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04-27-2016, 10:02 PM
Hey, been a while. How you doin? I'm doing alright, thank you. So with summer break equaling more free time, I'm going to try to start drawing again. It's been a very long time so it'll take some work but I found these Disney Princess Comics that have an aesthetic I quite like, and so I will be using those as my inspiration.

This is my first drawing:

Princess Aurora. There's some issues with it but it turned out better than I expected considering how long it's been.

More soon!

04-27-2016, 10:30 PM
Looks cute but the picture is a bit blurry! Very large image haha. You nailed the hair though!

04-27-2016, 10:35 PM
Yeah my camera isn't very good and I don't have a scanner. Sorry!

04-29-2016, 04:02 PM

04-29-2016, 04:39 PM
It's pretty good! You got the body shape right and you definitely captured the flowing, elegant posture that Ariel is producing. I'd try and work on the left arm more - it doesn't look like it has any bone structure and thus it looks sorta 'floppy' in my opinion. It was something that I noted with Princess Aurora (her left arm u-bends somewhat), but you'll get there - arms and especially hands are bloody tricky.

Keep up the good work Pumpkin!

04-29-2016, 04:43 PM
Thanks! Yeah I definitely need work on the arms. One thing at a time though, right ;D. We all need to start somewhere!

I had an eraser incident with this one as well so I'm not super happy about it. But I just gotta keep practicing. Thanks for the feedback!

04-29-2016, 05:06 PM
I gave up drawing ages ago. I just never had the knack for it. Might be my Dyspraxia, but I am terrible. Especially proportions, for some reason.

05-06-2016, 07:51 PM
Purple Heart I am not super happy with. Made her look like a robot bug :P


Green Heart I like a bit more but it's still not all the way there


Daisy was a simpler style so it was a bit easier and I'm overall happy. Just needs a few improvements


05-06-2016, 09:40 PM
I'm not familiar with those characters, what are they from? I mean I know daisy.

You're improving! Good job!

05-06-2016, 09:40 PM
Hyperdimension Neptunia! Thank you :D

05-06-2016, 10:58 PM
Great improvement, Pumpkin! Funnily enough, the one you liked the least (the first one) I liked the most. The proportions are there, the character looks self-assured in a cool pose... and I like how the hair frames the outstretched arm. You've definitely improved in the way you draw your arms.

Daisy's face looks slightly square, especially around the chin. That'd my my critique, I guess. But these are very impressive sketches, Pumpkin!

05-06-2016, 11:00 PM
Yeah I'm not satisfied with the faces, especially the top one. Especially her eyes I just could not get right. Thank you for the critique!

05-06-2016, 11:15 PM
I actually liked the face of the first one :p

05-08-2016, 07:21 AM
Try to experiment more with line weight! You could try giving the outlines thicker, more pronounced lines, while doing the details with a freshly sharpened pencil, for extra fine lines. That way your drawings can get even more expressive and cool! Just my two cents on what you may want to expand on, because you're doing so well with this that I'm like "Oh wow! This is so great!~She should totally try this thing next!" :D

06-08-2016, 03:49 PM
Sorry for the bad image quality again, the sun is not working for me today. If one of you wants to buy me a scanner...

Merida from Brave


Pocahontas from... well yeah


And finally, chibi Alex from my own story and I love it because I got it pretty spot on :excited:


Should be doing some more drawing soon~

06-08-2016, 03:53 PM
AMAZING! I love these so much! :D

06-09-2016, 12:38 PM
I need a better computer at work because I can't see your or Fynn's pictures :(

06-09-2016, 12:45 PM
because you should be working! :p

06-09-2016, 12:48 PM
I am working! I'm just doing both jobs at the same time :p

06-09-2016, 10:02 PM

Mulan. Far from perfect but I actually think it's pretty cute and I don't often try out more complex poses like sitting with legs crossed.

06-09-2016, 10:59 PM
Ooh. I love these. Especially Ariel, Purple & Green Heart, Daisy, Merida, and Mulan.

06-28-2016, 07:12 PM
I actually really like this one!