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Wolf Kanno
08-23-2016, 12:46 AM
Was reminded of this topic by browsing old threads. The way this thread works is pretty simple: List all the FFs you've played. With the entries you love, you must say a criticism against it, for the games you hate, you must something you like about it. I would appreciate it these were all legitimate praise/criticism and not just "it was too awesome" or "I loved the part when I threw the game away". Look deep into yourselves and find that bit of annoyance or small tiny bit of joy these games do provide. Also list whether you like it or not.

P.S. Bravely Default is not an FF Fynn.


FF - Liked, not a fan of how unbalanced the classes can be. It's obvious the game favors melee.

FFII - Liked, dungeon design was pretty lacking, and there were a few dungeons that seemed to be there to pad the game length.

FFIII - Liked, Again, the jobs were bit unbalanced in both versions. Also the final dungeon gauntlet can kiss my ass.

FFIV - Liked, lacks the thrills of other games in terms of gameplay options, I also wish Edge was more useful.

FFV - Liked, Story was a bit weak, which is a bit sad because the cast was very memorable.

FFVI - Liked, Game is sadly unbalanced, unless you never grind, you'll find the game to be a cakewalk, especially be the last third.

FFVII - Disliked, Great world design and musical score. It was all very provacative. Shame the Compilation couldn't recapture that magic.

FFVIII - Liked, the plot is a mess and Junctioning is too exploitative.

FFIX - Liked, plot kind of falls apart by Disc 3 and I feel Zidane and Garnet take too much screentime away from more interesting characters.

FFX - Disliked, the world is very interesting in concept despite some logical flaws in it's foundations. I like how it parallels Japanese mythology and culture.

FFXI - Disliked, Vana'diel might be one of the best worlds crafted by Squenix. Also I love the backstory for Blue Mages.

FFXII - Liked, pacing is off but seriously the randomized treasure chests and kooky bazaar design are irritating.

FFXIII - Disliked, Sahz is an awesome character and probably one of the more original characters to pop out of the series since Vivi.

FFTactics - Liked, takes forever to grind job levels and maxing out things feels pointless.

FFTactics Advance - Liked, hated the job skills being dependent on equipment, especially since there was a bit of a pacing/randomization factor that made 100% completion a nightmare.

FFTactics A2 - Liked, Story and cast were a huge letdown. Also the game failed to fix the problems from the earlier entry.

FFX-2 - Disliked, Spherebreak was a hell of a lot more fun than Blitzball. The non-linear nature of the game was also welcomed.

Crisis Core - Disliked, I enjoy several of the fanservice shout outs, also Cissenei might be the only good character to come out of the Compilation.

Crystal Chronicles - Liked, the game is only really fun when you have four player co-op in action. It sucks as a single player experience.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light - Liked, I get the fact that we're trying to build the game around a more cooperative atmosphere where no one class/type dominates, but did we seriously need this many support classes?

TheaterRhythm Final Fantasy: Liked, Song selection can always be better considering how many awesome tracks there are in the franchise, also, not a fan of the special treatment IV and VII got in the game.

Dissidia: Liked, grinding for gear takes forever and no online versus mode.

Dissidia Duodecim: Disliked, significantly better interface for story mode made this feel like the game we should have gotten first since it feels more like a Remake of the original. Also Kain and Laguna!

Final Fantasy Record Keeper: Liked, kind of got tired of the constant barrage of timed special events to obtain new characters and gear, which detracted from the main game.

08-23-2016, 01:22 AM
Final Fantasy - Liked, but pricing was a bit expensive.
Final Fantasy II - Hated, but had a great way to stat max.
Final Fantasy III - Liked, but there were too many replacement jobs.
Final Fantasy IV - Liked, but drop rates were ridiculous.
Final Fantasy V - Disliked. but the job system was great.
Final Fantasy VI - Loved, but leveling up every character took forever.
Final Fantasy VII - Loved, but the graphics are indeed outdated. Some glitches were overused. Your characters could get over powered.
Final Fantasy VIII - Loved, but drawing magic was hugely disappointing.
Final Fantasy IX - Disliked, but the side quests were really good. Leveling up was optional and none of the characters were over powered.
Final Fantasy X - Disliked, but being able to break HP, Damage, and MP limit was great.
Final Fantasy XI - Liked, but paying for it was a waste of money. Sometimes things took so long to get that I would rather work for real money.
Final Fantasy XII - Disliked, but after getting nearly everything in it (minus 1 humanoid for skypirates den) took way too long. 1/1000 chances is a little too extreme.
Final Fantasy XIII - Disliked, but I love a good challenge to master stuff. In the end I was happy at killing a Long Gui a couple times. (no replay wanted).

