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Wolf Kanno
07-01-2016, 08:29 AM

A little while ago, I finished Part 7 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, an 8 part (and still going) generational saga about the Joestar family and their curse of having weird crap happen to them. If you love music, the series is pretty cool as well since most of the characters and powers are named after bands, songs and artists. JoJo itself is a Beatles reference and their arch nemesis is Dio.

I feel this sums up the series best:

It just got a pretty faithful anime adaption a few years ago (part 4 is airing right now) so I was curious to know if anyone watches or likes the series?

07-01-2016, 08:36 AM
I have been watching the new series of Jojo since it started airing and it is great. General nonsense, but it is excellent. I have never read the manga so I can't comment too much on how faithful it is.

Any show that can make me care about a character like Iggy is a-okay in my books.

07-01-2016, 09:10 AM
That's a pretty interesting summary. Okay, throw some more spoilers at me. I want to put the words into practice.

07-01-2016, 09:31 AM
That isn't a summary of anything. x}

07-01-2016, 09:34 AM
That isn't a summary of anything. x}

Mind blown.

07-01-2016, 09:38 AM
It is probably just one singular plot point that is never mentioned again once it's done. And then they probably one-upped it later on.

Wolf Kanno
07-01-2016, 10:34 AM
Each part takes place in a different decade with a new character named JoJo, to make things interesting, every arc is almost a different type of story.

Part 1: Jonathan Joestar life is turned upside down when he gains a new "brother" Dio Brando, the son of a con man who "saved" Jonathan's father life in the past. Dio has plans to usurp Jonathan as the heir of the family and makes Jojo's life a living hell. When that doesn't work, he turns into a vampire using the Aztec Mask Jonathan was researching and tries to conquer the world. Jonathan has to learn the power of Hamaon/Ripple to destroy Dio once for all.

Genre: Horror/Action

Part 2: Joseph Joestar is the grandson of Jonathan, who lives in America when he discovers that not only are their more evil vampire-creating stone masks, but that they were created by a race of scantily clad, vampire-eating, body horror powered immortals nicknamed the Pillar Man. Not as much of a fighter as Jonathan, Joseph uses his cunning and intellect to win fights. He teams up with the Caesar Zeppeli andhis soap bubble hamoan powers, as well as teams up with the Nazi's and their NAZI SCIENCE! To battle Cars, AC/DC, and Wham for a battle for the fate of humanity.

Genre: Action Adventure (Think Indiana Jones)

Part 3: Jotaro Kujo has a problem, he's being haunted. When his grandfather Joseph Joestar travels to Japan to meet him, Jotaro discovers he's not haunted, but actually gained the power of a Stand. Stands are psychic manifestations of people with powerful wills (or got stabbed by an arrow, more on that later). Turns out Dio wasn't killed off by Jonathan Joestar a hundred years ago, instead he planted his sever head onto Jonathan's body and is now running around Egypt with the most dangerous Stand in the world. Jotaro teams up with several allies including Joseph, a pysich Arab, a Frenchman trying to find a man with two left hands, his former brainwashed high school classmate, and a dog named Iggy, as they travel from Japan to Egypt, battling all of Dio's Stand using assassins.

Genre: Shonen Fighting anime

Part 4: Morioh City is a boring little city off the coast of Japan. Nothing happens there, except when a special Stand creating Bow and Arrow set shows up. Jotaro (now in college) is on the case and has to teamed up with his uncle... who is an illegitimate child Joseph had a few years before Part 3. The high school delinquent and pompadour loving Josuke Higashitaka. His Stand Crazy Diamond has the power to restore objects back to their original state, and he's going to need those powers because in addition to all the crazy new Stand users in town, including one bizarre manga author, there is also a serial killer in town who has been hiding out for years. At least that's what the ghost of one of his victims told him. Did I mention this serial killer has a Stand that lets him turn people into bombs and its a pink cat man named Killer Queen?

