View Full Version : The Anime is free from a library near you!

Midgar Mist
05-20-2016, 04:03 PM
So, I've just seen the first anime episode on Youtube. Not surprisingly it has over 1 million views already. And its free! So I can catch some hype too!

It looks like SE are promoting the hell out of this with all kinds of media, and I'm so glad I joined EoFF when I did.

So, spoiler tags at the ready, let's discuss!

So.....no one wants free anime? Okay.....go ahead and pay for it like a chump. I shall watch it for freeeeeeee!

05-25-2016, 09:34 AM
I haven't seen it yet! I need to get on it though as I'm mega-excited for this game.

Midgar Mist
05-25-2016, 04:32 PM
Ah ha! A reply! (I sounded like Alan Partridge there didnt i?)

It was a commentary Fynn and Psy did on one of the articles that tipped me off about this anime. All i will say is that i enjoyed it, and I'm now just as anxious for this game's release as anyone, cause i hear they are releasing the rest of the episodes upon the games release so... :peachdance: