View Full Version : And So We Enter......N-Zone

Midgar Mist
03-16-2016, 09:20 PM
After many many battles, after perilous dungeons, air to underground. After learning many job skills. They have travelled the world, met people, Dragons, Moogles and Chocobos. Gained powerful magic and broke the weapon seals.

Now.....it is time to enter the N-Zone (and dash past Omega Weapon at all costs!)

Wish me luck :-D

03-16-2016, 09:23 PM
You can do it!!

03-16-2016, 09:52 PM

Ndeath is imo the hardest final boss

Wolf Kanno
03-17-2016, 12:33 AM

03-17-2016, 12:56 AM
Punch Omega Weapon in the face!

Colonel Angus
03-17-2016, 07:36 AM
Omega weapon can be beaten if all 4 of your characters wear flame rings & use rapid fire thundaga spellblades.

Midgar Mist
05-23-2016, 03:15 AM
Any other thoughts on Omega Weapon? Strategies and so forth?

06-06-2016, 05:38 PM
Finally beat this game after years of restarting.
The final boss theme was outrageous
The ending was cute