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The Adventure Log of Sephex


"My name is Sephex, and after the events of today, I have decided to record my experience should something happen to me. My whole life there has been two undeniable facts. One, that the only place I have ever known is the castle of Tantegel with in the Alefgard continent. Second, that I am the descendant of Erdrick, a brave warrior who has once restored peace to this forsaken land..."


"I had barley woken up when King Lorik's personal guards grabbed me like some common thief, thrust me into the King's chamber, and locked the door behind me. I had thought I had done something wrong, but before I had a chance to speak King Lorik tasked me with a similar deed Erdrick set out on so long ago."

"His tone was as if I were to fetch an apple from the local farm stand, but apparently I, a barley trained warrior, was to immediately set unto a land I was completely unfamiliar with and singlehandedly take on the Dragonlord and his army."


"I always knew a time would come when I would be expected to follow in Erdrick's footsteps, but I never expected to have to begin my quest so suddenly. I quickly shook any doubts I had and asked King Lorik for his finest equipment! My doubts immediately returned when His 'Majesty' more or less told me I would only be given what was in the chamber and nothing else. I decided to go back to my room to at least put on a decent set of clothes."


"When the door wouldn't budge an eruption of laughter poured from all of the guard's mouths like spoiled whine. A light chuckle came from Lorik himself as he explained that all of my clothes and possessions have been burned. I were to literally only take what's in the chambers to start my quest. Mouth agape, I stared at the King in horrified shock. What kind of joke was this?! As if he read my thoughts, Lorik explained that, according to the Ancient Scrolls of Honor, Erdrick started his journey with the exact items found in the chamber. Begrudgingly, but still in sheer disbelief, I decided to make due and collect my new belongings."




"120 gold, a single torch, and a key to get out of the room I was locked in. They couldn't have been serious. I gave King Lorik the biggest side eye I could muster, but he sat there meeting my gaze, unflinching. I briefly considered asking how anyone would think that Erdrick began his journey stuck in a locked room in his pajamas possessing the key he needed to leave said room, but I decided it wasn't worth my time. Anything I owned is now apparently ashes and I had to figure out a way to arm myself."


"At least not all my moments in that chamber were filled with its residents being obtuse. Though I never left the castle my whole life, I was familiar with the town. You can easily see it from just about any east window. Plus, I have talked to a few residents that happened to wander into Tantegel for trading."


"I knew something was missing. Strange that Lorik forgot to mention it. Along with Alefgard being in peril, Gwaelin was also kidnapped by the Dragonlord and hidden away somewhere on the continent. The King awkwardly coughed while clearing his throat and asked me to rescue his only daughter if I had time. Strange. Either he didn't care about the princess or he was that worried about this land's fate."

"Though we lived in the same castle, I never got to spend any time with Gwaelin. I only caught glimpses of her here and there. Every single time I saw her face she had the same exact smile and whenever I heard her speak she was usually arguing with guards. Something about 'cow rust?' Never paid attention that much. Well, I think the right thing to do is to at least see if I can uncover her whereabouts..."



"I decided to see if I could procure any other equipment laying around in the castle, but every door I tried was locked! One of the guards accosted me as if I should have known that the King ordered ALL THE DOORS IN THE KINGDOM TO BE LOCKED THAT CAN ONLY BE OPENED WITH A MAGIC KEY!! WHAT?! First Lorik fails to mention his kidnapped daughter, and now this?! Whose side is he on?! Has he lost his mind?! Fine, I'll try to gather some info and then I'm leaving."


"I didn't need the advice from that man. My whole life I was told that I would eventually had to face many battles when I set out on my quest. But there surely won't be that many...will there?"


"The Dragonlord works quickly. I was just woken up this morning, maybe an hour or two ago as I write this, and there are already rumors of entire towns being wiped off the map. Forget sticking around and talking to people. I have some money. It's finally time to get equipped and truly begin my quest!"


"Just moments after I left Tantegel and began to take in the scenery I noticed another castle across the river. It...it couldn't be...but it was! The Dragonlord's castle, Charlock, was RIGHT THERE! No wonder he can work so quickly! The evil is quite literally a stone throws away! I think I can hear him laughing right now!! Why don't we--hold on a moment, I must speak with Lorik one more time before I go to town..."