Dirge of Cerberus - Disliked, but it was nice seeing what happened after VII and Advent children. I liked some of the characters.
Crisis Core - Loved, but I didn't like the materia system much. Getting lucky on a magic pot is not my idea of a good time.
X-2 - liked, but the plot was too flamboyant. They also change the Al'bed language. Blitz Ball was changed too so not many people liked it.
XIII-2 - Liked it but some things could have been lightened up. The fact you had to complete the last area three times for completion sakes was annoying.
XIII-3 - Liked, but some of the outfits were gimps. Something always seemed missing with them.
Tactics - loved, but getting the zodiark summon for everyone was way too painful.
Tactics Advanced - disliked, but the weapons you could get were really cool. It was a nice attempt to make a tactics game.

08-23-2016, 01:24 AM
I will try it.

FF: Liked it. The story sometimes has trouble in explaining what's next to do.

FFII:Didn't like it. They gave a nice plot twist In the story that was unique for the time

FFIII: Liked it. The random encounters can drag it down a bit.

FFIV: Liked it. It felt a little dumbed down in the NA release and was fairly easy

FFVI: Liked it. World of ruin feels more like a punishment to play than a part of the game as you can skip most of it.

FFVII: Liked it. Why did you kill that sweet flower girl!

FFVIII: Liked it. Remember hating the monster levelling with you system when I first got it.

FFIX: Liked it. Didnt like Zidane's tail. It just didn't suit the Sprite.

FFX: Liked it. Sphere grid took away from the cast uniqueness.

FFXII: Liked it. Couldn't put the controls to inverted which is what I prefer. Always found myself looking the wrong way.

FFXIII: hated it. Gave my copy to a child who couldn't afford it and introduced him to the world of FF and RPG's

FFTatics: Loved it. Felt like some jobs were added just for the sake of jobs and are useless.

FF Tactics Advanced: didn't like it. Didn't understand the world map right away and put it down. May look at it again.

FF Mystic quest: didn't like it. It had a few nice moments? (I'm stretching for something here)

08-23-2016, 08:21 AM
FF - Liked, Hated how you could get easily lost though

FFII - Liked, Dungeons are long, tiresome and with nasty battles included.

FFIII - Liked, The final dungeon is from Satan himself.

FFIV - Liked, Some story moments are rather sexist and outdated for even '91, I mean the women must stay behind and be nurses ? Excuse Me ?

FFV - Liked, Story is pretty bare-bones and just another re-telling of FF3 and the original

FFVI - Liked, Hated the Floating Island, Zozo and Phoenix Cave.

FFVII - Liked, Story is messy af and needs to be better written.

FFVIII - Liked, Needs a better translation as the American one is badly translated, just look up the differences between the Japanese script and the English one.

FFIX - Liked, Ending is rushed and is rather confusing. Did Square run out of time ? I mean fans are only assuming what happened to Vivi.

FFX - Liked, Voice-acting is dreadful, not counting the infamous laughing moment, as that was meant to be awful on purpose.

FFXII - Dislike, FF XII has amazing voice-acting and main cast though, they're all lovable. Good villains.

FFXIII - Dislike, Sahz is pure gold.

FF XIII-2- Liked, THAT ENDING. NO, NO, NO, JUST NO. No Square no. The FF XIII-Saga should've ended right there, but nupe. Got to make that cash and milk the Lightning cow even further. :roll2

FF XIII- LR-Dislike, It's the ending of Lightning's saga ? Does that count ?

FFTactics - Dislike, Though it brought in the Tactics gameplay and without that, there wouldn't be A2 which I adore.

FFTactics A2 - Liked, Though story is dumb.

