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Forsaken Lover
06-14-2016, 01:12 AM

So I was just looking up reviews for Supreme Power on YT to see if anyone but me remembered the series and I found this. It does suggest SP and I join them in wishing for this thing that will never happen. But if you haven't read Supreme Power by JMS, go smurfing read it. It's written by the guy who did Babylon 5 and it's a deconstruction of the Justice League (kinda). It's written brilliantly, has great art and is overall one of my favorite alternate universes around.

Other suggestions:
The Boys
Moon Knight
Carnage USA
Old Man Logan - me and my girlfriend were talking about this the other day. Apparently there's a Wolverine 3 in production? We both kind of speculated it might feature some future storyline where Wolverine is one of the few beings alive because...well, that's kind of his thing. That matches up with OML.
Swamp Thing
The Hood
The Authority

Colonel Angus
06-14-2016, 01:27 AM
Wolverine 3 is supposed to be based on the Old Man Logan story. But you know Fox takes liberties w/ these things. But I heard it will be R-rated.

Depression Moon
06-14-2016, 01:43 AM
Wolverine is the only one and we're getting that so I'm good.

Wolf Kanno
06-14-2016, 02:03 AM

06-14-2016, 05:57 AM
Wolverine is the only one and we're getting that so I'm good.

This, and if they ever do a Spawn remake I definitely want it to be rated R this time around.