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I'm having issues with pictures at the moment so I will try and get a few up.

So I decided to replay one of my favorite games ever Breath of Fire II in the few little pieces of Down Time I have so lets begin!


The Story start out with our Hero Nutt (Ryu) asked bye his father to go and look for his sister Yau. Someone mentioned she likes to go behind the village and nap bye the dragon. Lets check there!

Sure enough Yua is there when suddenly a Gonghead apears and Nutt gets ready for his first battle with nothing but a stick.

Nutt fights vigorously but is eaily bested by the Gonhead. However your Father follows you and just as you are at your weakest he tosses a spell beating the Gonghead.

After Battle he tells you how brave you were defending your sister and and wishes he was tougher so your mother would have lived when the town was attacked by monsters. He mentions if the dragon never showed up that the village would have been lost. Yua mentions that if you sleep beside the dragon you may dream of your dead mother too. Take a nap? Who doesn't want a nap beside a place you were attacked by a monster moments earlier? So nap away!

You wake up and head into the village only to find that no one knows who the heck you are. So you go to where you live (church of Saint Eva) to find your father gone and his pastorship replaced by a guy named Father Hulk, and your sister Yua is gone.

Father Hulk says he will never turn down an Orphan so you have a place to sleep for the night. As you head to bed you meet Bow a dog who stands on two legs and speaks English like a person. Here is a description of Bow via Wiki

A member of the Grassrunner race, Bow becomes N (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Ryu)utt's best friend when they were both children. He uses crossbows in battle and is incredibly proficient with healing spells. Orphaned at a young age, Bow is worldly but has a carefree character. His field ability is "Hunt", which allows the party to acquire food from defeated enemies by his crossbow in hunting range.
Bow is more outgoing and energetic than Nutt and enjoys showing off a little, especially when there is an opportunity to impress girls. Despite this, Bow takes his work seriously and proves himself to be strong and resourceful.

Midnight comes and you and Bow rob the church blind and strike out together. Weather forces you into a cave where you meet another Monster who wonders if you have what it takes to be the one! You take out your trusty stick and get the trout beat out of you!

Another update coming after the next little section.

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Think I may have figured out the pic issue halfway through this part.

Ten Years Later Nutt(Ryu) and Bow live in a little apartment in the city of Hometown. They have just became full fledged Rangers and go to the Elder for their first assignment.

As Luck has it a girl named Mina is looking for her lost pet Suzie and would like to hire the Rangers to help her look. Bow takes the job in hopes of getting a kiss from the beautiful Mina.

I'm not very good at JRPG's, but i'm not new to them by any means so I know a Level 1 Nutt and Bow with beginning equipment can not take on the dangers of a lost pet so here I grindded until both were level 5.

Also it is tough to make money early to afford those snazy SaladBwl helmets the shop has so I took some time to do a little fishing and hunting for cash while I gigled at one of the many bad translation spelling errors in the game.

Once Nutt and Bow got all geared up it was time to take on the job of looking for Suzie. We start with a trek to Mt. Fubi

As We trek'd through we kept hearing messages about how they wanted to eat the very handsome and very buff Nutt. Eventually we found the cause of the super star Nutt fandom in the form of Three Harpies named Palo, Peach, and Puti. Get those SaladBwl's on tight because here comes a BOSS FIGHT!
Really the fight isn't that tough, as if you can survive a round the girls attack each other so they can be beside Mr. Hot Stuff Nutt! After the fight Bow starts to wonder if Suzie was eaten bye those Sisters with great taste in men!

Oh well, a Ranger's job must continue if we are to find any evidence of Suzie so we trek on still through Mt. Fubi. Well there is a ruined house on the other side, lets check it out.

As Our hero's who have made a living up to this point by stealing from the church walk up the the house they hear an old man cry for help.

What do our Hero's do but rush in head first without hesitation to find an old man getting attacked by cockroaches. Once they are disposed of we get a... BOSS FIGHT!

Yes a Giant Cockroach is laying in wait for our hero's to take care of. The fight isn't to difficult and can be taken down if you are leveled and ready in about 5 rounds. After the old man introduces himself as Niro and invites you for some pork he is getting ready to cook up. He just Needs to take that bothersome collar off the pig. Bow looks at the collar and see's the pig is Suzie! Ahh no free meal on this Ranger mission as you take Suzie out of the pot and get ready to take her back to Mina.

After Uploading that picture and seeing I spelled Suzy's name incorrect this whole section of the playthrough (Not goin' to change it) The handsome Nutt and Bow arrive back in Hometown and go to the Ranger's station to return the pet Pig Suzy. They get 500 Zeny for their trouble and head home.

That is all for this part of the playthrough, join us again soon.

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We left off With our Hero's finished a Rangers job and successfully brought Mina her pet pig Suzy back to her for a cool 500 Zenny! With that the guys head to bed. However in the Middle of the night Bow has been waken up by a knock on the door.

Its Killgore, and he wishes to hire us to break into "Trout's" (Not making that name up) house and bring back to him the item "The Magic Hood" that Trout stole from Killgore.

Bow who can't seem to stop robbing people agree's and decides to take the job.