"...this situation is getting more and more ridiculous. Surely Erdrick didn't have to face such overpowering stupidity! I went back into the chamber and practically screamed at the King to build some boats and have me and tons of guards storm the Dragonlord's castle to quickly end this affair! The guards laughed AGAIN and I was told THAT NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO BUILD A BOAT!! What is wrong with these people?!"


"After throwing up an obscene gesture with my hands at both Tentagel and Charlock, I tried to cool off as I went to the town of Becconary."


"It was hard to cool off when the town guards spoke to me in such an 'encouraging' manner. I know that I was literally sheltered, but I had no idea the citizens of this continent, as little of them as I know, seemed to be so straightforward and curt."


"What also didn't help my mood is discovering that only one town on this whole continent had magic keys to open doors. One town. All the doors everywhere were locked. But one town has them. One town. Has the keys. All the doors are locked. One. Town. Has. The. Only. Keys. That. Will. Unlock. Said. Doors."


"Before I went shopping for equipment some lady assumed that I assumed that she was Gwaelin. I didn't ask. I happened to be passing her by before she blurted out that she wasn't the Princess. She looked decent enough so I know she hasn't lost her mind. What a strange thing to say to someone so suddenly..."


"120 gold only left me with some pretty poor options. It's like Lorik wanted me to get killed right out of the castle gates! Since, for some bizarre reason, the Dragonlord's monsters carry gold, I know I can go fight for a fatter wallet. I could go back out there with nothing but my fists and my pajamas and earn a few more gold pieces for a copper sword (which is sadly the best weapon in this kingdom it seems), don leather armor and hope that protects me well enough until I can earn a bit more gold for a club (not even sure why the bamboo pole is for sale, I thought it was a decoration), or buy the club and THEN get the leather armor."

"Considering the day I have had, I think bashing a few monsters with a club is just what I needed."


"Well, I am finally off to begin my quest despite the baffling and maddening circumstances I find myself in. Who knows if I'll be even remotely successful when I seem to be surrounded by an uncooperative King, towns people with piss poor planning/equipment/attitudes, and legions of the Dragonlord's foes. Erdrick, if you're watching, I'll need your help..."


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"I decided to head for the hilltops since it seemed more monsters congregated there. So far I have only encountered red and blue slimes. They splatter quite easily against my club. A few spry ones manage to get in a lucky hit or two, but overall this isn't too bad..."


"The riches these monsters drop may have been exaggerated. Slightly. The entire hilltops of Alefgard will be painted red and blue by the time I can afford even a small shield! This has also raised my suspicions of King Lorik even more. Have him and the Dragonlord been rigging the economy?"


"Much time has passed, but I have to admit I do feel stronger. One of the more frustrating aspects of being stuck in the castle growing up is how not a single guard even attempted to train me. They stood there staring straight ahead mindlessly repeating the same nonsense endlessly! I club a couple of slimes and I can already see my muscles much more clearly under the scorching sun! NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!"


"So I may have been a tad overzealous. It turns out that if you spend an entire life stuck in a castle and then suddenly battle for eight hours straight the human body becomes easily fatigued. Also, why do the slimes smile? Surely some of them have seen what I have done to their brethren? Do they simply exist to be slaughtered? Am I even doing the right thing? I...I just need rest, I suppose..."


"Funny story. They also burned MY ENTIRE BEDROOM in the castle. I have to go to 'Ye Olde Inn 6' where they only charge travelers six gold pieces! What a low price! Oh, did I mention that there isn't a bed? And that you have to sleep on a brick floor? Sure, whatever. I'm apparently the only person capable of saving the land, but let's take what little gold I have to sleep like a rat. What an adventure!!!!! Erdrick surely is looking down at me beaming!!!!!!!!!"


"By some miracle I did manage to sleep and feel fully rested. My neck feels like it got mangled by a dog, however. Well, let's see if I can paint the rest of these hilltops with the only two colors I see anymore: red and blue. Who knows, I might make my six gold pieces back in an hour or two! Oh boy!"