FFX-2 - Liked, Horrible, awkward, cringe-y fanservice though and Rikku's IQ has unfortunately been lowered.

Crisis Core - Disliked, Young ! Cloud is beautiful though, and is the best version of Cloud and must be protected.

Forsaken Lover
08-23-2016, 09:20 AM
Final Fantasy II: Liked. Too easy to break.

Final Fantasy III: Liked. Job Changing Penalty is dumb, the lack of Quicksave in the original DS version is utter BS.

Final Fantasy IV: Liked. Being stuck with Edge and Rosa in your final party, everything to do with Zermus.

Final Fantasy VII: Loved. Huge Materia subplot is poorly thought out, some needlessly confusing elements in the plot.

Final Fantasy VIII: Loathe, hate and detest. Seifer is actually a good character, some dungeons are good, music is amazing, battle system had potential.

Final Fantasy IX: Liked, Freya's character goes nowhere, too many instances of villains being redeemed, Necron.

Final Fantasy X: Liked. Tidus is very obnoxious, the metaphysics and nature of Dream Zanarkand are poorly explained and make everything more confusing than they need to be.

Final Fantasy XII: Liked. Main party barely has any relation to the plot, no dialogue in combat, Fortress Bahamut feels tacked on.

Final Fantasy XIII: Liked. Absolutely abysmal pacing, no towns, lack of a solid villain presence, Fang being unlikable.

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Loved. Not enough Caius, game is too easy, that damned Quiz game, Clock Puzzles.

Dirge of Cerberus: ....Disliked, I guess. Shelke was interesting.

Final Fantasy X-2: Liked. They ruined Rikku and 100%'ing the game is for masochists.

08-23-2016, 09:44 AM
Lucky for me, Wolf, I am a rebel at heart and follow my own rules, so I will do as I please with my list :smug:

FFI: Liked, though the lack of any substantial twists in the story and any really meaty events makes subsequent playthroughs a bit of a chore.

FFII: Liked, but dat dungeon design tho.

FFIII: Liked, but the final dungeon was waaaaay too demanding, not only being actually two dungeons but having so many tough bosses and not a single save point in sight! Thank heavens for Geomancers, though!

FFIV: Liked, but the fake-out deaths are way too ridiculous. The game has humorous elements, so it's weird that we're supposed to take these seriously, of all things.

FFV: Liked. Now, it was very challenging for me to come up with a flaw for this game, since I think it's one of the more all-around solid games in the franchise, but I guess I wished they retained the spell charging mechanic from FFIV. The atb system became kind of flat without it.

FFVI: Liked, but I wish characters all had more useful non-magical abilities. Some were really cool, while others were completely useless, but they all had the potential to be great.

FFVII: Liked. The materia system was kinda dumb, I think. I mean, I like it on paper, but mastering took way too long and the reward is another one with no AP? What?

FFVIII: Liked, but the orphanage scene happened. it's a real shame because, as Persona 2 Innocent Sin proved, this exact plot twist can actually be done really well.

FFIX: Liked, but I wish the battles weren't so slooooooooooooow.

FFX: Disliked, but it has Kimahri and I really like Kimahri.

FFXI: Liked, but I really don't feel like I could invest enough time to really do something worthwhile in my character. I guess it's my general gripe with MMOs - they demand that you sacrifice a large part of your life to them, and while I may enjoy the overall world, story, gameplay, and playing together with my wife, in the end it's too big a commitment, and I play video games for fun, not work.

FFXII: Liked, but I would've liked more sidequests that weren't mark hunts and a proper quest journal to keep track of them.

FFXIII: Disliked, but oh my God the muuuuusiiiiiicccc!!!!!!

FFXIV: Liked, but on top of the things I said about XI, the world just feels way too small for a game that's meant to entertain you for so long.

FFTactics: Liked, but I'd have preferred if the Dark Knight was a bit nerfed and had more manageable requirements. The way it is now, you get amazing skills before you even unlock the class, and by the time you get it, all those combined with the DK's immense power just break the game to little pieces.

FFTA: Liked, but I wish there was more quest variety, because now it's either killing things or dispatching people, one of which gets old eventually, and the other is just plain boring.

FFTA2: Liked, but what the hell happened to that story! Jesus Christ!