Sensing something is off Nutt (Ryu) wakes up and starts looking for Bow. While checking Hometown he runs into a girl with bat wings on.

We also run into Killgore who tells Nutt about the job he gave Bow. Nutt heads home to find Bow there. As guards begin to look in the little apartment Bow takes refuge in the trash can. When the guards leave Bow asks Nutty to sneak him out to the ruins that Niro lives at.

The Plan works as Nutt is able to sneak Bow out of Hometown.

Nutt takes Bow back across Mt. Fubi and takes him to Niro. Niro agrees to help hide Bow in exchange for repairs on his ruined house. Bow agree's and Nutt heads off in search of the real thief. The girl with the bat wings.

Thats it for this section Join us again soon!

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This looks like a cool little game! I've got BOF3 in my collection at home which I'm gonna start at some point.

Looking forward to the next instalment!

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When we left Nutt (Ryu) He was off in search of the real thief with the bat wings. As you ask around Hometown you learn there are two suspects. One is a girl with wings at the magic school in Hometown, the other is a girl who has entered the arena in the main event in a town to the North east named Coursair. Since there is no entrance into the magic school we head to Coursair! For which reasons unknown I forgot to take a screen shot of.

While in Coursair we meet an interesting man at the church named Ray. That church Bow and Nutt robbed as children seems a little off, however Ray seems like a decent guy.

Also the place is dead in the day time. Why not go to the pub to waste some time until evening.

This is better, the place is packed! We also spot a guy named Rand in the top of the bar by himself. He works at the arena and when asked about the girl fighter he tells you if you wish to meet her, you are going to enter the fight yourself as tickets are sold out. He also Tells you that to do that you have to ask her opponent Baba if you can take his place.

Seems like if you ask this Baba nice if you can take his place in the biggest fight in the arena history with a big purse he'll say yes. Its almost a given so Lets see where we can find this Baba?

We find out Baba lives in a place called the Tagwoods North of Coursair, so lets leave town and head North to the Tagwoods!

The Tagwoods is a dangerous place. They have enemies like Maneater's that use SwtBreth that puts you to sleep teamed up with BugBears that have a crit percentage. It is also a bit of a maze that has different sections connected via ziplines!

As you make your way through the maze you see a giant beast holding an ax in the center of the forest... Its Baba!


Excuse Mr. Baba sir but I was wondering if you would step aside on the biggest fight in history to date and forfeit the prize money to me so I can attempt to talk to a girl??? Smurf!! BOSS FIGHT!

Baba can be a tough fight, however if you were able to get through the Tagwoods you should be able to Best Baba.

Once you beat Baba he will give you his ax as the proof of him giving his spot to you. Well lets head back to Coursair.

Join us next time when nut gets ready to go head to head in the arena against this mysterious girl. Is it the thief? can we clear Bows name? Join us next time!

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So we make our way back to Coursair! It isn't a long journey from Tagwoods. after a few random encounters you are there.

I remembered to take a picture of it this time!

When you get back everyone starts calling you Baba because of the Ax Baba gave you, which is your key to getting into the big fight! If you talk to Rand he exclaims that you got a weird name for such a cute face.

With people thinking Nutt is Baba we head down to the arena. There we are forced to have a small entry level battle with a battle tester who attacks by flexing his muscles. he isn't tough to beat and in a few rounds he exclaims you pass the test and can go talk to the boss.

The boss man here is Augus. When you meet Augus he tells you how he has scripted this match in a way that would make the WWE envious of the thought. He tells you you are to win the fight. The mighty Baba kills the poor girl in front of the biggest crowd the arena has ever saw. He explains that his men with shoot a poisoned needle at the girl killing her leaving Baba the champion! Baba was giving a extra pay for the scripted battle. Then he sends you to your locker room.

Once back in the locker room you see a chest there, when you grab the chest you recive 1000 zenny! Sweet. Nutt grabs it leaves the locker room and spends it all on a new breastplate and some herbs! When we get back to the locker room broke with 1 zenny left in our inventory we talk to the guard to start the fight. However before we can get out there Rand shows up to chat with you. When you tell him about Augus's plan he doesn't believe you. However Rand has a plan. He tells you to give him all your money (all 1 zenny) and he will buy two antidotes with it. Then you and the girl can both take one and not be killed by the poisoned needles. He comes back and tries to give one to the girl fighter. She knocks him on his bottom, she wont take it. New plan is you take both and shield her from the Needles. With a solid plan in place lets get ready to rumble!

As Nutt the brave steps into the arena for the battle we are taken to a cut scene with Augus telling his men he doesn't care who gets hit with the poisoned needle, as long as they have a dead fighter at the end.

As we step out and get ready to battle it is obvious The female fighter is the crowd favorite.

As the female fighter comes out is is also obvious that this isn't the girl you are looking for.

Well let the battle begin! Katt is fast and always will attack before you, but she is a glass cannon and is taken down rather quickly. When the poisoned needles start Nutt runs up to her and pushes her into safety from the poisoned needles taking the brunt of the poison on himself. thank goodness for antidotes!

