View Full Version : [KH] The Definitive Playthrough Order

08-27-2016, 12:06 AM
So there are a timelines available that show when each Kingdom Hearts game takes place relative to the others, but I'm curios what other people think is the best order to play the games in.

I am going to start a run through the entire series and have every game available to me except RE:Coded, and even though I've played all the games I've never done so consecutively. So, let me know what you guys think is the best way to experience a full run through of the series and your reasons why.

08-27-2016, 05:58 AM
I like to call my approach the Narnia approach because that's also coincidentally the way I read the Narnia books.

Release order >>>>>>>>>>> chronological order

The reasons for this are pretty simple, really. The games that take place earlier in the series were released later for a reason. Namely, aspects of Birth by Sleep or 358/2 Days don't really have the same impact if you don't play the other games first and know why exactly X thing is sad and tragic.

Granted, this might not be so important for later playthrough, but there's still a gradual shift in tone as the games progress, that may be really weird if played in chronological order. Also, lastly, the gameplay becomes more refined with each installment, so that would again provide you with an E even experience should you go the chronological route.

So, imho, you should go: KHI > CoM > KHII > Days > BbS > 3D