"Though I am not much richer, I do have some good news. I once again feel much stronger and capable, but what's more I feel that I can now heal myself! Granted I am spiritually spent and still emotionally exhausted from the last couple of days, but I know if I can focus my mind I'll be able to heal just about any wound!"


"After much more time I have a decent pile of change, and I once again feel stronger! I'm a little worse for wear, but I think I'll manage."



"I really need to learn when to quit. Might save my spleen from getting torn out when one of those slimes gets a lucky hit in. And I don't care if I'm bleeding out, I'm not going back to that Inn out of principle! Plus, I have an idea..."


"Growing up I noticed this old man who can restore spiritual energy no matter what condition one finds themselves in. They guy clearly believes in me and said he'll restore me free of charge as much as I want!"


"Finally! Something has gone completely right! I NEVER HAVE TO SLEEP AGAIN!! Erdrick may have been a true legend but I will be forever known as Sephex The Sleepless! Hahahahahhahahahaha!"




"I ran to the hilltops screaming earlier, excited at my newfound loophole to save six gold pieces. I have since calmed down. The old man explained to me that the first couple of times one has been given spiritual energy the body goes through a 'high' of sorts. I barely began bashing some more slimes to oblivion when I noticed that I already had enough money for a small shield!"


"Who knew that it would only take slaughtering hundreds of slimes to finally get fully equipped...with bear minimal equipment."


"Now that I have mastered slaying sentient smiling jelly, I suppose it is time to exit my comfort zone and head south for just a bit. If I squint my eyes, I can make out different monsters. I am sure they will pose more of a threat, but maybe I can start making some real gold and strengthen myself even further..."


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Courage and wit have served thee well.

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"I ventured south as planned. This area seems a lot more interesting than slime land near the castle and town!"


"I quickly ran into a mysterious figure in a dark robe. He had to be a Magician of some sort! How hard could a dude that's only armed with a robe and a stick be? Pitiful nave!


"The vicious fireball that landed square on my chest answered any questions and concerns I had about this foe. I must work quickly to dispatch him or else my quest ends with my ashes being spread across the land!"


"Aside from my charred chest and this gaping hole in my shoulder, things are going great! Thankfully, my heal spell will take care of this mess. The monsters of this area may be tough, but I feel like I will learn much quicker if I best stronger enemies."


"You know, if I do manage to make it to the Dragon Lord, I might inquire why some of his minions stare at me, smiling ear to ear. Even after my club smashes their face in, these damn things are still smiling!"


"After awhile I ran into the smiling creature's brethren. Turns out its capable of burning my body to a crisp, as well! What is with this kingdom and burning things?! Everywhere I go since I started this quest! My possessions and bedroom were bad enough, but do most of the Dragon Lord's creatures get off on setting people on fire?!"


"Well if fire is the law of the land, then it looks like I'll have to play the game, baby! One fiery hurt spell coming up!"


"Guess what? Monsters don't particularly care for fire, either! That smiling foe of mine may have singed me, but I sure wiped that smile off his face when I vaporized his entire being! I hope other monsters saw that. It makes for a clear message!"


"Alright. A giant scorpion. That's fine. This is fantastic. I am totally sure this monster will be easy and I won't get my ass kicked at all."


"When you see your own insides after being pierced by a giant scorpion's tail, you panic at first. But then you get strangely fascinated by taking a look at what was never meant to be seen. Oh yeah, I better take care of this scorpion, I suppose."


"Hurt bad. Can't breath right. Hallucinations. Electric guitars? What is progressive rock? Long ballads themed around a concept? Music is an industry? None of this makes sense. Must get back to castle. Can't die here. Mangled leg. Intestines on ground. Tough walk ahead..."


"I don't know how, but I made it back to the castle, restored my magic abilities, and healed myself. I vaguely remember horrified screams of the guards witnessing what was left of my body. No one helped me get to the old man, though. Typical inattentive guards! When I came too, the old man told me I said something about the color pink and the dark side of something. I know I was hallucinating, but what did I see? Doesn't matter, I have to get on with my quest."


"The good news is that after battling a little more without incident, I saved enough money for a copper sword! Also, I do feel a bit stronger. My venture to the south almost cost me my life several times, but it appears the risk was worth it."