Once the fight is over Katt who was the female fighter thanks you for saving her and not believing you about the poisoned needles. Then she says that no matter what she is going to Punch out Augus. Nutt agree's so together they head to Augus.

When Nutt and Katt get to Augus they see Rand there being the stand up guy he is confronting him.

Augus tells that he will destroy all three of them for the greater glory of his god. So with that get ready for a BOSS FIGHT!

Augus turns into a demon and away the fight begins! Augus is the toughest fight Nutt has had so far. Augus hits hard and he has the HP to last. In the end if you keep a defensive stance with him he will fall though.

When the battle ends Rand and Katt decide to go with Nutt to visit Bow and Niro and the house that is falling apart. Rand thinks that he can help with the repairs, and Katt just doesn't want to be left alone. Lets head back that way...Next time!

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Welcome back to the Breath of Fire II Lets Play! When we left off last Nutt, Katt, and Rand have just defeated Augus and have decided to go back to the ruins to meet up with Bow, and Niro. Lets look at what the wiki says about Katt, and Rand.

She is a sassy young competitor from Coursair. Ryu (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Ryu_Bateson) meets her at the coliseum, where she is introduced as a natural born fighter that wields staffs in battle. Katt is the first Woren (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Woren) to appear in the series; all following games in the series include a woren character. She also serves as a possible love interest of Ryu.

Katt has short straight red hair, green eyes, and cat-like ears. She only wears a lightly armored sports bra-like top; Her lower body is that of a tiger's and naturally covered. She wears open-finger gloves and open-toe shoes, and wields a staff with clawed cat paws on one or both ends

Katt is guileless and always speaks whatever is on her mind. She's somewhat arrogant, often bragging to her opponents in the coliseum before battle. She joins with Ryu during the story after he saves her from the poison needles, and joins the party in order to find out who launched the needles. It is implied throughout the game that she may have romantic feelings for Ryu, but more depth to this is inconspicuous.

Katt has the highest attack and speed in the party, but suffers from low defense and average HP. Katt is not magically inclined like the rest of the cast. She can learn a few powerful offensive spells early in the game, but will only be able to use them once her AP grows large enough; this means she won't be able to use these spells until much later in the game because her AP growth is extremely poor (merging her with the Devil Shaman does incidentally boost her AP enough to use these high cost power spells earlier so less time can be spent on leveling her up). Her field abilities are Hunt and Smash, and her fighting ability is Dare (where she provokes the enemy party, concentrating all aggression on her). She changes her abilities and appearance when combined with the Devil Shaman (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Shaman). When combined with the Devil Shaman, Katt can no longer hunt, but her combat abilities skyrocket immensely.

So there is Katt's, now Lets look at Rand's Wiki

Rand is a member of the Shell Clan, a race of beings that resemble a pangolin-rhino hybrid; Rand's back is covered in the characteristic layered plate found on pangolins (and can also curl into a ball similar to wild pangolins), while his ears and feet are that of a rhino. He hails from a small farming community on the western continent. Prior to the beginning of the game, Rand decided to leave his home, possibly due to a dissatisfaction with small town life, and went to pursue a career in the city. He ended up working at the Coliseum, where he first encountered Ryu (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Ryu_Bateson). Rand helped Ryu foil the murder plot during his Coliseum fight with Katt (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Katt) by buying the Antdt (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Antdt) needed to neutralize the poison darts. Later he fought with Ryu against the Demon (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Demon) manager of the Coliseum Augus (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Augus). Rand decided to join Ryu's party and went to help fix up the hideout while Ryu and Katt continued their journey. Rand would later become a permanent party member.
When the party returns to Rand's farm home, he is greeted rather harshly by his mother Daisy (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Daisy), and immediately puts him and the party to work in the field. Despite her harsh nature, Rand deeply cares for his mother and her well being, and he becomes infuriated when St. Eva cultists kidnap her (he does not accept their story of Daisy's conversion due to her stubborn personality). He then decides to personally travel with Ryu and the group to rescue his mother from St. Eva and help destroy the cult.
Rand is a very sensible and practical character, and can often be seen as the voice of reason among the party.

That is what the Wiki page says about them. now lets continue on in the story. The three decide to leave Coursiar and head to the ruins. Putting Rand in front of the party for what I always called it the Rand ball express in travel.

When they arrive back at the ruins Bow rushes out of the house to meet Nutt and ask about how the chase for the real thief is going. After an Rand and Katt are introduced to Bow it is decided that Katt and Nutt continue the search while Rand stays behind to help with the repairs. Where to head next is the question? Coursiar came up as a dud, however we had two suspects the other being in the Magic school in hometown so lets head back there to see what we can see!

As Nutt and Katt approach the magic school it is obvious we are not the only ones interested in talking to the girl with wings and a little cinematic scene plays out before us. It teaches us this girl with wings is named Nina. After the thugs take off we follow Nina inside the magic school.

Once inside we see Nina talking to her magic teacher Yoji. As it happens Nina and the girl who lost her pig Mina are sisters. Also it seems some local thugs called the Joker Gang have taken Mina hostage in order to get Nina to marry the Boss of the gang. Katt jumps up and signs us up to as she puts it 'Punch their lights out' So... Lets punch their lights out I guess.

