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Midgar Mist
07-14-2016, 12:14 PM
68705He's more than just a pretty face, he's a fantastic actor too, and top notch at comedy.

68706He may be a little more underrated but, Bradley Whitford is just as good an actor as pretty boy Rob Lowe
68707Mr Megan Mullaly here is one of the best comedy character actors in the biz

68708 Not to everyone's taste but, I love him for Will and Grace and that thing he did recently...I think it was called Perception.

68709He's come onto my radar, and that's where he will stay.

68710There's this guy too :-)

68711A firm favourite of mine, and arguably the best character actor in the world. Good old fashioned method acting!

68712He's just....great

68713Again, just great. He's still my number one fave of the moment, pity I'm so far behind on The Walking Dead or I would be discussing on here.

Well, that's it for now, I will actually be adding some actresses later but for now....here's my actors :-)

Forsaken Lover
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Still Leo. Still Anne.

Midgar Mist
07-14-2016, 04:04 PM
And guess what Jinx?

68714She has made two guest appearances on British talk show The Last Leg and flirted outrageously with one of the presenters in a comedy way. She's also brilliant for noticing the stench of the Empire. She's also Debbie Reynold's daughter but some of you will already know that :-)

I'm gonna cover some more actors before I move onto more actresses so indulge me if you will:

68715Living legend, Mr Sideshow Bob/Frasier Crane

68716And his one time co-star. Dude deserved an Emmy for hyperventilating alone. Did he ever win? I must look that up sometime.

68717 This long forgotten actor was in such classics as The Beverley Hills Cop films, Vice Versa and (my Personal Favourite) Ruthless People

68718This dearly departed actor touches my heart and soul :-)

68719Is currently my second favourite actor and I can't believe ive put him all the way down here

68720Mr Monk and multiple headed alien himself. He's in my current top 5, and he's probably staying there.

68721This man is pure delight :-)

68722Need I say more?

68723Also in my current top 5, brilliant British Actor

68724The Academy ignores him, but I don't.

The Cumberbatch needs no picture, he just is :-)

And I'm gonna be lazy with the rest of my fave actors: Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, Timothy Spall, Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson

and so many many more...

I will be back with my favourite actresses later.

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Oscar gold right there.

Midgar Mist
07-14-2016, 06:35 PM
68726Since I'm mad for half of all actor/actresses, its time to double up. Here's Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino.(Psst, I actually slightly prefer Sorvinao over Kudrow)

68727Muriel is me and Toni Colette continues to be great for the Hollywood and British Film Industries. About a Boy and In Her Shoes for example.

68728The Wonderful Indie Girl Herself. Jake's sister has really opened my eyes, particularly with the film Secretary. Sherry Baby is good too. This actress is not afraid to be controversial, and boy does that work for her. She's my hero, well one of them :-)

68729My mother could never stand Kerry Weaver, but I did and Innes is a born genius :-)

68730She's great in Never Been Kissed and Everybody's Fine in particular. She was also a nifty little child actress in ET.

68731Julianna, Julianna, dear Julianna :-)

68732The most underrated ER actress ever I think, but she was so great in that role.

68733From British TV Series Moll Flanders to Dr Who via ER, this woman is never afraid to show her vivacious sexiness on screen.

68734She's a female Rob Lowe in the sense that she's way more than just a pretty face. Her teen figure was the basis for The Little Mermaid and she is so very good at scoring pure emotion in Charmed. She's such a sweetie darlin' honey lynn lovely :-)

68735Another Charmed One, also good at scoring emotion but is also good at shooting some delightful poisonous barbs in her role as Piper

68736She was better than Arquette, like she shouldve been the lead Medium :-D

MM is experiencing technical difficulties uploading Dame Helen Mirren's pic (tut tut, what an ageist server) I wonder if it will be just as bad with Dame Maggie Smith

Well either way I'm taking a break


Rocket Edge
07-15-2016, 12:10 AM
I like Tom Cruise too! Doesn't make my list. I'm limiting it to top 15 which is still surprisingly difficult.

God Tier:
Nicolas Cage

The rest in order:
1. David Schwimmer
2. Steve Martin
3. Jeff Goldblum
4. Denzel Washington
5. Clint Eastwood
6. Ethan Hawke
7. Arnold Schwarzenegger
8. Richard Harris
9. Owen Wilson
10. Matt Damon
11. Aidan Quinn
12. Ben Stiller
13. Henry Fonda
14. Liam Neeson
15. Adam Sandler


This in no order:

Patricia Arquette
Ava Gardner
Tina Fey
Naomi Watts
Jean Seberg
Meryl Streep
Jennifer Aniston
Lisa Kudrow
Ingrid Bergman
Toni Colette
Sigourney Weaver

Midgar Mist
07-15-2016, 01:36 AM
I've chosen not to rank mine this time, I like too many and its too damned hard to rank them......I'm just MLT To Be Postmodern :-D

So, more actresses:

68741She and the one that will follow help me to believe that there's still hope that I can enter The Biz (i know they started younger but still...)