Genre: Slice of Life

Part 5: Giorno Giovanni never knew his father, some blond asshole named Dio or something or other. All Giorna cares about is joining the local mafia in his home town in Italy. He finally gets his chance, partly thanks to his Stand's power to control life and turn inanimate objects into living animals; and so he joins one of the nicer groups in the area but they are a bit concerned cause the organization has become a bit more erratic lately and so he and his boss Bruno Buccelleti (who's Stand has the power to create Zippers) decide they want to climb the ranks and make the Family better for the people. They get their chance when their group gets a special mission from the Don to track down his estranged daughter before a group of ex-mafia members kidnap her. When Bruno finally brings her to the Don, he discovers the Don is a crazy paranoid schizophrenic with multiple personalities who wants to wipe out his past, including his daughter.

Genre Thiller Suspense, Crime Drama , high fashion...?

Part 6: Joleyne Kujo is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo and she's in trouble. She fell for the wrong guy, wound up in a hit and run and took the fall for him. Now she's serving 20 to 30 in Florida's most notorious prison. Even worse, it turns out to all have been orchestrated by the prisons chaplain Enrico Pucci, whose Stand White Snake has the power to convert people's Stands and Memroies into Compact Discs he can insert into people. He trapped Joleyne because he knew Jotaro would show up to help and he stole his Stand and Memories because it turns out Pucci was Dio's lover and Dio had figured out a way to transform his Stand The World, into a power that could reach God itself. Course Dio was killed by Jotaro back in Part 3, but not before Jotaro read Dio's diary which contained instructions to accomplish this goal. Now Joleyne has to get her dad'd discs back before he dies and stop Pucci while dealing with a prison filled with stand users. She'll team up with Hermes Costello who has the power to create stickers that make duplicates of objects she places on them, and Foo Fighter, a sentient collection of algae now housing itself in the dead body of a former inmate.

Genre: Prison film

Part 7: After Enrico's plans reset reality, we find ourselves in 1890S California (same year as Part 1) and Johnny Joestar is a disgraced race horse jockey, now cripple, who is here to witness the start of the Steel Ball Run. The SBR is a cross-continental horse race across the U.S. from San Fransisco to New York City and racers from all around the world are their to win the load sof money and prestige the race will bring them. Johnny runs into Gyro Zeppeli, a racer from Italy who uses a secret technique called the Spin which he uses in conjunction with his special steel balls to be used as a weapon or shield. When Johnny touches the steel balls, he momentarily regains his ability to walk. Joining the race to meet up with Gyro and learn the secret of his steel balls, the two go on a dangerous trek which turns out to be a cover for President Funny Valentine, who is using the racers to locate the various body parts of Jesus Christ hidden throughout the U.S.

Genre: Western, coming of age story.

Part 8: Morioh City has seen better days, after the 2011 Earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, Morioh suffered some bad damage. Also, there are these weird phenomena called Wall Eyes that have appeared everywhere in town, and if you bury two objects near one, they are combined. Yasuo Hirose learns this when she discovers a man buried one. The amnesiac man called Josuke has two sets of irises, four testicals and two tounges that are fused together. He also doesn't know who he is and gets taken in by the prestigies Higashikata family. Soon Josuke discovers that Morioh is filled with secrets connected to the family that took him in, to the two people who he used to be, to Johnny Joestar from a hundred years ago, and to the mysterious rock people who live side by side with the people of Morioh.

Genre: Mystery

07-01-2016, 10:44 AM
I've read a bit about this on TV Tropes and I love how outrageous it sounds. And I love how fabulous all the character designs are. All the crop tops on all the glamorous men. Love it.

Wolf's summaries just completely sold me on this. I'll probably read this or watch the anime when I have some more time on my hands!

Also, I heard the author hasn't aged a day since he started writing the manga and his face is almost perfectly symmetrical.



Wolf Kanno
07-01-2016, 10:51 AM
I was going to use this exchange from another fan to describe the series:

If you don;t think Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is the most bat shit-insane story of all time then you're wrong.

I'm at the point where the half velociraptor reincarnation of a 100 year old psychic British Vampire is investigating a 14 year old girl who is trying to rip Jesus's heart out of the president of the United State's body by seducing his lesbian wife.

for the record, everything about this sentence is pretty much true

07-01-2016, 10:54 AM
They effectively turned spoilers into promotional material to get more people interested in the show. That's clever as smurf!

I'm gonna have to watch this show now.

07-01-2016, 02:43 PM
This thread needs more

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