This is all for this installment, join us soon as we go toe to toe with The Joker Gang!

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When I last left you dear reader Nutt and Katt were out to track down the Joker Gang to free Mina and Nina. We make our way half way between Coursiar, and Hometown and see a little cave off to the side. Could be the big sign that says look out for the Joker Gang, or the fact that when you walk in a guy says it the hideout of the Joker Gang that makes me think I am in the right place.

The first floor is a bunch of hoods who say who they are in confusing ways. to get to the second floor you need to answer who is the boss's nephew. Right or wrong you can move forward, wrong Nutt and Katt Fight.

Its not a tough fight so i'd suggest getting it wrong for the exp. anyhow.

Second floor is very much just a crawl with random encounters.

Third Floor there is no random encounters but...

As the scene plays out Joker is trying to use the kidnapping of Mina to enslave Nina into the Joker Gang. Plus a few other "Perks for the boss"

Katt gets mad and makes a play to free Mina which succeeds.

However that sets upon Katt and Nutt the other Gang members and the battle is on.

Weel that's finished...

Or the boss was a Demon like Augus.

Guess this means...BOSS FIGHT!

Joker was a lot easier than Augus. In fact he isn't very tough at all. He has one tough attack however he only used it once against me and Nina joining brings in a powerful Black Mage on your side. This Joker is to busy tripping over his clown shoes to do much.

After the fight Mina and Nina have a very heart to heart moment and Nina decides to take Mina home.

However Katt wishes to help escort her home to so what is Nutt to do but go with! Next stop Windia!

Which we will cover on our next episode. First though here is what the Wiki says about Nina

Nina is a character in the Breath of Fire (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Breath_of_Fire_(Series)) series. She is the lead female/heroine in every game except Breath of Fire II (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Breath_of_Fire_II) in which she shares the role with Katt (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Katt), and serves as a love interest of Ryu (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Ryu); though the relationship between them is usually left ambiguous with strong implications.

Nina's name translates to fire/young girl/favor/grace/great granddaughter. All meanings of her name fits her character well in each story. However, the meaning of fire fits perfectly into Ryu's dragon lineage, along with the themes of each story. Because of this, Ryu and Nina's names placed together translates into dragon fire.
Like Ryu, many of her incarnations share similar traits, namely blond hair and wings. Of her appearances, Nina's first three incarnations are the most identical; all are members of the angelic Fae tribe (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Fae_tribe), as well as princesses. As previously mentioned, there is an implied romance between her and Ryu in each rendition of the franchise although it is not always explicitly shown. In Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Breath_of_Fire:Dragon_Quarter), Nina is neither a princess nor even naturally winged. In Breath of Fire IIIsome fans believe that Nina marries Ryu after the story closes.
In some games, Nina has been classed as a member of the Wing Clan (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Wing_Clan) or Fae (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Fae), a winged tribe. The Wing Clan were winged warriors who lived around Wyndia (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Wyndia), the older members of which could transform into large birds. However, it has been theorized that their wings degenerated as time went on, until a point came when they didn't have wings at all. This is certainly true in so much as the first two games where Nina and the other Fae had much larger wings than in some of the sequels

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Where we left off Nutt and Katt decided to help Nina get her sister Mina home to Windia. The good new? we are already half way to Coursair. Lets begin today!

Windia is just west of Coursair.


After a small trek we arrive.

For some reason we are taken to the back way in. What will we learn about Windia's history?

It appears that in order to get into the city we must go through a maze. Also the only reason we may enter this way is because Mina is with us. Something is going on here!

While going through the maze we talk to a prisoner who is locked away who said that somebody with black wings was born to the Royal family. Also there is a prophecy that a person of black wings will engulf Windia in flames. Doesn't Nina have black wings? Mina got us entrance in to this place easily? Nina was sent away to live in Hometown? I think we are starting to piece together a few things.

Next we find a old nurse sitting in a bed who says the same story as the lady walked away.

We find yet another person lost in this maze who confirms these black wings Nina has are bad.

We eventually make our way through the maze and into Windia Castle

It appears that The queen and Nina both decide to pretend they are not related because of her black wings. We get kicked out of the castle shortly after.

And with that dear reader we leave you for now. Join us soon when we start looking around Windia for the Lady Thief to try to clear Bows name.

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So we left off with Nutt, Katt, and Nina bringing Mina back to Windia Castle. We were then told to scram! Get out! Hit the bricks. So we walked out of the front gate into the town. Where we will continue.

We walk out just in time to see a monkey start a magic show.

The Monkey decides to at random grab Nutt as his victim in the show and place him in his magic box. Abra Kadbra... Poof. The box disappears and Nutt is gone, but to where?

Katt and Nina decide to get all up in this poor monkey's face over the disappearance of Nutt, and a combination of bad pickup lines, and horrific writing. We learn that the Monkey's name is Sten, and because he hit on Katt, and Nina he is going to give us his life to serve... Nutt. I know like I said either bad writing, or something in the translation was a little off on the North American version of the game.

