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02-23-2016, 08:42 PM
Not sure if this thread will see much use, but now that the game has been going for a while and we've continued to observe practice battles, any changes made to abilities, items or stats will be placed in here so as to avoid confusion. If changes are made they will be due to balancing issues, where Night Fury or myself feel a particular aspect of the game is over or under powered.

02-24-2016, 09:35 PM
24.02.16 Changes

Reworked Yuna's ability CURE. CURE no longer provides a one time +20 HP heal directly to Yuna's HP. CURE will instead now provide a continuous +10 HP heal to Yuna at the end of her every turn until the end of the match, in the hopes of making its use more strategic. The -20 penalty to Yuna's MAGD has also been removed in order to help Yuna retain some offensive capabilities after using CURE.

Added a cancel function to Cloud's ability BRAVER. By opting to skip a second turn, Cloud is able to cancel his ability completely. This is to provide a risk/reward decision that will allow Cloud to avoid using BRAVER if he feels he will do more damage to himself by attacking his foe while it is active. The ability remains otherwise unchanged.

Lightning's ability RETURNS has received a slight buff. The ability has received an additional life steal capability. Now, half the damage done by RETURNS (which is half the damage done to lighting on her opponent's previous turn) will go to Lightning's HP as a direct heal. Eg. If Lightning is attacked for -40 HP and uses RETURNS on her next move, she will do -20 damage to her opponent and receive +10 to her own HP. additionally it now costs -20 from her MAGD instead of STR, leaving her exposed defensively, but not offensively vulnerable, which fits her role better.

Laguna's ability SCATTER SHOT has received a slight buff. The ability remains fundamentally unchanged, but will now do an additional -10 damage to his opponent's HP as well as the -10 damage done to every stat.