"While I was in town I also had enough gold to buy another torch and a Dragon Scale. I heard of this when I was younger. My inexperienced child mind thought it was an actual scale to weigh dragons. Fortunately the item offers additional protection. Probably should have bought that before I decided to take on monsters that set me on fire and pierced me with a poisonous tail."


"This rude guard actually has a point. I remember hearing of a small cave to the north that holds something from Erdrick himself. It has to be more interesting that getting nearly snuffed out of existence by the Dragon Lord's pals."


"I haven't traveled for that long, but I do believe I see a cave in the distance already. It's amazing that no one bothered to explore it before me!"


"This has to be it. Erdrick's cave, if you will. Who knows what terrible beasts are roaming inside? I'm charging in there at full speed! They'll never see it coming!"


"Screaming, I launched myself into the cave. Instead of being greeted by monsters I managed to trip down a flight of stairs. Amazingly, no monsters were alerted to my cursing and cries of pain. Also, I can't see a damn thing. This entry is probably completely illegible! Why am I writing in complete darkness?!"


"After I recovered I lit a torch and ventured forth. No wonder no monsters attacked me after my embarrassing entrance. There are none here. Also, this cave sure looks man made for being a cave."


"I found it! The item Erdrick left behind! It was a tablet with key information. Long story short, I have to find three items that will help me get to the Dragon Lord's lair. I am still in awe that no one has the ability to simply build a boat and sail straight to his lair, but sure, I guess I'll scour the ENTIRE CONTINENT and take my sweet time to meet the Dragon Lord!"


"Well, at least I know of a means to complete my quest. But now I am wondering where I should go next. Maybe someone in town knows? Or maybe I should just pick a direction and chance it? Either way, the adventure continues..."


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Why can't I see the pictures at work?? This would be the perfect way for me to avoid doing what I get paid to do.

I'm pretty sure I'll never play this game so I'll catch up on this on the train ride home tonight :D

09-08-2016, 10:17 AM
Why can't I see the pictures at work?? This would be the perfect way for me to avoid doing what I get paid to do.

I'm pretty sure I'll never play this game so I'll catch up on this on the train ride home tonight :D

I bet your workplace blocks imgur. Regardless hope you enjoy!

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this game looks awful

09-08-2016, 11:21 AM
this game looks awful

By today's standards, sure. But back in the day this game actually streamlined RPGs and made many aspects of them simplified. It's actually pretty funny because hardcore RPG enthusiasts at the time looked at this game as some people look at FFXIII today.

09-08-2016, 11:28 AM
It's mostly the translation that's awful, really. I can't stand faux ye olde speak

09-08-2016, 11:31 AM
Ah, gotcha. Yeah, in retrospect that can be annoying.

09-08-2016, 08:23 PM
Hm, I must disagree. I find the translation quite charming, and I think the game holds up really well aside from the low speed/momentum which similarly plagues the Famicom-era Final Fantasy titles. In fact, playing through Dragon Quest I-IV sequentially is a really cool experience rife with forward-thinking innovation. Don't take my word for it, give it a go!

09-08-2016, 10:24 PM
Hm, I must disagree. I find the translation quite charming, and I think the game holds up really well aside from the low speed/momentum which similarly plagues the Famicom-era Final Fantasy titles. In fact, playing through Dragon Quest I-IV sequentially is a really cool experience rife with forward-thinking innovation. Don't take my word for it, give it a go!

I've played all those games before. The ye olde English doesn't bother me, but I do understand why it might not be pleasing for everyone. I am actually a huge Dragon Quest fan, I just don't talk about it too much. Very pumped for the DQVII remake on the 3DS, for example!

09-08-2016, 10:28 PM
is the ye olde even consistent? or is it just some random old sounding words here and there, and then words that would never have been used back then?

09-08-2016, 10:51 PM
is the ye olde even consistent? or is it just some random old sounding words here and there, and then words that would never have been used back then?

I'm not 100% familiar with how it supposed to be spoken, but it is very consistent throughout the game. All the NES versions that was translated to English used that type of dialogue.

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Don't let this die!

11-06-2016, 08:40 PM
I'm not. I got in a car accident last month that threw everything off. I'll get back to it shortly! :)