View Full Version : Kill, Fuck, Marry?

The Summoner of Leviathan
04-01-2016, 12:49 AM
So who would you in the bro-tp?

04-01-2016, 06:45 AM
Oh man, this is tough. They're all so lovable. I know Gladiolus is my favorite overall, and judging from the Brotherhood episode, he's the dad of the group, so he's got that responsibility going for him making me wanna say "marry", but then Ignis can do all that fabulous cooking... Hmm...

The Summoner of Leviathan
04-01-2016, 11:05 PM
I'd tap Gladio so hard. Probably marry Prompto, and kill Ignis...

04-01-2016, 11:18 PM
Ignis just has that look, you know? He's a great cook, he tends to be the driver, he's the guy who is happy doing all the behind the scenes work to get things done and support the team.

Prompto seems like a joker, with a rough and ready look. He seems nice enough.

Gladiolus is the tank of the team, and certainly seems a bit of a team dad, even if Ignis does more of the chores. I don't know much about any of them, but he seems like a good guy.

As for Noctis, I don't know yet. He seems a tad like Cloud; I'm not sure that's a great thing for this.

So anyway:

Kill: Noctis
Smurf: Gladiolus
Marry: Ignis