FFIV: The After Years: Liked, but the final dungeon is stretched out way too much and the game has way too many characters for only a five-member party.

Crisis Core: Disliked, but I loved the Zack/Aerith romance. It was good.

Dirge of Cerberus: Disliked. Uhhhhhh, it had pretty good music? Sometimes? (though it's still easy my least favorite Hamauzu soundtrack)

FFX-2: Liked, but the fanservice.

FFXIII-2: Disliked. The game has definitely opened up its environments, at least.

FF Type-0: Liked, but there's a lot to take in at the beginning. Still haven't gotten far, but I'm hoping for the best!

Bravely Default: Liked, but the second half really tests your patience.

Bravely Second: Liked, but the writing and music have definitely suffered from the change in creators.

FF Record Keeper: Disliked. I mean, having classic characters and music is nice, I guess, but what else does it have going for it?

FF Brave Exvius: Liked, though I'm kinda miffed by the whole format these games are taking nowadays... It really ruins the immersion when I have to be connected all the time so that the game can send me reminders of events and stuff.

Mobius FF: Disliked. Literally could not play past the opening sequence, it was so draining and I really hate how they chickened out and didn't leave the stripperific outfit on the protagonist. Game looks gorgeous, though!

Dissidia FF: Liked. Too much grinding, though. No local multiplayer.

Dissidia 012 FF: Liked. Same as above.

Theatrhythm FF: Liked, but difficulty is very uneven.

Theatrhythm FF Curtain Call: Liked. Wish multiplayer had more options!

08-23-2016, 10:46 AM
i dont really Dislike any FF. but if its to the bottom of my list ill say i dislike it.

FF1 DISLIKE: its easy, BUT Figuring out where to go is harder than most FF which is good.

FF2 LIKE: But the dungeons are soooo boring, they all consist of 3-5 doors on a wall, but only 1 is the path forward

FF4 Like: Too many Fake deaths.

FF5 Like: But everything Minus The 4 crystals, Exdeath and Neo exdeath, and the superbosses are easy (Well, we wont get into Liquiflame again)

FF6 Like: But the WoR gets really boring sometimes (except the amazing music)

FF7 Like: Kalm, Lifestream. ughhhh i wish i could skip those

FF8 DIslike: The music is amazing, and i like the places you go.

FF9 Like: Tetra master is BULLtrout AND I WANT TO smurfING KILL THAT DRUNK TRENO GUY:mad2::mad2:
oh yeah and the battles are slow.

FF10 Dislike: But the linearity doesnt bother me when Yunas goal is to Journey to a place. unlike other games where the characters dont know where they are headed.
it may seem lazy but i think it fits the game well.

FF12 like. But sometimes it can feel the game does everything for you. and the magic is trout

FF13 Dislike: But i like Sazh, and the great music.

Ff13-2: Dislike: Again the music, but also the cool funny secret endings.

LR FF13 Dislike: But its genuinly difficult, and feels like Majoras Mask.

FF12 RW Like: But the battles get repetitive

FF Type 0: Like : But unless you use NG+ the game makes 0 sense.

FF ATB: Dislike: but it has FFmusic?

FF record Keeper Like:But it gets repetitive fast.

FF CC Ring of Fates. Like: But it seems more childish than every other FF.