68742"A HAND-A-BAG?!" or that great role in Downton, she is great. Her son, Toby Stevens is also an actor.

68743The woman who played Tina Turner and was the Last ER Chief. Just wonderful :-)

68744One of Woody Allen's saner ex-girlfriends. She's also fantastic, emotional and expressive in her roles :-)

68745Another actress not scared of taking on sexy roles. Sex and The City well....lets just say I learnt a thing or two from her performance and wow, she is the Bright Jewel in an otherwise crappy Mannequin.

68746One of the few actresses to portray a Regional English Accent in an American show. Good on yer lass! She's also delightfully quirky :-)

68747She is the wind beneath my wings and...."God she's beautiful"

68748She has worked with the above actress. She is another one who is excellent at scoring emotions. Maybe she's a little underrated these days too.

68749Known for playing Donna Moss in The West Wing. I like her even better than CJ, she has such a warmth and quirkiness and portrays a perfect foil for Bradley Whitford's Josh Lyman. Her emotional expressions are wonderful.

68750In real life she is Bradley Whitford's ex-wife. On screen I've seen her in Party of Five and Malcolm in the Middle. She is very good at yelling and being weird and emotional. Makes her right up my street.

68751Well, she's one for the feminists. If she's not dishing out cruel revenge to bad on screen husbands, she's singing to Barbara Hershey. Or she's singing the soundtrack to the film. Deeply deeply interesting actress, who my Dad has a crush on.

68752Another pretty faced fantastic actress. Even I have a crush on her. She is so very wonderful and talented in all her roles as well of course. I can't help but think, women are perhaps judged too much on their appearance though.

68753Speaking of girl crushes, here's another one. She's another good Emotional Scorer and as Raj says "You know Sandy B can bring it"

68754Its Rizzo herself. She upstages Olivia Newton John then she goes ahead and upstages Allison Janney in later life but....

68755I still put her here. Her portrayal of CJ Cregg is wonderful. Me and CJ have nothing in common but....wow, what a role, what an actress, and after all they call her....The Jackal :-D

68756She was great as Dr Chen, she is even relevant to EoFFers for her voice over in The Spirits Within. Also she is a Hot 50 kicking some serious ass in Marvel Agents of Shield. You go girl!

68757Expressive Central. The Emotional Queen of all Time. Just keep on doing what you have always done Julia.

68758I shall end my pictures here. I've never seen Blossom but, this real life Neuroscientist plays a blinder in The Big Bang Theory. Oh how I identify with that character, thanks woman who's name I will never be able to spell (sorry)

I also like Courtney Cox, Sara Gilbert, Jorja Fox, Gloria Reuben....and ones on the tip of my tongue that I can kick myself over later.

Wow, Life is a Marathon and not a sprint for once.

I've done my 26 miles on this page, now im gonna....do something more useful like....household chores. Y'know, cause I'm on break :-D

07-15-2016, 03:29 PM

He's my current favorite actor. AND HE JUST GOT AN EMMY NOM FOR LUTHER!

Idris Elba :kaoclove:

Midgar Mist
07-15-2016, 05:42 PM

He's my current favorite actor. AND HE JUST GOT AN EMMY NOM FOR LUTHER!

Idris Elba :kaoclove:

He is pretty sexy, I have to admit. If only he starred in more things that were to my taste I'm sure I'd love him even more. I saw him in The Big C and.....

ohhhh, youve just reminded me of one of my Top 5 Actresses I totes forgot about:

68761She was excellent in The Big C and Love Actually, I'd also forgotten I'd briefly seen her in Frasier beforehand. And wow....she won an Emmy for Frasier and...she was only in a few episodes. She is really quite something :-)

Night Fury
07-15-2016, 07:23 PM

He's my current favorite actor. AND HE JUST GOT AN EMMY NOM FOR LUTHER!

Idris Elba :kaoclove:


Also, lack of Christopher Walken in this thread.

Midgar Mist
07-16-2016, 02:09 AM

He's my current favorite actor. AND HE JUST GOT AN EMMY NOM FOR LUTHER!

Idris Elba :kaoclove:


Also, lack of Christopher Walken in this thread.

Christopher Walken is good but, I'm yet to see enough of his roles. So many good actors, not enough time to watch everything.....maybe...one day.