View Full Version : How to get full "4-letter names" for all characters in Dragon Quest 2 for the Famicom

05-02-2016, 11:54 PM
If any of you with knowledge in Japanese have ever attempted the Japanese "Dragon Quest 2" for the Famicom, then you have probably noticed that the name window for Hero actually treats dakuten markers (you know, those " and signs) as separate letters, instead of parts of voiced Kana characters.
I personally always thought that this looked really ugly, and even worse, I had no clear control over Prince's and Princess' names.
But about 3 years ago I found a Japanese site (which unfortunately no longer exists) where you could test any name you wanted and check what names Prince and Princess would get.
This was great of course, but it didn't explain the exact algorithms, so there was little I could do except trying out names in the hope of finding something that resulted in dakuten-free names for all 3 characters.
So eventually I actually decided to start experimenting with this name calculator in an attempt to figure out how it worked.
About one hour later I had succeeded, and this still amazes me, because the algorithms were not at all obvious - it was some nonsense about adding certain multiples of Kana characters and then changing one of the letters around or something like that.
Anyway, once I had figured out how it worked, it was much easier for me to find the perfect name, which was this one:


If you give Hero this name, then Prince and Princess will get the names "Tonnura" and "Airin", which consist of exactly 4 Kana characters each - of course, the names will be written in Kana.
These names fill the entire name window for all 3 characters, and all names are also free from ugly huge dakuten markers.
Even better, the name "Nakarai" can actually be thought of as meaning "central thunder" (since "naka" and "rai" can both be the Kanji for "centre" and "thunder").
This fits Hero pretty well, because his most powerful weapon is the Thunder Sword, so you can kind of pretend that his name suggests that he has the power of lightning within him.