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Wolf Kanno
12-04-2015, 03:25 AM
26 jobs, there can only be one that reigns supreme. Rank them and explain why please! ^^;

List of FFV Jobs (http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_V_jobs)

12-04-2015, 05:14 AM
Can you give a list. :P
No Freelancer? Is so total my favorite.

Anyways I always have a knight. He doesn't get out beat the entire game. Next thing I keep is the white mage. My Black Mage replaces by Summoner but my summoner isn't better without red mages ability. Confused? Ok well here is a list...

White Mage
Red Mage
Black Mage
Time Mage
Blue Mage

The rest are useless to me.
dancer and Mime

12-05-2015, 05:03 AM
Bare (once everything else was mastered)
Dancer (equipped with double lancex2)
Samurai (for the $toss)
White Mage
Black Mage

And after that I can't remember since its been 10 years since I played FF5...

Wolf Kanno
12-05-2015, 09:49 AM
Worst to Best.

26. Beastmaster/Trainer - Outside of helping to make the Blue Mage a god, there is very little this class can offer for a party outside of a few select monsters, but the Catch/Release command is a one shot deal so it's not really worth it.

25. Oracle - Quirky unpredictable gameplay style combined with popping up late in the game makes this class only fun for those who have spent way too much time playing the game. It's ABP UP skill is the only reason to bother.

24. Geomancer - While a massive improvement over it's Famicom incarnation, the Geomancer is designed more for dungeon crawling and frankly pits and damage floors are not a big deal in this game to begin with so the skills are moot. Gaia is still a decent move and the free cost is great but the unpredictable nature of the skill and its low damage isn't doing it any favors.

23. Thief - Steal, Mug and Artful Dodger are excellent skills... that need to be on a sturdier class with a better weapon selection. The Thief is nice in the early stages but tends to be a class I power level through quickly to hand over to more useful classes like Ninja or Mystic Knight.

22. Ranger - If this class didn't have X-Fight/Rapid Fire, I would never use it. While it's not a bad class in its own right, it only has one useful skill and the base class isn't as good as other options in terms of damage dealing or magic use. Like Beastmaster and Oracle, the class is more novelty than anything.

21. Red Mage - Probably the worst version of this class to appear in the series. He can do everything but not very well. He's no longer hindered by spell lists making you pick and choose his spells but he just seems to under-perform as both a fighter and mage. Considering how quickly spells become obsolete, he needs to use sub-jobs to keep him afloat when better options are available. Doublecast is the class' only saving grace.

20. Monk - Oh how the mighty have fallen. The class is by no means bad, but now it has some serious competition and no upgrade to look forward to. Counter, Chakra, and Barehanded are great skills, but better served on more versatile classes. The Monks biggest drawback is it's lack of versatility. There are not many skills that compliment it and while its an all around solid class on its own, it gets outclassed by bigger and flashier classes as the game goes on.

19. Berserker - What they lack in meaningful skills to give to other jobs (though the strength and Stamina bonus for Freelancer is much appreciated) they make up for with raw damage and a good weapon selection that makes them more versatile in battle than at first glance. There are some actual interesting builds for this class that make them useful until until World 3 when the heavy hitters are needed.

18. Dancer - Another class with great skills but better served on stronger classes, the Dancer gets more use due to certain equipment that helps get the desired effect and honestly all of the Dance! abilities are useful so it's got longer use than at first glance. Serious lethal joke class.

17. Bard - Scratch that, Bard is the game's lethal joke character in this game. Songs that raise stats and character levels continuously, a spell that absolutely wrecks the undead, and it's Romeo's Ballad can even stop Omega from getting a turn. The Bard has certainly come a long way from his previous incarnations... yet still remain spoony.

16. Necromancer - By all means, this is the game's best non-mime mage class, but the requirements to obtain it and its Blue Mage style skill acquirement at the end of the game makes this class more trophy than actually practical. By the time you obtain this class, you don't need it. Still fun to play with.

15. Cannoneer - A mix of the Gambler and Chemist class with a Red Mage equipment pool. This class is actually pretty well rounded and more user-friendly than the Chemist. Like the Oracle and Necromancer though, the class comes a bit too late in the game to be practical. Not as bad off as those two since its abilities are all around useful. This is one of the classes that can also do the Neo-Exdeath trick along with the Chemist.

