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Midgar Mist
12-21-2015, 07:40 AM
(SPOIlER ALERTs for those who havent completed 5 thru 10)
From, lets say the Quarter Finals onwards, who would be in a Final Fantasy Villain Ultimate Fighting Champion style tournament?

You may include secondary protagonists (such as Scarlet from FF7) and of course all the big guns and any games with multiple antagonists

Choosing Sin or Vegnagun is in theory cheating but may be good for a laugh

Lets see, as Im basing mine between IV and X2: the QFs, Scarlet vs Kuja, Rufus vs Seymour, Sephiroth vs Kuja and X Death vs Kefka. In my opinion, Scarlet would slap Kuja out of his trance thus winning, the unsent Seymour would trash Rufus, Sephiroth would beat Kuja in a close battle and Kefka would poison X Death then shift the continents under X death making him split in half. SF: Seymour beats Scarlet and Sephiroth beats Kefka. The Final: Sephiroth pulls Seymour into the Lifestream, bye bye Seymour. Ultimate champion, Sephiroth!

Thoughts, suggestions, alternative opinions welcome.....

Midgar Mist
12-21-2015, 07:44 AM
Through lack of an edit button, i say this: whoops put Kuja twice. Anyone want to try an make less of a hash of this than me?