View Full Version : Will you be buying I am Setsuna?

Loony BoB
06-20-2016, 05:00 PM
I think I will! Just not sure if I'll pre-order/day one purchase or wait a bit.

06-20-2016, 05:02 PM
No i wont buy a Satsuma

TBH though i dunno much about it. maybe itll pop up and ill get it idk

06-20-2016, 05:19 PM
Probably someday. Although, interestingly, it's really not high on my priority list

06-20-2016, 05:28 PM
It's one I would have liked to review the Demo of, but the demo gave me nothing to talk about.

It mentioned a lot of aspects of the game, and they all sounded fantastic, but none of them were actually shown off.

But yeah, seeing the graphics on person on the demo they are absolutely gorgeous.

06-20-2016, 06:15 PM
I do plan to buy it but it won't be a day one for me

06-20-2016, 06:28 PM
I plan to buy it day one. Even if the game itself doesn't turn out to be amazing I want to show my support for the genre.

06-20-2016, 06:44 PM
It's not high up on my priority list right now. There are other games I want to play and replay before it. I don't have the money to burn, anyway.

Wolf Kanno
06-20-2016, 07:25 PM
Probably the only game coming out this year I'm actually looking forward to.

06-20-2016, 11:53 PM
I'm planning on it, doubt it'll be day 1 though. I've got so much already to play.

06-21-2016, 03:14 AM
I'll probably get it day one. Really looking forward to it.

Depression Moon
06-21-2016, 04:57 AM
Unless I come upon some money then nope.

06-22-2016, 08:13 PM
Possibly. I'm interested but tbh these days I have a terrible habit of buying games and then never playing them.

06-22-2016, 08:24 PM
Assuming it doesn't tank in the critic reviews, I think I'll get it at some point. It looks exciting enough, and if FFXV fails to deliver then I might very well pick it up instead of FFXV.

06-22-2016, 11:05 PM
Pretty certain I'm buying the soundtrack at the very least. The music on that trailer was so, so beautiful.

Del Murder
06-22-2016, 11:55 PM
I know nothing about this franchise but the trailers look interesting. I'll wait for reviews.

06-23-2016, 06:30 AM
No i wont buy a Satsuma

What if it's packaged in a highly efficient and undeniably necessary manner?

06-23-2016, 10:58 PM
I just have to decide if it's a PC game or a PS4 game.

06-23-2016, 11:15 PM
Absolutely. It looks soooo gorgeous. I doubt I'll get it day one because $$$ but it's definitely on my list to get at some point, yes.

06-24-2016, 04:40 PM
My favorite YouTuber, ProJared, did a mini-Let's Play of the demo. Tried to skip as much story stuff as possible to avoid spoilers, but it's rather inevitable that some of it comes through.


The Chrono Trigger influence to the battle system is clearly evident. Though I do like standard swings being able to hit multiple foes as well.

06-27-2016, 05:08 AM
Looks really good. I'll keep an eye out for it on PS4, but it won't be a day 1 buy for me. :)

06-27-2016, 11:56 PM
I'll get it eventually, but I've not long started Persona 4 Golden on Vita so I think I'll wait until I get through that first.

The art style is cute and I like the snowy environments, and it will be great playing an old school RPG on a modern system. I'm interested in trying out the battle system because I've never played Chrono Trigger but I always hear good things about it.

07-09-2016, 11:15 PM
I caved...

Vincent, Thunder God
07-11-2016, 06:09 AM
TBH I hadn't really heard about it until I saw this thread. It looks interesting - it'd be neat if NA got the Vita release.

07-11-2016, 06:22 AM
Definitely getting this eventually. I'm tight on money though so it might not be a day one buy!

Midgar Mist
07-12-2016, 08:54 AM
My answer depends on this question:

Does anyone have 1000 units of currency i could have?

07-19-2016, 07:55 AM
Downloading it right now.

07-21-2016, 11:02 PM
I'm just not sure which platform to get it for. It's cheaper on steam, but I'd be more likely to want to play in my living room and I don't have a good PC there.