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Night Fury
02-21-2016, 04:45 PM


Acid Rain
Ultros takes -5 stat points from his opponents stats and a consecutive 5 points for each round played (-5 points first round, -10 second round, -15 third round) at the cost of -20 from his MAG stat.

Can swap any stat with foe - (STR for STR, MAG for MAG)

Caius removes 25% of the points from any one of his opponent’s stats at the cost of -20 from his MAGD

Cloud of Darkness
Cloud of Darkness can swap any 2 of her own stats around (eg. STR for MAG). Using this ability does not cost her a move.

Jecht drains 20HP from his opponent and receives 10HP for himself at the cost -30 to his SPD stat.

ExDeath blocks his opponent from using items or abilities for the next turn. Their next move MUST be a stat choice.

Sephiroth heals himself for 20 HP at the cost of -20 to his STR stat.

Kuja does -20 damage to his opponent’s HP at the cost of -20 to his MAG stat.

IMPORTANT - If you are using an ability which relates directly to a stat on the board, you must have that stat in play to be able to access it. ie - Sephiroth must not have played his STR stat and then attempt to use Mako.

IMPORTANT - Abilities use up one turn, so a stat or item can not be played in that turn unless otherwise stated. They can also only be used once per battle!

02-22-2016, 07:09 PM
How will abilities be explained in battle? Like, if I yell ACID RAIN! what obligations do I have to explain it all to my opponent? Let's say I wanted to and then conveniently leave out the bit about my MAG loss. Or is it explained by the mods?

02-22-2016, 07:20 PM
Explained by the mods. So you will say "I use ACID RAIN."

Then the moderator of your match will explain what it does to your opponent and adjust their stats acordingly, but will not tell them that it lowers one of your stats (most abilities do lower a stat so they will probably assume that something has happened, but they won't know which stat has been lowered).