Here is what the Wiki says about Sten:

Sten is a member of the monkey-like Highlander (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Highlander) tribe. When first encountered by Ryu and his party, he is conducting a magic show inWindia (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Windia). After his failed attempt to gain a date with Katt and Nina (by hidingRyu (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Ryu_Bateson) underground), Sten decides to tag along with the group as a method of repentance. For the first half of the story, Sten appears to be young and immature and attempts to shirk any real responsibilities. His antics and ablity to make light of serious situations often gets on the nerves of the group.
Sten is hesitant to return to his home of Highfort, and only does so when the party is required to visit to obtain a special item. During their visit it is revealed that Sten is actually a respected war hero, but in truth he deserted his people during the war out of fear. Sten stays behind while the party goes to get the item because he does not want to face his friends and loved ones, but he has a change of heart when he learns that Shupkay (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Shupkay?action=edit&redlink=1) is attempting to take control of the kingdom. With help from his friend Trubo (http://bof.wikia.com/wiki/Trubo), Sten and the group manage to defeat Shupkay and save the princess, thus restoring Sten's faith in himself.

Well with that lets continue on with the story!

Well Bow is still in hiding so lets ask around about the real thief with the bat wings that if caught will clear Bows name.

As we ask around it is clear she hit Windia too. A description of the thief is told by one lady, while another said if she would have been thinner she would have chased here west. I guess its time to spend that hard earned Zenny on some new equipment, as Windia has a great selection for the party and start heading west.
66705 66706

When you leave Windia there is a side show outside in a big tent. You can check it out now, or you can save it for latter. it doesn't make a big difference yet.

As we continue on our western journey we run into a small hut as well. However it is locked up.

Lets keep heading West. before long we reach the town of Capitan! Well I guess we will look at what we can find out here about the thief.

It appears that there is trouble in Capitan as the well has run dry and the children fell in. Not only that the people who went to look for the kids haven't returned yet. Maybe this could be a job for Nutt, Katt, Sten, and Nina! Lets go save those kids!

We jump down the well to look and are attacked by a monster before we can take one step forward. However we run into a familiar face in Ray. The guy we met in Coursiar at the church of Saint Eva there and he disposes of the thing for us (That dirty exp thief) and then gives us a rundown on what is in the well. Who would have guessed that in a JRPG a dried up well with missing kids would have a monster in it? Well guess we will give a hand!

As we go through the well we make our way to a room full of turtles, and a child stranded and his father standing there begging us to save his son. Well lets hop on a turtle and go to the boy.

When you talk to the boy he tells you to help him and the well begins to shake that means...BOSS FIGHT!

Terapin Comes out of the water and attacks. Terapin is a fairly tough boss. He controls team mates so they attack each other, has counter attacks, and has a few attacks that hit the whole party. I had Nutt, and Katt attack. Sten was healing with items when only one member was hit. Nina was hitting him with her Black Magic. If you keep your HP up you should be able to win this one. Once its over hop on a turtle and get out of dodge.

As you make your escape you run into Ray again. He is worried that the Dam that hold the water back is about to let loose and we all begin to run.

Ray is right and the water starts flooding in. Ray uses his magic to hold the water back, and asks you to help rescue the rest of the villagers. What a good guy! The villagers have monsters on their face so its up to us to to knock the monsters off without hurting the villagers.

When you finished Saving the rest of the simple town folks head back to Ray and let him know you have them saved.

Of course you can always just say they are safe without saving them too if you wish to be an evil jerk, but Nutt is a true hero he saved them???

When we leave the well we chat with Ray. He thanks us for helping and as a reward he is wishing to give the blessings of saint Eva. He asked that we take him to where we all get together so he can give us all the blessing. Well back off to the ruins I guess.

Well Lets get a few supplies and head back... Next time!

02-06-2016, 08:48 PM
I was playing with a turtle and I lost my way home. The amount of times I've used that excuse myself.

02-06-2016, 09:05 PM
wtf is up with that boxart

02-06-2016, 09:46 PM
wtf is up with that boxart

it shows the brutalness of Nutt and his pals.

02-07-2016, 01:44 AM
When I left you degenerates (I joke I joke, I kid I kid) We were asked by Ray to bring him to the ruins so he could give the blessing of Saint Eva to the whole group. I hope the blessing of Saint Eva is filled with Zenny is all I can say, we were hero's gosh darn it!.

We take off out of Capitan and start our way towards Windia. Then from Windia to Coursiar, then from Coursiar to the Ruins. We no longer need to worry about going through the Maze in Windia castle any longer as Sten has the ability to cross small gaps
66743 66744

It is really an uneventful trek until we hit the ruins. Once there we are greeted with a grand house and Bow working on the outside.

Once inside the new three story house Ray has a conversation and remembers he offered us the blessing of Saint Eva.

The blessing of Saint Eva is Renew magic that Ray will teach to one of the party. Now my question is which party member should get it? Bow? Katt? Sten? Nina? or Rand?

When I asked each onethis is what their thoughts were.





And last Bow

Its your turn to vote EOFF. I will give it to whomever gets the most votes! I will count them up when I wake up tomorrow!

