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09-08-2016, 10:25 PM
What are your thoughts about Moogles in this entry?

Depression Moon
09-09-2016, 01:16 AM
The best use of them in the series.

Wolf Kanno
09-09-2016, 01:27 AM
Yeah, definitely the best use of them. My favorite incarnation, despite none of them being playable.

Depression Moon
09-09-2016, 01:36 AM
In other entries they're just not that memorable to me. I've played III - XII (minus XI), Dirge of Cerberus, Kingdom Hearts, and Crystal Defenders and besides IX the only game that I really associate moogles with is XII. It's been quite a while since I played XII, but they had some kind of presence in the game. They were used as NPCs sparingly with Montblanc being the only one I can really remember. V had them as a race too, but they were stuck to one village in the game that you spent little time in. I can't remember if they were people in III, but that's about it. Other games just had them as summons, easter eggs, or not at all. Kingdom Hearts have them too, but just in the synthesis shop, but that's okay it's a crossover series and moogles should take the forefront in the series they originate from.

Final Fantasy IX made them stand out by having them as save points, having them show up frequently throughout the world, and making them feel like people by giving them personalities and jobs. The Mognet sidequest being the method of bringing this aspect out.

Lone Wolf Leonhart
09-09-2016, 04:58 AM
A lot of the moogles have distinct personalities beyond "kupo".

I'll never forget that Artemicion used all the Superslick on his fur when it was really suppose to be used for machinery that kept mognet running smoothly.

09-09-2016, 09:01 AM
aye i think theyre pretty cool. havent been a fan of the regular moogle design so xii is better moogles imo

09-09-2016, 09:09 AM
They're amazing, especially Stiltzkin. As mentioned, best use of moogles in the series.

09-09-2016, 09:23 AM
I'll let you know when I get round to playing this but yeah, they're not massively memorable in the other games. I do think they're cute as all hell though!

09-13-2016, 05:58 PM
Easily the best moogles in the series

09-13-2016, 06:01 PM
I liked their design and their role, but the Ivalice moogles are still my favorite!

09-13-2016, 06:03 PM
You are wrong, please leave

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09-29-2016, 06:58 PM
The Moogles in FFIX are great, especially the ones in Maidin Sari. So loyal. And good old Stiltzkin!

10-02-2016, 03:33 AM
The Moogles in FFIX are my favourite! They're so cute! *squee*