View Full Version : PS4 power supply issue, AKA console not turning on sometimes

Big D
05-24-2016, 09:47 AM
So, I bought a PS4 just under a month ago, and it's got a bit of a problem. I've learned that this is a known fault affecting some PS4 consoles, but online anecdotes are many and varied so I'd appreciate comments from the informed folk of EoFF.

From time to time, the console fails to turn on when the power button is pressed. The blue 'power' light flashes briefly, then turns off again. The problem persists until the console is fully disconnected from its power supply (power cable fully unplugged) and then reconnected. This has occurred about four times so far.

This problem seem to indicate an issue with the system's power supply. Do I need to get it remedied so that I can be confident there isn't a more serious underlying hardware issue? Like other power supply problems that may deteriorate over time, leading to the infamous 'blue light of death'?

If it's not really anything to worry about on its own, then that's fine with me. I can handle the minor inconvenience of unplugging the power cable from time to time. If it's more serious than that, I've got an email ready to send to the store that delivered my console.

Either way, it'd be cool to have some reliable info on what this problem actually means, before I start taking - or delaying - any major action.

05-24-2016, 11:06 PM
I would talk to the store who delivered the console. Better safe than sorry.