TFF CC: Like: But Fynn keeps kicking my ass

Loony BoB
08-23-2016, 04:56 PM
FFI - Indifferent - I genuinely just don't really care much for or against it...
FFII - Disliked - Guy is a pretty cool character concept I can get behind. We need more people with unique traits like being able to talk to animals. Bring back fantasy!
FFIII - Indifferent - Can't remember it at all, didn't play much of it.
FFIV - Indifferent - I remember some but not much of this, not enough to give a notable opinion on.
FFV - Liked - Krile, never liked her.
FFVI - Liked/Disliked - Based on hype I expected so much more, but I still enjoyed it enough. It's hard to say where that lies on a good/bad scale because of hype alone. I'm going to go with a bit of both: I liked the story and really liked many of the characters but somehow the game still put me to sleep numerous times.
FFVII - Liked - The ending was a bit lacking. The sequel film pooped on the original game.
FFVII:CC - Liked - The poetry thing got really old, really fast, and just became outright annoying in a matter of moments.
FFVIII - Liked - The whole time compression thing is stupid on many levels.
FFIX - Liked - Hot & Cold left me very cold.
FFX - Disliked - The gameplay is incredible, and the level of fantasy in the environment amongst the very best the series has to offer.
FFXI - Liked - It got boring very fast as the grind became obvious, and was too reliant on people learning the best way to power level.
FFXII - Liked - I gave up on following the plot for the most part. And all the judges just kind of merged into one another in my brain. If any game could benefit from a journal system a la FFXIII, it's FFXII.
FFXIII - Liked - The big dramatic moments in the storyline almost always ended up taking the wrong turn.
FFXIII-2 - Liked - Mog's voice got more annoying as the game went on. Atrocious ending.
LR:FFXIII - Liked - I felt really rushed during those first couple of days. And I really didn't like how they portrayed Sazh.
FFXIV 1.<23 - Liked - Dialogue can reeeeaaaaaaally drag on.
FFT - Liked - Sadly it could not hold my attention. If anything, it needed a few more lighter moments or less of a need to grind.
FFTA - Liked - I was too invested in repeatedly battling to remember anything about the story. This is poor criticism, but it's all I've got.

Lyndis Highwind
08-23-2016, 07:06 PM
Let's see:

FF IV - Liked. I wish there was more to the ending. It was too short and it didn't really tell me enough.

FF VI - Liked. There needed to be fewer party members. There were so many that only a few of them got enough story development.

FF VII CC - Liked. Genesis got really old, really fast.

FF VII - Liked. Parts of the story were really confusing for me.

FF VIII - Liked. The drawing system got pretty tedious at times, and plot was a bit hard to follow.

FF IX - Disliked. I really liked the world and soundtrack. Quina made me laugh a lot too.

FF Crystal Chronicles - Liked. The story was pretty vague, and it's only fun if you're playing with people.

FF Dissidia 012 - Liked. I wish that there was more to the story, and that the characters interacted more.

08-23-2016, 07:16 PM
Final Fantasy I-XIV - Liked; lure for preposterous fanbase

I - lacked the least bit of depth
II - growth too different
III - not impossible but unnecessarily difficult
IV - last third feels very rushed
V - always reminds me of an RPG maker game the way it looks (obviously RPG maker games nowadays can do a lot); so sorry FFV
VI - for some reason the world itself feels so weird to me and that even though it is one of my most favourite FFs; I think it is because of the colouring
VII - story is written too confusing for people so people make up their own crap without believing official stuff
CC - glossed over the actual Crisis Core, the Nibelheim Incident instead of making it the real deal; even the cellar scene is just a DMW scene
BC - mobile phone game - why, just why
DoC - gameplay not action-esque enough for what it could be
VIII - the politics plus the colouring of the world map
IX - nothing that totally stands out for me negatively, except for maybe the slow battle, overall I love FFIX too much
X - not Seymour-centric enough for how much screen time and story he actually gets - a very weird decision
X-2 - red string too loose and for the true ending you need to be too invested; weird audio drama
XI - lack of character customization, you need to be too invested, MMORPG
XII - lack of soul, the characters even have grey eyes which totally bugs me
XIII - red string too strict, lack of variety
XIII-2 - ending, solved through XIII-3 though
XIII-3 - ending was set up in a very great way but they did not ultimately finish it with Serah's wedding which could have been such a good final scene

VII - story is written too confusing for people so people make up their own crap without believing official stuff

This made me laugh. You can't even say a bad thing about it without blaming it on other people.

I can say plenty of negative things about it going from graphics to glitches; this is just the most obvious one. And whether you like it or not, it is reality. I have read enough posts for 12 years now. For your record, I can say that about all FFs and all fiction. Which is what my very first line was about. FFVII just happens to be the one with the most well known examples liek the Brittenham interpretation, et cetera. I am going to mention FFVIII as rank II though with Rinoa = Ultimecia, Squall's Dead and other crap though if you insist so much.

By the way, what you said made no sense in regards of my post. Writing it is so confusing that people make up crap about it is not blaming people for how it is written.

