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02-22-2016, 12:31 AM
Post your Final Fantasy Advice here!

Final Fantasy I - Take time to level up during each new area. This allows you to buy every weapon, armor, magic etc you can get. Once you are fully geared you can usually proceed easily in the story.

Final Fantasy II - Make sure you assign a "Unknown" job system from other final fantasy games. You'll need a knight, a white mage and black mage, while you have a second handy man. Don't wonder off doing the impossible and keep your blood swords. Drain and Blood Sword is critical for the final battle. There is two Blood Swords in the game.

Final Fantasy III - Make your way to each crystal and update your jobs. New jobs are almost always better then others. You got a bunch of side quests and customizing you can do. Try to level up during areas you get to and buy all the stuff you need.

Final Fantasy IV - You can get two summons before you even meet a summoner. it's not bad to for Cecil and Kain to bond a bit in the beginning area until the enemies drop a item "Goblin" and "Cockatrice". Remember to check every area or follow a guide. When you get to higher levels you should look at each character stats to get +2 every time.

Final Fantasy V - At the beginning of the game at the first shrine you are at there is a little stretch of land with an enemy called Nutkin. This is probably the best ATB you will get in a long time. It's not a bad idea to level up some. Also Jachol Cave has an area where you can get 5 ATB from Skull Eaters. You can get there right before you go to "The Battle on the Big Bridge". In the end you want to master abilities from movers. You will have to level up until then.

Final Fantasy VI - Do a low level challenge. Notice some items are missable so you want to only fight enough to buy them. This is one of those games where chests change depending when you pick them. You got a full class of characters you can recruit and/or miss. Make sure you take down every enemy at once. That way they will be found forever on the Veldt. When you get the espers that give the best stat boosts when it is time to level up. Also AP can be gained on the veldt giving you a good range of magic to use (Vanish and Doom can kill anything) without gaining EXP.

Final Fantasy VII - great and good chocobos make blue and green which make black which make gold when mated with a wonderful. There is several things to know, when you get to Junon there is a switch you can press that unlocks an easy EXP, AP, Gil farming. You will have to defeat Slalom with aquabreath and/pr beta. You can level up limit breaks on disk 1 giving you a full cast of characters. There is a w-item glitch that can give you 99 of every item. If you master all the materia of a single type you can visit the huge materia to get a single "master materia" for that type. You can get a master magic/command/summon.

Final Fantasy VIII - Do a low level challenge again so you can unlock GF stat bonus boosts. Draw from enemies and run away or card. The game is easier if you are low leveled anyways. Once you get to the soutern continent there is a desert that has cactuars. Fight them for AP! Play cards and try to collect them all. Once you get to disk 3 and every party member you can use angelo search if you confuse a tripod in esthar. Angelo Search is a way to get a lot of rare items in the game. You can sit down the controller and watch a movie. Check back after a while and see what good items you got. Another thing to do is buy 100 tents and turn them into mega potions. Sell the mega potions and rinse repeat. This works best if you have a mastered tonberry with his helpful shop abilities.

Final Fantasy IX - If you hurry you can beat this game in 10 hours. This game has a lot of hidden easter eggs. Master Chocobo Hot and Cold for some of the best gear in the game. Level up abilities BEFORE you change weapons and armor. If you learn abilities as they come the enemies shouldn't be too hard.

Final Fantasy X - Use every character with defend and attacks to get the best results. If every character takes 1 action they get the SP. Make sure to get all the hidden treasures in the temples before leaving them. When in a pinch use all of your aeons overdrive to take damage off bosses. She gets to use them all back to back even if they die.

Final Fantasy XII - Don't be afraid to level up. 2 LP is a lot of LP in this game. Gather all the hidden items you can and make sure you get the zodiac spear. Sometimes this game can be hard but with enough time you should be able to master it.l

Final Fantasy XIII - Gain as much money as possible. Level up your weapons and accessories. The best trick in this game is stagger an enemy and attack it to death. You will have times where RAV/RAV/RAV and COM/COM/COM don't work and you will be forced to use sab/syn/med or sen to get by. Master crystarium every increase and you won't have a problem with the auto-battle feature they give you.

Forsaken Lover
02-22-2016, 01:11 AM
Final Fantasy II: Unarmed is broken and works where actual weapons don't. If you are having trouble with an enemy with high physical defense but you have no good magic, just punch them.

