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12-06-2015, 01:53 PM
For some odd reason it seems this one got left out. Weird.

14 standard dresspheres, 2 International/HD exclusives and 3 special dresspheres; which tickle your fancy the most and which the least?

List of Dresspheres (http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Dressphere#List_of_Dresspheres)

Forsaken Lover
12-09-2015, 09:26 AM
In terms of design...probably Samurai, especially on Rikku.
Either that or Songstress.

In terms of combat, Dark Knight at the top because even scrubs can break the game with it. That or Alchemist.

The ones I like least are Mascot and Gun Mage. I never used either.

12-09-2015, 09:28 AM
Wasn't Mascot the most powerful class?

12-11-2015, 03:20 AM
My list from worst to best.

19. Trainer
Formy said it all. Jack of all trades master of none aren't really my thing.

18. Full Throttle
I just really don't care for it. It looks kinda cool but I feel it's severely lacking in the usefulness department. I don't even remember many of its skills even though I maxed it. It gets one point for being able to critically hit a gravity attack which is still hilarious.

17. Festivalist
I warmed up to the idea of it when I realized that this job actually has some of the best stats in the game, just behind Mascot. But ultimately it's total lack of useful skills still kills it. I guess it's a little fun in the extreme early game... up until you get Black Mage...

16. Warrior
They may form the primary offense for any early game team, but their skillset is rather poor. The elemental strikes aren't worth it and the Breaks take too long to apply to a meaningful degree. Sentinel is pretty sweet but what it gets in physical defense is hampered by its severe noticeable lack of any sort of magic defense. In the end all it can really do well is attack, attack and attack some more. Which is pretty damn boring IMO.

15. Floral Fallal
Like with the other special dresspheres it's hard to find any sort of practical use for it. Sure it has nice elemental skills and some decent damage, but I wouldn't sacrifice my versatile three member team for it. Its defenses are pretty horrid too.

14. Thief
You could argue this job gets outclassed in its entirety by the Treasure Hunt GG you can get as early as Chapter 3 which passively gives you the Mug command. And that's mostly correct. Thief generally isn't worth the investment to build it up, and few of its skills are useful. There is one exception however: First Strike. There's no better dressphere to start a boss battle with if you want to immediatly activate all GG gates (which you usually do want to do) and for that reason I still ended up using it in the postgame. Kudos for that at least.

13. Machina Maw
My favorite of the special dresspheres. Not for its looks, not for its power, but primarily for one thing: it can bestow the Attack+ and Defense+ statuses on Rikku, do it at a pretty fast rate, and do it all while tanking even enemies as strong as Trema. And anyone who's ever built up to the Defense +10 status knows how insane that really is. It fulfills what I want a special dressphere to do and I can just put it away once I'm done buffing and return to my main team.

12. Gunner
Hey now we're getting to the dresspheres I legitimately like. The Gunner has an awesome set of skills. No charge times, effects you hardly ever see in other skillsets, and just overall pretty dang powerful. Running around with the Heady Perfume from Chapter 2 using Scatterburst to wreck all random encounters never gets old. Gunner is overall pretty fun to use. Why's it so low? I guess I'm still a little salty over the whole Cat Nip thing.

11. Samurai
I remember the first time I used Sparkler after having previously completely overlooked this dressphere. Turns out it packs a punch quite unlike most other jobs in this game. When it comes to heavy hitters the Samurai is your best choice for the majority of the game's second half. The Bushido Lore is one of the better accessories overall just because the Samurai's skills are that good.

10. Lady Luck
If you know how to use it, Lady Luck is doubtlessly one of the most powerful dresspheres in the game. Mighty Guard+ is so strong it's a game breaker. The fact that it doubles your spoils also makes it the perfect farming dressphere, and it's not like its attacks are weak either, quite the opposite. Ultimately I'm a bit salty about how extremely effective MG+ is though, and I just find other dresspheres more fun to use so it only barely gets into the top ten.

9. Alchemist
I have a bit of a love-hate-relationship with this thing. It has the worst stats in the game. It's immensely boring to keep spamming Mega Potions over and over again. But I'll be damned if it doesn't have some of the best passives in the game, not to mention Mix which is just as fun as it always was. It's definitely not a bad dressphere, and spamming Stash does get you through most of the game, but there is maximization potential there as well which I appreciate.

8. Black Mage
A total powerhouse for all chapters. Black Magic is useful against most enemies in the game excluding some of the superbosses and naturally no one wields it better than the Black Mage. Over time you unlock accessories and GGs that give the Black Mage its edge right back, like Wring and Minerva's Plate for almost instant casts or Megiddo for Ultima. It's definitely still late- and postgame competitive which you don't usually see in FF games but which positively surprised me.

7. Dark Knight
If there's one thing the horrors of the Via Infinito will teach you it's that you must never neglect your defenses. Enter the Dark Knight which is almost the only job that actually has pretty great defensive stats. On top of that it gets immunity to many annoying status effects, and its offense isn't too shabby thanks to Darkness which hits all enemies, can never miss, goes straight through Protect and Shell and hits for pretty good damage. Its downside is its slow speed which usually makes battles last longer than they need to and is also the main reason I shelf the dressphere until I actually need its defenses. Thankfully it's extremely AP-cheap which is very much appreciated.