02-07-2016, 01:49 AM
give it tae nina!!!

02-07-2016, 10:24 PM
Sten all the way!

That's only because I think it would be funny giving magic to a monkey.

02-08-2016, 01:54 AM
The People have spoken, and though Galuf had voted Nina he changed his vote to Sten in the chat last night. Sten also got a strong push from Bubba, this put the vote for Sten over the top, and we prepare to give that Monkey some Magic!

Now that we gave the monkey magic, I sat him to take Rand, Katt, and Nina with Nutt as we move back to Capitan to catch a boat across to the next continent. Took Rand for the sole reason 'The Rand Ball Express' Got to Windia and realized im an idiot. I needed Sten to cross the gap. However I got to see what kind of magic a monkey could get.

So we made it back to Windia after having to go back to Hometown to change party members. Courisair why can't you have a Dragon God?

So we make it to Capitan, and hello you're new here!

Go for it Rand, she is a hottie!

Ummm have you met Nutt?

Guess who she took home *Nutt gives the wink and the double guns to Rand and Sten and walks off with this random girl*

Da hell girl?

Ohh you're her granny! Ummm guess its been a while...

Wait what??? You tease!

Wait... You and Granny are back on??? Ohh Bow will be so envious!

Wait you want to put what where?

Ummm ok but to be honest I was kinda getting into the idea of Granny. Does that mean she just watches?

YES!!! Granny is back in!

Ok I'm ready!

Girls you aint seen nothing yet!

Ohhh Boy!


Ok I think i'm done...

Ummm... I have a few extra Zenny I guess, need bus fare?

Ok I had some fun with this... however Sana was a fire Shaman, and Granny was the grandmother Shaman. As you find Shamans around the world Granny can bind them to every Party Member but Nutt(Ryu) and they gain extra power from the Shaman.

Since trying to bind with Nutt, we learn that Nutt is a member of the lost Dragon clan, and the power of the dragon is to strong to bind with. Nutt with this learns his Dragon powers, and we get Shaman binding now available at the ruins! So lets take Granny and Sanna the Fire Shaman there!...Next time.

02-08-2016, 05:59 AM
With competition from Galuf, Bubba, Ayen, and Midgar Mist, Its time to ramp up this Lets Play for serious ciddie contention! I'm not going to be below the double meanings of words, and the odd fart joke! Well maybe draw the line at fart jokes... maybe.

As we left, Nutt had just had his dragon power given to him through a three way with an old lady and her granddaughter. (Told ya, I'm rampping it up!) He came back to Capitan with the ladies after their session was so hot it burnt down the house. Granny wants a new house and Nutt (Name works out great for this doesn't it) is a Zenny Sugar Daddy and offers her and her granddaughters a room. After Nutt high fives Sten, and Rand, he slaps Katts tush and they all head to the ruins via the Rand Ball Express!

Or I can talk to a magic man in Capitan and he takes me home right away.

Once we get there its Nutt's job to explain to Bow the ways of woman and what not.
Nudez Bow... Nudes( I joke)

Ok the game did this one to itself... Last one

Well it looks like we gave away the room Bow meant for us to Granny. Bow was a bit upset, but Nutt calmed him down.

After we finish babysitting Bow (smacking him in the face and yelling YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!) Granny asks us to hire a Carpenter. She is sure there is one in Capitan so hop on the Rand Ball Express and lets head to Capitan again!

As we make our way to Capitan we stop for Katt to grab us some grub with her hunting skills then keep moving on.

Now we are in Capitan we have a big choice to make, and I need you viewers to vote for how we would like our future town to look. There are three carpenters in Capitan each one has his own style of house. They will build our village in this style for the rest of the game! So which one should we choose?

Here is the first style I call European.

The second Style is the Tree Fort

The Third one is the Middle eastern.

Please make your selection and the most votes is the style we will choose! Talk to you all...Next time (insert fart joke here to up game for ciddies)

02-08-2016, 12:24 PM
I have no idea what happened with Granny but... I'm kinda turned on.

It's got to be the tree fort village!

02-08-2016, 02:35 PM
Granny binds souls of Shamons to our part to grant them special power. Nutt can't have it however I can now use his dragon power in battle.

One for Tree forts.

02-08-2016, 02:45 PM
im with bubba on this one, tree kittens

02-08-2016, 03:12 PM
Middle Eastern!

02-08-2016, 03:14 PM
Two for the tree fort, one for middle eastern.

02-09-2016, 04:17 PM
Well it was a close vote, but the Tree Fort Wins for the carpenter! Middle Eastern came in Second. Now lets go talk to the Tree Fort carpenter!

With the carpenter heading to the ruins to build homes for people, we learn the boat has come back that will take us across the water to the next continent. Well?? Lets hop on the boat and continue the chase on the real thief to clear Bows name. We also get a rumor that the real thief went to Sima Fort, so at least we have a starting point here.

We get off the boat and are drawn into a forest.

As we make our way through the forest we get stopped by a pond where a giant frog needs our help!