08-25-2016, 10:23 AM
VII - story is written too confusing for people so people make up their own crap without believing official stuff

This made me laugh. You can't even say a bad thing about it without blaming it on other people.

The only FF's I feel I've played enough to do this with are VII, VIII, X, X-2, XII, XIII

VII - The game loses its way around mid disk 2
VIII - Triple Triad was awesome
X - Late in the game, the Sphere Grid system becomes a lame grind, when all characters lose their individuality in battle.
X-2 - I'm pretty neutral on this game, so i'll do one of each. Story - Nay, battle system - Yay
XII - The pacing of the story felt a little off, and Vaan wasn't a great main character
XIII - Errr...the graphics were fantastic, I remember thinking the game looked beautiful when I first played it

08-25-2016, 03:19 PM
FFI - Disliked (More meh towards) - The introduction of the series, the job classes, etc. The latter games exist because of this game. Also that Garland shall knock us all down.

FFII - Disliked (Meh, also) - The keyword system I loved and being able to customize my characters to a good extent.

FFIII - Liked (ish) - The difficulty of it. Not the most approachable FF, so a lot of my replays end up abandoned.

FFIV - Liked - The dungeons were much too long and led to many moments of frustration.

FFV - Liked - Some of the versions really miss the mark on what makes FFV so great. They just end up bland and generic.

FFVI - Disliked (closer to a meh, really) - Liked the story and a lot of the characters.

FFVII - Liked - HAAATED Aeris/th with a passion and really didn't like that many characters. The ones I did like are kind of meh on my overall list of best characters.

FFVIII - Liked (loved) - The Junction system preventing me from using magic was poopoo.

FFIX - Liked (Fav game ever) - Gosh the battle system is sllloooooooow which becomes painfully obvious when there's a timer counting down. Also the Trance system is garbage.

FFX - Liked - Gets kinda boring after a while. Linear in both world and gameplay.

FFX-2 - Liked (loved) - Some of it was just super cringeworthy.

FFXII - Liked - All dat sand and lack of character focus.

FFXIII - Liked (ish) - Gosh that story was a convoluted mess

08-25-2016, 08:03 PM
Liked all of them, so...

IV - Stop it with the goddamn fake deaths. Also my god did fighting random battles get incredibly tedious late in the game.

V - Stupid two bytes of enemy HP, I want to fight something like Emerald Weapon in a game with a job system this fun.

VI - IMO the story doesn't really get interesting until you meet Sabin. Speaking of which, could the Blitz tutorial have been any less clear?

VII - Mime should not have been in this game, ever.

VIII - You better make the game a challenge yourself, because you're not getting any otherwise. At least once you grasp junctioning and how to maximize benefits.

IX - Man the high-end battling was disappointing. Fixed damage attacks rule everything, leaving not a single really fun challenging fight in the entire game.

X - I've never made it through grinding stats up to max without dropping the game in the process. It's just too goddamn tedious. Also a game should never be ruled this much by arbitrary limits (mainly the 99 per item and 99999 damage limits).

X-2 - The main plot is in the 10% least interesting parts of this game's storyline. Which is... how do you even do that!?

XII - Completely outclassed by IZJS in almost every conceivable way.

XII IZJS - Making rare chest drops even rarer was pretty damn silly. Also the invisible equipment, are you smurfing serious?

XIII - It seemed to drop every chance it got to become something more unique and interesting than what it was.

XIII-2 - Having the more interesting boss fights gated behind DLC is such a bummer.

09-01-2016, 08:40 AM
I - Liked, the entire Terra Cave arc.
II - Disliked, it wasn't handled the best, but I liked the skill system
III - Liked, no saves between the final dungeons
IV - Liked, you can't pick your party.
V - Liked, ExDeath hiding as a splinter was dumb. Even for a game that doesn't take itself seriously, that was really really dumb
VI - Liked, you had a team of 14 people with a party size of four.
VII - Liked, Vincent
VIII - Disliked, best Blue Magic
IX - Liked, Amerant
X - Liked, worst Blue Magic
XII - Liked, spent too much time in the desert
XIII - Disliked, Status Effects were useful the entire game
XIV - Liked, people can be dumb