6. Gun Mage
The Gun Mage takes some effort to build up. Its natural abilities all suck pretty bad and its stats are mediocre so its true value lies only in its Blue Bullets. And are they good? Fuck yes they are! Thanks to the Fiend Arena you can grab Absorb, Mighty Guard and White Wind right off the bat, and Annihilator is the only Blue Bullet you can actually miss out on. Flame Breath which you can grab in early Chapter 3 is a sickeningly dominating Fire-elemental spell that puts Firaga to shame. And of course if you get Mortar and Annihilator, the two ultimate skills, nothing can stop you. It was pretty hilarious running around with a Ragnarok accessory and Break Damage Limit throwing Annihilator at every random encounter. Its defenses may be shit but when it comes to offense there's really only one dressphere that still manages to surpass it. We'll get to that one later.

5. Songstress
When you need just 20 AP to learn a skill that makes the whole party impervious to about half the attacks in this game you know you've got a fun dressphere on your hands. The Songstress is quite possibly one of the best supporting classes in any FF game, capable of incapacitating enemies semi-permanently but also buffing party members with statuses that keep on stacking up. She also gets a quite insane dance from the Magical Dance Vol. 2 in Chapter 5, the Magical Masque, which casually makes you immune to magic. Because having Matador's Song wasn't good enough already. A Songstress is just a great asset to have in a team.

4. White Mage
Yes, I'm serious. The healing class that gets totally and utterly outclassed by the Alchemist during the entire mid- to lategame still manages to be one of my favorite jobs overall. For a couple of reasons. One, because its healing is still a force to be reckoned with. Two, because giving the dressphere to a creature makes said creature pretty much unstoppable. Three, because with a good combination of accessories and Garment Grids it can spam Holy like crazy. Four, because Reflect is damn useful to have in Chapter 1. And finally, because it has the highest Magic Defense stat of any dressphere, maxing out at a massive 194 at Level 99. That one really hit me when I was in the middle of doing some theorycrafting. Plus its Vigor ability means it can keep itself alive pretty dang well. The White Mage is pretty awesome overall. If you put it away forever once you got Alchemist, you might want to consider giving it another shot sometime in Chapter 5.

3. Berserker
Sporting some of the best HP, strength and agility in the game, the Berserker is probably the best physical attacker in the game. It tears through enemies like it's nothing. You may bring up its lack of defenses, but I have just three words: Evade & Counter. Screw Matador's Song let's just dodge everything that can possibly miss! Its weaknesses can easily be covered for if need be; Howling Wind GG + Sprint Shoes + Adamantite on a Berserker is a simple way of ironing out all its weaknesses. But if that's overkill you can easily play towards its strengths just as well. As for its skills, there's not that much good stuff admittedly, but Cripple and Howl can see some use. It's best qualities are definitely its passives, and no one else has those. An overall damn useful dressphere.

2. Mascot
Okay, so you have this huge system of well-balanced dresspheres that each have some sort of strength no other dressphere can equalize (except for Trainer because Trainer sucks) but also some sort of weakness. And then you introduce Mascot into it. How is this supposed to be a good idea? At least that's what I thought when I first heard about what it apparently was: a stupidly powerful all-breaking dressphere that ruins everything when you use it. But as it turns out, it's not nearly as bad as I'd feared. Because while the Mascot does have massive strengths and few weaknesses to speak of, it's neither overpowering nor unfun.

Yuna's Mascot has the best healing and support spells and is probably overall the best dressphere in the game. It also has an MP recovery spell and a massive nuke because why the hell not.

Rikku's Mascot is underrated. Its Eraser abilities put the Warrior to shame and help you way more than most other status effects you can inflict. And PuPu Platter is basically a win button for most random encounters, as if that was even necessary at this point. Having the White Mage skillset sure helps as well.

Paine's Mascot is certainly the strongest dressphere of all. Cactling Gun does absolutely insane damage and it has the Samurai skillset to back it up. Its other skills are mostly left in the dust, but the few useful ones are just that good.

The Mascot is the only dressphere that can take the Via Infinito head on, but it still requires a deal of strategizing. If you just play around thinking it's the strongest dressphere you're still gonna get destroyed by the tougher enemies around. Which is why I like it. Sure it's powerful. Sure it's amazing. But you have to make something of its potential to actually be that effective with it. And doing that well with it ends up being a ton of fun.

1. Psychic
The Psychic dressphere simply excels in just about everything. Its design is great, it can buff itself with some of the best buffs in the game, it can instantly kill most enemies with a really high success rate, it can stop time to perform two attacks in succession, it can teleport behind enemies to deal double damage, it can absorb all base elements besides Holy... and as if that wasn't enough it can make itself completely invulnerable. And on top of all that, it's fun as hell to use.

Sure it's not as powerful as the Mascot, but it certainly is the closest of its competitors. Its only true fault is the lack of a powerful damaging ability, but that's one thing that can be made up for pretty well, and Teleport and Time Trip splendidly support whatever solution you come up with. It's Magic and Magic Defense are top tier as well.

Easily worthy of being my personal #1.