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Midgar Mist
01-22-2016, 08:35 PM
Final Fantasy 7 is my favourite for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is its amazing magic. What is better than Knights of the Round? Or the visually stunning Contain Magic, not to mention nifty enemy skills like Trine and Beta. And Big Guard was a lifesaver. My other faves are too numerous to mention so time to throw it open to the forum. What are your personal favourites?

01-22-2016, 08:44 PM
KOTR n Super Nova.

01-22-2016, 10:14 PM
I still get plenty of laughs with the Chocobo summon in that game, and Aerith's limit break (if it counts) saved my ass more times than once.

01-23-2016, 08:33 AM
Pretty much KOTR is the best.

However I'm gonna go for Matra Magic I think it's called.

You get it from the tank bots outside of midgar. That spell pretty much kills every encounter for a long time.

01-23-2016, 09:06 AM
If you want damage, it is objectively kotr. It offers the most damage per MP, and also the most damage per turn. It does however require a lot of grinding to be more than an once per battle spell. For survival, phoenix is better.

01-23-2016, 11:52 AM
So many to choose from!

Yeah, Matra Magic enemy skill was one of my favourites as it enabled me to build up everyone's enemy skill to Level 3 before I'd even reached Junon. Also, I love the noise that Ultima makes when you cast it. Badass.

My favourite magic material to use is probably Comet though. Always take that into the battle arena with me!

01-23-2016, 12:55 PM
Knights of the Round.

For general utility, Regen and White Wind.

Wolf Kanno
01-23-2016, 07:13 PM
Overall, Enemy Skill magic tends to trump most magic and summons in usefulness. White Wind, Mighty Guard, and Beta have helped me more than KotR ever did overall.

01-23-2016, 08:45 PM
Enemy skill is very powerful, definitely. Matra Magic and Beta was the Disc one nuke of that game. Beyond that, White Wind and Mighty Guard was always useful and cost effective.

Besides Enemy Skill materia, nothing much else jumps out. KOTR, yes, if you could suffer through the admittedly awesome cinematic each time. I can't really think of much else, though.

01-23-2016, 08:55 PM
I. Big Guard
II. ????, Pandora's Box, Chocobockle
III. White Wind, Angel Whisper, Magic Hammer
IV. Bad Breath
V. Shadow Flare, Beta, Trine, Aqualung, Matra Magic

I, Knights of the Round Table
II. Hades

I. Cure, Life
II. Ultima
III. Lightning, Fire, Ice

I. Enemy Skill
II. Knights of the Round only
II. Magic Materia
III. Other Summons

01-24-2016, 06:35 AM
beta gets you through most of the game and allows you to level super easy so

Midgar Mist
01-25-2016, 08:38 PM
I still get plenty of laughs with the Chocobo summon in that game, and Aerith's limit break (if it counts) saved my ass more times than once.

I like her Seal Evil move. I love the sound it makes when a frozen enemy is KO'd. Also I have a saved game where I'm on the verge of seeing Great Gospel for the first time :-)

01-26-2016, 04:06 PM
I remember when I first got Bahamut in the Temple of the Ancients, it was so much more powerful than any materia I had gathered so far I was amazed. It'll always hold a special place for me.