Final Fantasy VII: Visit Gungaga, a tiny town right after you get the Buggy but before Cosmo Canyon. Explore all the houses and have Tifa and/or Aerith in your party.
Explore all the houses in Icicle, the snow town.
Go back to Nibelheim Mansion basement on Disk 3.

Final Fantasy VIII: Draw Siren from Dollet Tower boss
Learn L-Mag RF
Turn Tents into Curaga
Junction Curaga to HP
Congratulations, you're not invincible, even before leaving for Timber.

Final Fantasy XIII: Always have a SAB in your party if possible. It will make your life so much easier.

Midgar Mist
02-22-2016, 09:20 AM
Ok here's the advice from the ones I've been successful at:

Final Fantasy 5

Mix and match those job classes as much as possible. Focus your attention on the following job classes: Knight, Monk, Sorcerer, White Mage, Black Mage, Geomancer, and Summoner. Some of the others are good too, but stay away from crap ones like Red Mage.

I would recommend you have as many party members as possible learning White Mage. And remember in this game you need to buy magic from shops, some of the better magic comes from sidequests so look out for it.

Final Fantasy 7

Do the Chocobo sidequest and get Knights of the Round, Mime and Quadra Magic. Get all the Huge Materia and get Bahamut Zero. Pick up Cids triple growth weapon Scimitar just before you get in the Submarine. Go down to the sunken Gelnika plane. While you're picking up all the cool stuff down there level up KOTR on Cid's triple growth weapon. Level 2 should be enough. Make sure your elemental and curative spells are levelled up too. Also, note that Sephiroth pretty much signs his own death warrant by throwing Destruct materia at you in Nibelheim. You don't need to level this up at all. Just use it in the final battle to disable his wall. As for your own protection, make sure you equip Manipulate and Enemy Skill Materia on the world map beach next to Costa del Sol. Then Manipulate the Beach Plugs into giving you Big Guard. Use this skill in the final battle too. (Phew! I know too much about this game)

Final Fantasy 9

I've recently provided a strategy for this one in the FF9 forum so I won't repeat myself. I will just say this: don't bother going through the hell of that Sidequest boss Ozma just to get Ark, you can beat the game without it.

Final Fantasy 10

When you get to the end of your characters sphere grids keep a close eye on those magic and strength stats. Make sure Yuna learns black magic and Lulu learns white. Let Wakka, Tidus and Auron learn each others skills (sphere grid willing that is) Collect as many key spheres, teleport spheres to make this possible, they aren't too hard to find. It is also very very easy to become too powerful, so by all means get the extra Aeons up to Anima but don't bother with the Magus Sisters and their Delta Attack (it can wipe out Braska's Final out in one move). The Omega ruins are a great place to gain some extra battle experience. And one more thing, make sure you have Zombie Sword so the Yu Yevon battle doesn't go on forever.

Final Fantasy 10-2

Another flexible job system. I would focus on Black Mage, White Mage, Warrior and possibly Songstress too. And remember pick up the all important Dark Knight Sphere in Bevelle and get all three girls to master this one.

Electroshock Therapy
02-24-2016, 05:37 PM
Final Fantasy I - Using items with healing properties in battle will save you lots of crucial MP and Potions. Unless your playing a handheld game, that is. Then there's no need to conserve.

Final Fantasy II - It is surprising how easy this game without body armor, just shield in one hand a weapon in the other. It seems like suicide, but on the contrary you'll save yourself a lot of ache. And your magic users will love you, too. ;) Secondly, magic is your friend. Magic is life. Magic is the key to success if you want to live. So grind for that MP!

Final Fantasy III - I'm not sure what to put here, really. The remake makes a lot of the [imperative to use job classes here!] moments pretty moot as you can usually beat any area with any old class set-up you wish. So I guess my advice is just to grind job levels so that will actually be useful.

Final Fantasy IV - Experiment with different weapons and items in battle. The game forces your party onto you anyway, so it's not that daunting a task to experiment with every character's strengths and weaknesses.

Final Fantasy V - Get those summons! Some of them can really save your neck in a tough boss fight, whether it's for offensive or defensive. I don't know what other advice to give except... think! Think about what you need for a particular dungeon or stretch of land. The vast selection of job classes looks daunting, but they still fall under the basic categories of physical and black/white magic users. It's pretty basic advice, really, but it's still crucial to having a good run through this game.

02-24-2016, 06:15 PM
you know maxing red mage in FFV can be exdeaths bane Midgar? Dualcast is amazing. and on the gba version its even easier to grind movers.