The frog's name in Jean and he says that a witch has put a spell on him turning him into something awful. (However he is from Sima Fort and they are all frogs there) he asks us to go to the witch and ask her to take the spell off him very politely. Being the great people we are... I guess we head west to the witch's tower.

As we search for the witch's tower we find the Wild Cat Restaurant. Who would like a bite to eat?

Sounds fancy!


I guess?

Sounds Legit

Ok this is getting weird.

I'll choose rare. That's the way Katt likes it!

Why are we getting cooked! Glad I chose the rare option!

Here comes the chief to see if we are done cooking! We are filled with salt and pepper with no weapons and no armor. We also checked all our items at the door... Lets get this son of a Bi**H!

Perfect time to try out Nutts new baby dragon powers!

Well That was definitely worth it!

Lets see what this guy has to say for himself?

YES!! However we will forgive you!

Because we forgave him he will teach one of us his special attack Chop chop!

Its voting time again on this Lets Play! Who shall learn the ability Chop Chop. The options since it is restricted to the party with me are...




and Nutt

Cast your votes now!

02-09-2016, 06:41 PM
Jean is the saddest frog I have ever seen. I wonder if he's horribly disfigured below the waste?

I'm gonna vote for Katt to learn Chop Chop. That's because if I want a cat to move out of the way I'll say "Out of the way! Chop chop!"

02-09-2016, 06:59 PM
One for Katt. Jean if you take time with him becomes an absolute beast in this game. Most people don't know this because he starts to weak to do much.

02-09-2016, 09:57 PM
nina chop chop

02-09-2016, 09:59 PM
So we have a tie with Nina and Katt

02-11-2016, 03:42 PM
With the Chop Chop Vote a tie with no end in sight I flipped a coin and Katt won the coin toss. So Lets teach Katt Chop Chop.

A little note about Chop Chop. It is a hidden ability in the game. You can go through this game and never know you can learn it. To get it you have to go to the Wild Cat Restaurant when I did and beat the chef with no weapons, and no armor. taking all the steps I took in this LP. The game will call you back to the Wild Cat latter and at that time if you try it its to late.

So with Katt getting Cop Chop, we have a witch to ask a favor of... Lets go find her!... We found her tower, lets look inside. Make sure you have Nina with you here. Her wings will come in handy!

As you make your way through the tower it is a maze. Don't worry though, just keep moving and you'll find a way through.
Hmmm... She looks familiar.

This place is a grind to get through and grab every item. I was kicked out of the tower twice and the random entcounters come fast and often Good thing Nutt has a ton of "Herb" to enjoy on the way!

When at the end we meet the witch!

Hey little Witch. If you could be so kind to take that curse off the frog, that would be just swell! No? Ummm eat baby dragon powers B***H!

How about now?

That's better. Get them lips ready Nina!

Before we leave the Witch's Tower however we make a trip back this way to where the girl Statue is. She is another Shaman and will lost to you if you don't grab her now!

Now that we got out of that tower we give Nina some lip chap and head back to Jean to break his curse... Next time on FFNutt plays breath of Fire II

02-11-2016, 04:00 PM

This is what I used to say to girls all the time when they asked me about my grotesque appearance.

02-11-2016, 05:43 PM
Welcome back everyone! When I left you all this morning we fought the witch that put a curse on Jean. She reveled that if a young girl will kiss Jean, He will turn from monster frog back to just a frog. Shall we got on our way?

Well we gave Jean the run down and Nina isn't thrilled she was chosen but...

In the end, she puckered up like the good girl she is.

Nina and Jean sitting in the tree K. I. S. S. I. N. G. Welcome to the party Jean! Jean is actually the Prince of Sima Fort! That is where the girl thief went and Jean will take you there. Lets toss Jean into our party and head to Sima Fort!

Meanwhile at the same time we get a flash back to to the ruins, and we find out that it has turned into a town!

Jean has a great ability while on the world map. He can turn into a giant frog and go through ponds and over small gaps.

Hey Lets jump down that waterfall.

We will do that Next time!

02-11-2016, 08:29 PM
SO we left with Jean about to jump a waterfall! sounds like some fun times. Nina after kissing the frog was taken out of the group to make room for the frog Prince of Sima Fort, and we go a flashback that the Ruins had turned into a thriving little village with voted in Tree Houses! Shall we continue?

As we jump the water fall we enter a cave with an old man hiding in it. Like Nutt he is a member of the lost dragon clan and he helps Nutt's dragon powers grow into a full dragon attack! ya it kicks some butt!

Next stop Sima Fort to look for the Thief!

When we arrive at Sima Fort Jean welcomes us to his kingdom, the only problem is there is already a Prince Jean here! Looks like Jean needs Nutt's help again to sort this out.

The other Prince Jean thanks us for bringing in the Prince Jean we found, and asks us to leave. First though we scope out Sima Fort and update some equipment! We also find a new fishing Pole for Nutt!

Well I guess there is nothing left to do but leave. As we leave though we are stopped by the princess who thinks the real Prince is an impostor and the Jean we brought back was the real Jean! She asks us to check things out!

She sinks the boat we have been given and tosses us quickly into the water to avoid guards coming to see what the noise is. As we over hear the guards it appears that we were right all along about Jean being the Real Jean!

