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01-16-2016, 02:43 PM
Best DQ Monster Names

Nope, I am not talking about Dairy Queen, I am in fact talking about the punny and groan worthy names for the Dragon Quest series. If you're like me, stupid puns probably make you giggle. If you're like some other editor here who shall not be named, you probably hate them. Either way, have an article to chuckle and/or rage at as you explore some of the best/worst monster puns Dragon Quest has to offer, and we'll even ruin them more for you by explaining the terrible jokes!

Bad Apple


Yep, that is one bad apple. The pun here is that it's a word play on an apple being bad, and the expression that someone is a "bad apple", meaning a person who is bad or corrupt and probably a bad influence.

Ruff Ruffian

This is a wolf. Ruff is the sound a dog makes. A wolf is related to a dog and thus we have ruff. It also is for "rough", because it is an enemy, and a ruffian is someone who will most likely commit a crime or something. Gosh these puns are not only HILARIOUS but they also use some outdated terms. Those scallywags!


Oh the slang gets better! This is a word play on "hooligan" which means a troublemaker or delinquent. The joke here is that the monster is wearing a hula style outfit. Hulagan.

Cross Eye

This is Cross Eye. Do you... do you get it?


This one is a word play on "busybody" which is a meddlesome person. This monster is also meddlesome in that... in throws ice attacks at you. Yeah. But they changed it to blizzy because ICE ATTACKS OH GOODNESS

Pink Elephant

This is a pink elephant. No joke.


A Centurion was a professional officer in the Roman army. This enemy is dressed kind of similar to a Centurion. But it's a rotten corpse and thus we are left simply... with Stenchurion. Breathe in the delightful pun.


Moosifer. Get it? Do you get it?!?! I don't think you get it.


This is the Bewarewolf, cousin of the Scarewolf, contributed by a fellow editor. I will bewarewolf!

Horny Devil

And finally, my personal favourite, the Horny Devil. Both because it is cute and because of the name. Muehehehehe.*

*Also please do not google Horny Devil unless you include Dragon Quest in the search title

So what are some of your favourite monster puns from the series? Are there any I left out? Let us know!

01-16-2016, 03:02 PM
I recently encountered zombie dogs called Rottenweilers in DQ III and I just :simon:

Colonel Angus
01-17-2016, 01:08 AM
DQ has the best monster names.

01-17-2016, 08:33 AM
I'm off to google "Horny Devil", without Dragon Quest in the search, title now. :p