View Full Version : I Am Setsuna E3 Trailer and Up for Pre-Order

Depression Moon
05-25-2016, 12:40 AM

I Am Setsuna is due for release in two months and today Square Enix drops a new trailer. This new E3 trailer infers that we'll be seeing this game at the electronic expo in a few weeks. This RPG developed from Tokyo RPG Factory harkens back to the era of 16-bit JRPGs and specifically draws its battle system from Chrono Trigger. This trailer gives an overview of the game's story with some brief instances of gameplay. The game is also up for pre-order on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/441830/)where it's priced at $39.99 I Am Setsuna releases digitally on July 19 for Steam and PlayStation 4.


Wolf Kanno
05-25-2016, 04:31 AM
Looking good, may have to take the plunge for a PS4 with this one.

05-25-2016, 07:48 AM
Is it set to only be a digital release for PS4?

05-25-2016, 03:55 PM
Wasn't this coming to Vita as well? Is that no longer happening?

Depression Moon
05-25-2016, 04:10 PM
It's digital only on PS4 and no Vita.

05-25-2016, 04:29 PM
It's digital only on PS4 and no Vita.
Just did a quick Google search, it launched for PS4 and Vita in Japan but they didn't bother with a Vita version for the West.

Ffamran mied Bunansa
06-07-2016, 08:25 PM
I am really really stoked for this game.

Del Murder
06-08-2016, 02:27 AM
Wasn't even on my radar and now it is once I saw that trailer.

06-08-2016, 02:32 AM
T-This is going to hit me right in the feels, isn't it?

06-20-2016, 09:00 PM
I checked on PS4 today and it doesn't seem to be on preorder for that system yet.

06-20-2016, 10:17 PM
I checked on PS4 today and it doesn't seem to be on preorder for that system yet.

It's up for preorder on the UK PS Store. I almost preordered it but I'm going to wait until I get paid at the end of the month because payment is taken immediately.

06-22-2016, 03:43 PM
you're all right!

No your alright. I think I will like this game.

06-23-2016, 10:35 PM
I'm pretty excited for this one now that I've seen it. I just have to decide if it's a PS4 or PC game for me.