However us being in the water so long without being a frog has made us sink. We awake in the room we stole Nutt's new fishing rod out of the water, and what happens next will be told...Next time!

02-13-2016, 02:03 PM
When I left you the other day Nutt had just woke up in Sima Fort after Jean's sister pushed us in the water to hide us from the guards. Jean was taken to prison for being a Prince impostor, and his sister asked us to clear his name. Now dear reader, lets head into one of my favorite parts of Breath of Fire 2... Sima Fort!

When Nutt wakes up The Princess tells us where Jean is and asks for help.

She then hands us the tool Gills, which will allow us to walk through shallow water which will allow us to breath so we can get through places in the castle sink or swim.

Gills are working great!

Well we make our way over to Jean but we are first confronted by a guard who wont let us over to Jean soooo.... Eat Big Dragon Powers!

Now that that is over fairly quickly The Princess comes back over and we talk to Jean.

Jean doesn't seem to care if he goes from Prince Jean to plain Jean, but his sister does. She and Jean say that there is only one royal ring, and that if we can fetch it for him it would prove he is the real Prince. The only problem is he gave it to a witch. Good ting we know one! lets go say hi... Next time on FFNutt plays Breath of Fire 2

02-13-2016, 09:41 PM
I gave me royal ring to a guy called Geoff when I was 17. Everyone experiments in college though right?

02-18-2016, 01:02 PM
Sorry it's been a few days since I've been able to play. You would think having a flu bug and sitting in bed all day would warrant some time...However my sister and brother in law took off for three days and I have my niece and nephew here who are only allowed 45 mins of games at a time, and they for some reason want Mine Craft. So before they get up, lets head back into Sima Fort!

When we head to the Witch tower we get a message saying the witch went to lunch so.... lets head out to the Wild Cat restaurant!

When there we talk to a few witches and who are having a reunion there and find out the one we need ordered the spicy burrito.

While one thing I know about woman is they love to be walked in on while they are pooing so lets go have a chat shall we? Maybe we will let Rand go first this time... As we talk to her we find out she dropped the ring in the toilet. So that is the end of Breath of Fire II people. Kinda a lack luster ending to a game but our only other option would be to jump down there on Spicy burrito day.

Ok fine Damn you Jean... you owe us big time froggy.

Well the ring is right beside us, no fight needed and it looks like it may come clean.

When we get out of the potty the witch questions why we would be so willing to do this. Friendship Power is great is not what she wishes to hear sadly. 67189

With this ring lets head back to Sima Fort! Next time!

02-19-2016, 04:13 PM
Welcome back dear friends to FFNutt plays Breath of Fire II. In the last episode we went toilet diving for Jeans ring, and were on our way back to Sima Fort.

We meet Jean and his sister and hand the very stinky, yet one of a kind royal ring to Jean.

When we do the Princess suggests we throw it in the impostors face right away, so lets find that douche bag and set the story straight!

We go to the throne room and meet up with the other Prince Jean. Jean's sister is ready to tear him a new one!

She Demands that Jean whip it out... The ring that is!

After the real Prince Jean whips it out, the Impostor also whips his ring out...

Well it looks like we could have gotten one from eBay for 100 Zenny which stinks since we jumped down a toilet for ours.

Well there seems to be only one way to settle this... Iron Chef Sima Fort Style. Thats right, its a cooking competition.. Losers get executed!

There is only one issue, the fake Prince wont give up any ingredients so its up to us to catch the Gold Fly, Giant Worms, and cockroaches. Sounds delish doesn't it?

And we will start hunting them down... Next time!

02-19-2016, 11:12 PM
So when we left we were about to enter a cooking contest. The ingredients needed are a Gold Fly, Giant Worms, and a Cockroach. Frogs love that stuff I guess, So lets start looking. We get a hint that a Gold Fly is in the Basement of the castle so lets fin a way over there.

As we make our way into Sima Fort we notice the fake Jean and his chroneies are away in the Kitchen and so lets break into his room! Well thats a obvious hidden passageway!

It leads to the roof where we find a frog guard named Tata on the roof tied up to dry out in the Sun. He said he was caught trying to give the real Jean some food and water, thus his punishment. We let him go

He asks that we find his girlfriend and we comply, (No pic available due to a distraction from a girl via snap chat. In order not to accidentally send her a screen shot of BOFII and viceversa no pics were taken at this time)

She runs up to Tata with water right away.

Tata the frog (Whats with JRPG's using the name Tata and having frogs around anyhow) gives us his gaurd key that opens the door to the windmill behind us which has a bucket system that we use like an elevator.

We hop off at the first exit and find the Gold Fly.

We right away get into battle however he retreats before Nutt can capture him.

Well, lets follow that Fly! As we make our way into the basement that dang fly starts taunting Nutt and company.

As we walk across an old wooden bridge the Fly gets some help from a giant work who attacks us. Hey don't we need a giant Worm for Jean? Thanks Gold Fly!

With the giant Worm out of the way Nutt once again goes to catch the fly, however the bridge breaks forcing us to find another way around which we will explore...Next Time