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Midgar Mist
03-30-2016, 03:22 PM

If you could choose 5 from the series to fight those tough enemies, who would they be?

To make this more fun, guest characters are also allowed.

Choose from any of the FFs

Mine are

Zidane (front line attacker)
Beatrix (attacker, white mage, healer)
Yuffie (live with it)
Yuna (best FF Summoner bar none)
Cid Highwind (he da man)

I think with that crew even Emerald Weapon would be quaking in his boots.

Over to you.....

03-30-2016, 04:29 PM
Steiner. loyal defender
Quina. good food.
Balthier. c00l Dud3
Celes. Mega Mage
Kimahri. Someone has to be worried. "Kimahri worried"

03-30-2016, 04:38 PM
Basch because he's loyal and strong. Plus, he's really attractive, so we can have a face for the party and have someone that's easy on the eyes.

Edea Lee because she's so physically competent and yet she's always bright and optimistic without being obnoxious. Plus, cute skirts and amazing music!

Terra because there's no one better at Magic. And she's another very attractive member so uh... Yeah, pretty people in my party.

Fran because she's great at shooting stuff from a distance. Those ears will help hear danger from afar. Also, anyone able to run on heels like that deserves all the respect.

And heck, let's take Umaro. He throws stuff at people and can make for a warm blanket in the cold wintry nights.

03-30-2016, 04:42 PM
Cloud -Lightning - Vincent - Terra - Aerith

03-30-2016, 08:44 PM
Orlandeau -
+ A great evasive frontliner with high damage and utility; Flexible secondary skill slot
- Poor status resistance options; Defensive gear only gives HP; Requires item based healing from allies

Celes -
+ Powerful mage with great defenses and physical prowess; Runic provides defensive support for the team
- Ribbon is a relic; Runic doesn't stop all magic; Runic prevents normal magic from allies

Shadow -
+ Throw bypasses Runic; great magic pool; Can steal; Free physical block & counter w/Interceptor; Attacks inflict status
- Poor equipment pool; Ribbon is a relic; Interceptor isn't reliable

Farris -
+ Mix & Blue Magic provide reliable and powerful buffs; first action via equipment; great equipment pool; is a pirate
- FFV characters don't have downsides. >: I

Last slot is extremely hard, going to either Zell or Aerith, but, ultimately . . .

+ Party invulnerability; Final Attack Phoenix; KotR damage is obscene; Materia gives her peerless versatility
- Great Gospel requires a full limit gauge; fairly frail

Zell brings better (non-Knights) damage, defense, and on-demand party invulnerability to the table, but FF8 Phoenix is extremely unreliable for preventing party wipes, and he is limited to how many command actions he can have at a time, both of which push Aerith ahead.