14. Black Mage - More useful than its predecessors but still overshadowed by better classes. Black Mage goes farther in this game than most for having a great spell list, excellent damage, and good compatibility with other mage class skills. His skills are also useful to be transferred to other classes so its an all round good glass just overshadowed by the flashier Summoners or the overpowered Mystic Knights.

13. Chemist - For most fans, this is either one of the worst classes or the most broken. Depends on how much time you put into learning the ends and outs of this class. Recover and Revive are obviously useful but you can do some serious damage if you bother experimenting with Drink and Mix commands. While the class itself is not terribly good, it has no bad abilities to transfer to other classes.

12. Blue Mage - Yes, two of its skills are utterly useless, the third skill i only useful for this class but gods be damned if this is not one of the funnest and most broken classes in the game. While its statistically as good as a Red Mage, Blue Magic is just a force to be reckoned with if you know where to get it and when to use it. This class can actually cripple more than half of the bosses in the game and its access to Wind and Water Magic combined with skills like White Wind and Mighty Guard make it one of the most versatile mage classes in the game.

11. Gladiator - While it suffers from being a late comer like the other new classes, this one is ranked higher for being utterly broken. It combines the best elements of Knight, Samurai, and Berserker into one of the best pure melee classes in the game. Unlike Necromancer, you can actually use this class to traverse through the optional dungeon and use it more. My real beef with this class is that it is actually a little overpowered for its own good.

10. Ninja - While a huge improvement over Edge, Ninja's are not the unbeatable menace they were in FFIII. Low HP and defense combined with lackluster equipment options make them rather fragile compared to other jobs. With that said, most of their skills are excellent with Duel-Wield alone being worth the price of admission and unlike Ranger and Red Mage, the Ninja can hold their own in a fight if need be.

9. White Mage - Where would we be without the cornerstone of any RPG party? The WM is still a great asset but now we're not restricted to using them as we can send those spells to better classes but on its own the class is still fairly good though it has lost most its offensive push from previous versions.

8. Samurai - While often overlooked by players, Samurai are fairly powerful fighters in this game. Coin Toss is an obvious one but Blade Grasp and the class' unusual critical hit algorithm actually make this one of the premier damage dealers in the game between waiting around for higher tier spells for Mystic Knight and grinding the APB for the Duel-Wield/ Rapid Fire combo. It makes good use of other sub-skills like Doublehand and Duel-Wield and has decent power and defense. While it lacks the consistency of the Knight class, it's one of my favorite classes.

7. Dragoon - Still a great class after all these years. Dragoon only suffers from being a bit too self-contained for my taste. He doesn't really get a lot out of the sub-job system like other classes but the class is still a force to be reckoned with and has some powerful abilities to pass onto other jobs.

6. Summoner - Black Mage without the weaknesses. The class is a bit fragile and needs to be made versatile with a good sub-job but this class is probably one of the best magical damage dealers in the game. Obtaining all of the summons can be a chore without a guide but its well worth it and not nearly as difficult as twinking a Blue Mage or Chemist into broken status.

5. Knight - While not the flashiest class, and lord knows it's ability pool is largely useless outside of Doublehand and Guard but this class probably has the most options when using the sub-job system making it one of the best classes to use throughout the game when needed. The fact it can use the powerful Knightswords also means he can easily outdamage most classes with the right set-up making this class the premier melee class beyond Freelancer and Gladiator.

4. Time Mage - I can't really stress how important this class is to the game. When you really look at some of the battles and the structure of the battle system, it's obvious the Time Mage was created for the ATB system. I don't need to explain how useful Haste, Slow, and Stop are and we all know having Comet and Meteor just made this class more appealing but even skills like Return are godsends against the likes of Omega. Love this class.

3. Mystic Knight - It says something when a class rarely shows up later due to being a wee too powerful. It makes a slight comeback in X-2 in watered down fashioned but TA2's incarnation proves why this class doesn't see the light of day too much as it combines the power of a warrior with the magical elemental exploitation of a mage. An unholy combo if there ever was one. Taking fashion tips from everyone's favorite male White Mage Minwu is a bonus as well.

2. Mime - Sucks when you first get it unless you've mastered a lot of classes, this class an easily be turned into the best mage class since its equipment ppol works for those types of classes and its extra available slot means you can give them two magic classes and doublecast. Pretty brutal class overall and never quite as powerful since.

1. Freelancer/Bare - Suffers from Onion Knight syndrome of being both the best and worst class in the game. Only class capable of doing the good version of the Spellblade/Duel-Wield/ Rapid Fire combo this class is a beast by end game with a few mastered jobs under your belt.