View Full Version : The REAL Suicide Squad

04-17-2016, 11:56 PM
I'm of course talking about everyone's favourite anti-heroes assemble - the Mass Effect 2 squad-mates! Definitely possessing the largest squad of the series, the best sections of Mass Effect 2 was recruiting your motley crew of misfits and miscreants.

With a whopping twelve characters to choose from, the question is: who was your favourite?

We have:

Miranda - Second in command/All business/Loves tight clothing/Australian

Jacob - Only sane person/Just a tad dull/What else is there to say?/Oh, CHEATER

Mordin - The professor/hates infinitives/loves Gilbert and Sullivan/Has a history

Garrus - Took a level in badass/loyal friend/Byronic Hero/Loves calibration

Jack - Psychotic biotic/dark and troubled past/Loves tattoos/Has a softer centre

Grunt - The muscle/Child of the group/Sealed Badass in a tank/I. AM. KROGAN.

Tali - Technical genius/space gypsy/Only there for Shepard/Drone lover

Thane - Noble assassin/Sexy hot green alien/Principled/Eidetic memory

Samara - Neutral good justice knight/Tragically bad familial luck/By the code/Plunging neckline

Legion - Eleventh-hour hero/Representative of his kind/Fondness for N7 armour

Zaeed - Brutal merc/The mission comes first/Bitchin' scars/Names his weapons

Kasumi - Thief with a heart of gold/Token Asian/Engrossing loyalty mission/Omni-tool poker

Mr. Carnelian
04-18-2016, 12:52 AM
No, don't make me choose!! Oh, okay fine. Hmmm... Garrus. In the first game I didn't really like him, but in 2 he really grew on me.