, and Summons with a crap ton of spell charges to boot. Best support buddy for Ninja.

4. Black Belt - Doesn't matter which version, this class is a beast if you know what you are doing with it. While they suffer against magic, they're a wrecking crew in the physical department with high HP, Strength, and Speed. The BEST class for grinding max HP for your characters, any fan who knows what they are doing will swear by them.

5. Dragoon (DS) - Capable of duel-wielding lances with ridiculous damage algorithms combined with actually being able to hit its target consistently, the Dragoon is a pretty overpowered class.

6. Knight (DS) - High HP with ridiculous defense, the DS version made them a certifiable tank and even boosted their offense with better stats to the class and their weapons. Gaining healing magic and having Guard no-sell physical damage makes them heads and shoulder above their original counterpart.

7. Summoner - Neither version is really better than the other. Summoners are powerful consistent magic damage dealers and they debuted in this game to such fanfare that almost every game afterwards adds some element of a summoner plot if it's not THE plot.

8. Red Mage (DS) - With better damage algorithms and expanded inventory, the Red Mage can be a mainstay for your party until you acquire the third crystal. The class really has no weakness in this version and is easily the best of the starting classes. He's not too shabby in the original either.

9. Geomancer (DS) - Oh how things have changed, the Geomancer is pretty much the worse class in the original version due to its ability not only being able to fail but also having it do damage to the caster when it does. The DS version on the other hand is debatable one of the best Mage jobs. While its attack is random, most of its damage spells will do ungodly high damage at no MP cost or instant kill random monsters. The class also sports the best defense of the "mage" style classes able to take a hit better than the other classes.

10. Devout - Access to the best White Magics, ridiculously high M.Defense, probably the cutest White mage outfit in the series; what is not to love here.

11. Dark Knight - A much needed upgrade from the Magic Knight of the original, Dark Knights are the best damage dealers in the game without resorting to special skills until Ninja becomes available. The only issues with the class is the lack of decent gear until Falgabird (like 4/5ths of the way into the game) and the class being a physical glass cannon who really can't survive heavy hitters like CoD without some serious prep work.

12. Bard (DS) - Easily the best support unit in the game with the power to cast cost free haste, protect and healing. It may lack offensive abilities and be a bit frail but with a Knight or Viking in the party, the class can really set your party up for success. Much better than Famicom version.

13. Monk - Second best of the starting class, the class has great attack power and vitality. Great damage dealer until you start running into more magic orientated enemies who will rip him apart but still one of the best offensive classes in the game until you get his upgrade. Even Knights will pale in comparison until you start acquiring some of their late game gear.

14. White Mage - Your very first healer and even gets some offensive spells besides Holy or Dia. I don't feel I need to explain why this class is great.

15. Magus (Famicom) - All of the Black Magic spells with decent spell cast pool and great damage makes this a pretty cool class. Better in the Famicom version where non-summon magic isn't nerfed and melee isn't as overpowered.

16. Evoker (Famicom) - While its magic is a bit randomized, the status inflicting spells are total life-savers in the original where they can cripple random encounters of up to eight monsters and give your party time to cut those numbers down to size without blowing through your white mages healing.

17. Ranger (Famicom) - Great damage and access to healing magic to boot. This class can hit as hard as a Knight with the right set-up. A bit too equipment focus for my taste but better than the DS version that just eats through arrows.

18. Viking (DS) - Best defense in the game and it even has Provoke to help your party. What it lacks in offense it makes up for being the best tank in the game. Not my preferred strategy but one that is nice to have. Makes using Bard more enticing as well.

19. Back Mage (Famicom) - For all the reasons like Magus except without access to all spells.

20. Warrior - Good fighter that just seems to be overshadowed by the Red Mage surprisingly enough. Not a bad class at all, but not as good as his FFI counterpart. His Advance skill in the DS version sounds more useful on paper than in practice.

21. Thief (DS) - So-so damage combined with weak defense and great speed makes this class feel more novelty than anything. The main reason to bother with it in the DS version is to get Gungnir off of Odin and to stock up on Phoenix Downs.

22. Scholar - The low vitality is a serious detriment for completionist and while its skills are useful against Hyne and his magic ability/Lore commands make him not completely useless, there are just better options available for you to not have to bother.

23. Onion Knight - Worst lass until Lv 90ish and with full gear.

Depression Moon
12-04-2015, 10:18 PM
What is Feok?

Anyway from the one time I've played III, Sage #1 with Ninja behind it and the worst I think is Onion Knight because despite being the best at Level 90, I'm not grinding that long just for it.

Wolf Kanno
12-05-2015, 05:06 AM
What is Feok?
Fully Equipped Onion Knight

Basically a Lv. 99 Onion Knight in full Onion Gear. Virtually unkillable and a death machine in its own right. Worse in the DS version because the class can use all magic except summons I believe so now they can cast Holy and Flare in addition to just beating you to death with the Onion Sword.