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Night Fury
02-22-2016, 09:41 PM
For each battle you can equip a total of 3 items only. It is at your discretion as to whether you equip 1, 2, 3, or none!

Boosts, Environments, and Consumables can only ever be used once. So once they have been equipped and taken to the Thunderdome, they are effectively gone from your inventory for good - unless of course in battle you perhaps don't use a consumable!

So far, items we have seen up for grabs are...

I will keep this thread updated with item info as the competition goes on!

STR+ (+20 STR)
MAG+ (+20 MAG)
SPD+ (+20 SPD)
DEF+ (+20 DEF)
MAGD+ (+20 MAGD)

Hi-Potion (+20 HP)
Chocobo Feather (+40 SPD)
Hero Drink (Raises every stat by 30 points)
Holy Torch (Removes all opponents stat changes)

Spider's Silk (-20 SPD to opponent)