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Midgar Mist
04-18-2016, 06:41 PM
FF9 was the second FF i ever played. And the first one I completed.

It holds a special place in my heart. For me, this game was the easiest to complete and required the minimal amount of walkthrough advice and help.

However, I find Ive only been able to complete this one using five of the eight characters. When I've tried using the others Ive failed to fight off Necron.

So......what I want to ask is: What are the pros and cons for each playable character in this game?

Mine are as follows.....


Pros: His Trance and his Attack power
Cons: He cant steal all that well, even when you up his success rate. And his regular skills mostly suck.


Pros: His Trance, His normal Attack, a couple of his of his Sword Arts, his Sword Magic is arguably better than Vivi magic
Cons: He is underused in earlier battles so you have to work to level him up later.


Pros: She is a good White Mage in terms of Curaga, Esuna etc... and provides good final battle back up
Cons: She's a crap Summoner and Ark isnt worth my time and effort. She's not even as good a White Mage as....


Pros: Curaga, Full Life, Holy. She learns so few Summons but for me they are the best Summons of the game
Cons: I cant think of any gameplay wise. She can be an annoying brat story wise, thats it.


Pros: Pair him up with Steiner and watch them kick the crap out of monsters. He's small and great at the same time.
Cons: His Doomsday move requires protective equipment


Pros: Mighty Guard is so easy to get
Cons: Mighty Guard takes so much MP and doesnt last the duration, gets KO'd too easily


Pros: Reis's Wind, White Draw, Jump, Winning that Coral Ring for me, she is a valued member of my team early game
Cons: She is also underused later in the game, and appears weaker


Pros: Chakra
Cons: He seems to be an afterthought who appears too late and his equipment is too expensive

How about the rest of you?

04-18-2016, 07:35 PM
Freya is the best character. No other characters compare.

Con: They made her less relevant toward the end.

04-18-2016, 07:57 PM
Pros - Helpful, kind, supportive, energetic, steal ability
Cons - Womanizing, hair, forced in to your party

Pros - Good white mage, good summons, haircut, I liked her development, serves as white mage for like half of the story
Cons - Trance, her disc 3 problems

Pros - Awesome, useful black magic, sweet, cute as a button, great character development, Trance
Cons - Uhhh

Pros - Goofy, fun, means well, lovable oaf, theme song
Cons - Kind of boring design wise

Pros - Strong, intelligent, jump is useful
Cons - Loses relevance

Pros - Goofy, fun, silly, cares about his friends, black magic
Cons - Looks ridiculous and leaves your party a lot

Pros - Strong for a six year-old, neat summons, excellent white magic, great trance
Cons - Can be annoying and bratty, bad outfit

Pros - Good skills, not too bad to use, fun to see him interact with others, especially Eiko
Cons - Looks ridiculous, only relevant for about 10 minutes twice in the game