View Full Version : What Does Their Portrait Say About Them?

Forsaken Lover
04-19-2016, 07:58 PM
So a couple things inspired this idea.

1. A lot of people replaying IX on Steam. One forum I frequent asked about why Zidane was so popular. I pointed out it was possibly his cheery demeanor when compared to the previous two protagonists. I think their differences are accurately summed up in their portraits, which I take as sort of a snapshot of the character's personality. Cloud has this determined scowl or glower, Squall just looks meh and then comes Zidane, smiling in a sort of casual, happy go-lucky way.

2. I'm playing FFVI and as I have never come close to beating it, I know very little of the plot or characters. Also I don't think the version I played last time had portraits at all. As such, I am intrigued by them and am trying to use them to gauge the characters. Edgar with his head held back looks all regal and kind of haughty, Celes with her head hung low looks dejected and depressed, and that's about all I got. I have no idea what Terra's expression means.

And so that's where I came up with the idea for this topic. Do you have any ideas on what the various character portraits say about the characters?

Also, I dunno if I'm remembering right, but I think Snow and Vanille are the only ones who smile in XIII. Sazh might but it's less memorable to me than Snow's big, goofy grin and Vanille's little cute smirk. And of course Lightning and Hope looked all grim.

Midgar Mist
04-21-2016, 10:34 AM
I get Terra's. She's sorrowful. The weight of the world shows upon that beautiful face.

I think Eiko's sums up her inner character. Her bright and spiritual one. (Minus her annoying side)

Yuffie's sums up her cheeky character.

You're so right about Cloud. Have you ever looked at his portrait in the flashback? He looks more sweet and innocent then.

Zidane definitely has mischief written behind that smile. But, like Yuffie he's of the thief class so its expected.

And remember that Garnet's changes. I prefer her first one where she looks all demure. She doesn't suit shorter hair.